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3 Month Old Isn't pooping....breastfeed

My 3 month old has always been regular since birth, but a couple weeks ago she stopped being "regular". She will go a few days without a bowel movement. Last week she didn't go for 4 days until I gave her an infant suppository. It worked within 2 hours of giving it to her. Now my son who is 3 years old was exclusively also breastfeed and never had a problem making a bowel movement atleast twice a day. My 3 month old is exclusivly breastfeed also, and when she does have a bowel movement it is running and fills the diaper! She has regular pee diapers. I tried a little prune juice, but doesn't seem to work. Should I just go to the doctor...or is this normal? If anyone has been in this situation I would love any help! Thanks ahead of time!!

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Thanks for all the help! She pooped on Friday and this morning (Wed.) with no intervention she has exploded in her diaper Twice!!! YEah!! I wish I would of known this a few weeks ago, since I did all this worrying! Thanks Moms!

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Every kid is differrent. In my case, my daughter exclusive BF and she was regular and then would not poop. My doc saif sometime they ay ot poop for even 10 days!! Though it did not happen to me, but is possible.

And after a gap if they poop, it is BIG@@

Although breastfed babies tend to have frequent bowel movements, it is not alway the case. Constipation doesn't mean not pooping every day, it means not pooping when it is regular for that person. What is more important is watching her for signs of discomfort- is she grouchy, stomach discomfort, gassy, or does she seem her normal self? I wouldn't worry if she is not in distress. I would avoid suppositories as well, it just seems like a big intervention. I am an RN and it is sometimes a problem for people thinking they should have a bowel movement every day and taking medicines they don't need.

I so remember this with my first daughter. I was a wreck when it had been a whole day, my daughter was also exculsively BF and usually went 3-4 times a day. When she finally went 3 days later it was the consistency of crest toothpaste instead of the watery cottage cheese I was used to. It worried me but was no problem for her.
Good Luck

My son went through this and I was also worried my paediatrician said its normal for breastfed babies to go upto a week without a bowel movement as breastmilk is absorbed into thier system differently than formula,he told me not to worry unless my son seemed uncomfortable,over gassy or his abdomen was swollen prune juice did actually work a little,I've worked with kids for years and I have seen this in alot of breastfed babies,ideally speak to your babies dr.

When I was feeding my son expressed bm, I read from several sources that this situation was totally normal. Our son, too, was also very regular and then it changed to several days between bowel movements. When he did go, it was like an explosion of Grey Poupon mustard in the diaper. There's absolutely no need to give her a suppository or prune juice if the bms are still pasty or like peanut butter. You only need to make a change if they are like hard, dry pellets.

It isn't the frequency, it's the consistency that matters. If the poop is hard and dry, it is constipation.

As others said, a cool thing about breastfed babies is that they poop less often as they get older... but the bad thing is, that 3 or 4 days of poop can be explosive when it DOES come out.

is a good resource

and here is a quote from Dr. Newman
"Some breastfed babies, after the first three to four weeks of life, may suddenly change their stool pattern from many each day, to one every three days or even less. Some babies have gone as long as 15 days or more without a bowel movement. As long as the baby is otherwise well, and the stool is the usual pasty or soft, yellow movement, this is not constipation and is of no concern. No treatment is necessary or desirable, because no treatment is necessary or desirable for something that is normal."
it can be read in entirety at

kellymom.com is a great breastfeeding site

Hope this helps you not to worry! Breastmilk is a perfect food for your baby, don't worry about giving supplements- you'll probably be dealing with cereal and/or food in a few months. Until then... relax! :)

(aspiring IBCLC)


I need to know more.... there are many practitioners who feel that it is not uncommon for a baby to go many days (I think that the record is almost a month) without stooling. There are others
who believe that stooling should happen every day.

I am not in favor of trying different things... prune juice etc... without looking for the causative factors.

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Our pediatrician warned us about this at a check-up. She said that if he is strictly breastfed, there is a chance that his BM's will become less and less. Could og a few days withouth one. We were doubtful as Ryan was pooping all the time. Then all of a sudden, he stopped and wouldn't go for a couple of days. He just had some big poops when he did go. He's 5 1/2 months now and poops every other day. On his "pooping" days, he will go more than once.

I wouldn't worry about this. And I wouldn't bother with the prune juice - it's actually HARDER to digest than just your breastmilk. Here's what happens with breastfed babies (a few possibilities):
1. They poop every diaper. Small and frequent. It's so "nothing" that it just comes out.
2. They poop huge and infrequently. Could be up to once per WEEK, believe it or not! This is because it's so "nothing" that it doesn't really build up enough pressure to come out. Yes - when they blow, they REALLY blow.

My son definitely spanned the entire spectrum of possibilities when he was that age. Breastfed babies can't really get constipated so while it's annoying and gross, take heart that it's normal and at least breastfed poop doesn't really stink :)

Hi A.,

Don't worry...this is totally normal. I am also breastfeeding and I have a 4 month old baby we was pooping regularly for the first 3 months of her life. She all of a sudden decided that she was going to poop every 7-8 days. My doctor told me that if she doesn't poop for 16 days, then contact him. So it must be something normal for babies around this age to go through. Don't give him/her anything to try and get them to pass a bowel movement. It's just their digestive system still getting used to the outside world. As long as he/she doesn't seem like they are in pain, I would just let them be. They will eventually pass something...and it's usually really big (smile).
Good luck and be patient!

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