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3 Month Old Has Rash

My baby has a rash pretty much all over her body, I took her to the doctors and they said all long as it wasn't bothering her she will be fine, but it doesn't look fine to me. It is the worst on her legs all red and splotchy and you can tell it does bother her, the doctor didn't tell me if there was anything i can put on it she was in a rush I think, does anyone know of anything I can do to quicken the recovery process? Need help on this one.

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Hi M.. I saw your message about your child's rash, and I wanted to respond. Have you ever tried Arbonne's baby care line of skincare products? I have so many friends and family who swear by these products for their baby, child and adult skin issues. These products are hypoallergenic, pH balanced, 100% certified Vegan, contain no mineral oil, chemical dyes, or fragrances, and no animal by-products. If you're interested in checking them out, please feel free to visit my website at: www.mandyolsen.myarbonne.com. And, I'd be happy to send you a free sample to try if you'd like as well. Just let me know.
Take care,
M. O.
PS I also wanted to recommend a WONDERFUL pediatrician! He is Dr. Phil (Dr. Philip Leonardelli) in Rio Rancho on Southern. He actually called himself to tell me that my baby boy had RSV! He is never rushed. And, when I was at his office yesterday for a check up with my baby, he actually stayed in the room with my baby while I took my older son for an emergency poop! I was so impressed!!! If you'd like his contact info, please let me know.

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Sounds like it might be eczema...if you get a change google eczema and look for images to confirm whether or not this is what your baby has. my son had it TERRIBLY, he is very light skinned, and burns easily. He skin is so sensitive that we really had to change how we wash him and his clothing. He actually (he is now 4) has peanut allergies, so in retrospect looking back at his time as a baby, it makes sense that his skin was always sort of inflamed on his arms (in the creases) and legs on the backs and thighs. His face also would flare up too. Now he gets eczema outbreaks on the backs of his legs only and only when the pollen counts are high in the spring. Anyway, check out eczema online, this may be what the problem is..

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When my grandson was 3 months old he had a few red blotches on his bottom that looked to be different then a regular diaper rash. We applied the usual remedies, they didn't seem to cure it. Called Walgreens Pharmacy and they told us what we could use and buy over the counter. A dab of each, A&D Ointment combined with a dab of hydrocortisone and top it off with zinc ointment. Cleared it up miraculously! Call Walgreen's pharmacy, they're great! N.

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Hello M.! What a sacrifice you are offering for all of us by having a husband go off to war while you stay home and care for the children! The war you wage at home is at times just as difficult only in different ways! As for your daughter....it sounds like she is having an allergic response to something....for now you can give her benadryl to help with the itching and splotchiness....I am not sure of the amts for a 3mo old however and you will need to call your physician for that! Insist that your doctor either see the baby again or refer you to another pediatrician that will do follow-up on possible allergies the baby may have....if you are breast feeding it could actually be something you are ingesting that is bothering her or it could be something as simple as a new laundry soap you might be using! Have you recently started the child on any type of baby foods? Have you recently changed her formula? Did you give her a new medication for any reason or use a new type of lotion after a bath??? There could be so many reasons causing the hive type reaction it sounds like she is having! Make sure that if the rash does not go away within a couple of days that you will either go back to your original pediatrician or will find a new one to find out exactly what the cause of the rash is!!!!

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My son got a rash around the same age. It came on very suddenly & was all over his body. It turned out to be fungal - BUT there was nothing that I or the dr's could do for it & it needed to run it's course (6-8 WEEKS!!!) He's almost 2 now & has always had skin issues, but he's otherwise healthy. It's hard to say what to do when you don't know what it is. I would take her to a different dr. I see Dr. Allison at After Hours Pediatrics (Montgomery & Eubank-ish) & they just opened another on the Westside. They have the best hours & the best staff & they can usually get you in same day. Good Luck!

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I would call your doctor and ask if they think using topical Benadyrl might help, if it is a rash, but if it is baby ezcema (dry red blotchy spots) it is common in newborns, all you can do is buy baby ezcema cream and to sooth it put a little Hydrocortisone cream 1% with aloe anti-itch cream ( works on diaper rash to) twice a day.

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