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3 Month Old and Eating???

Is it normal for my 3 month old daughter to only be eating 20-22 ounces a day of formula? people tell me they should be eating 25-30 ounces a day. she could never eat that much. she weighed 7lbs.1ounce at birth and is currently 13 lbs. she is not a very good eater and gets distracted alot. any suggestions to get her to eat more or is that enough? her last checkup she was in the 90th percentile in height and weight so she is growing good i am just concerned she isnt getting enough to eat. thanks for your time.

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Try giving her a little cereal by spoon using her formual as milk. Then give her the rest of her formula left in the bottle. Babies get distracted by pets, tv, people being around, noise outside. That's normal. As long as she is healthy she's gonna be fine.

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Hi B.,

If your baby is at the 90% in height and weight she is obviously doing well. She does not need to eat a certain amount, simply because a book says she needs to.

The most important thing you can do is let her self pace her feeds, taking only what she wants. Please resist the urge to overfeed, or make her take that last bit in the bottle. It just isn't good for babies (or us either) to do that. It sounds like you have a perfect, healthy little girl.

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B. not to be insensitive so don't take it that way. I think your overreacting because of the loss. Your baby is growing shes in the 90 percentile be excited. Shes doing fine as long as she is eating and growing. Who cares if she is suppose to have 25 onces and gets 22 geez not everyone is perfect nor the same. God made us that way for a reason as long as the pediatrician said she looks and is healthy don't worry about it. Ya they want them so eat more but you know she may not. It could be a traight she was born with as long as she is healthy why worry. Shes fine and so are you for being concerned your an excellent mother and what happened with your son had to be hard. I will keep you in my prayers for that. God needed him for his family and now he has blessed you with another special bundle. Your doing awesome. Keep up the good work and relax and enjoy the little lady.

I wouldn't worry. I worried because I breastfeed and have no idea how many ounces my son gets. My doc said that as long as he doubles his birth weight by 4 months he's doing just fine and is getting plenty to eat. It sounds like your l.o. is right on track. I wouldn't worry about the percentiles either. My son has been consistently in the 50% percentile, which my doc said was perfectly healthy. All it means is that my baby is bigger than 50% of the babies out there. They're more concerned when a baby drops or jumps up in percentiles too quickly. Good Luck!

If she is happy, has wet and poopy diapers and is growing I don't see an issue. With breastfed babies there is no other way to tell than those things because there is no way to measure. No worries! Sounds like you are doing a great job.


My daughter is 5 months today and she eats 24oz/day and we are just starting cereal. She is in the 50percentile for weight and 75th for height and I think that's perfect! She was underweight the first 2wks, she used to get distracted a lot too and fall asleep eating but now she is great. She also only drinks 4 bottles a day at 6oz each at 8am/noon/4pm/8pm and sleeps 8pm-8am. I read somewhere that a good indication of their growth should be their hair/nails if you find yourself maintaining those then they are growing really good. Best of luck to you and your little one!

I would not worry about this at all, especially if she is at 90% for height & weight. My daughter was a very light eater and was always around 75% for height and 20% for weight, but her dr said as long as she is growing at the same rate she is fine. My daughter did really enjoy solids when we introduced them.

She is fine! Don't worry, she'll eat when she is hungry. If she is 90th percentile, she is getting nurishment. My daughter didn't eat much (still doesn't). She never drank more than 4 ounces at a time...and she is perfectly healthy:)

Try giving her a little cereal by spoon using her formual as milk. Then give her the rest of her formula left in the bottle. Babies get distracted by pets, tv, people being around, noise outside. That's normal. As long as she is healthy she's gonna be fine.

As everyone has said, if she is in the 90th percentile, you're doing great! If you are ever worried if your baby is getting enough to eat/drink, look at how many times a day they are urinating/pooping. If it is 8 times or more, you're doing fine. When somebody asks how much she is eating, just say 'obviously enough, because she is growing like a weed'! Babies know when they have had enough food for them, and they automatically stop eating at that point. The 'standards' are a range, and you have to take into account that there will always be those outside of th erange. When I was breastfeeding my children, I never had any idea how much they were eating, so we had to go by their growth, if they seemed satisfied, and how many diaper changes per day.

Perhaps you could wait longer between feedings so she is really hungry. Try your best to get in a full feeding before she quits. You be the deciding factor as to when feeding time ends. Some babies will spit it out and you think they are done but keep pushing it. Even when you think she wouldn't eat any more.

If she is in the 90% I would not worry about her not growing or being unhealthy. Keep doing what you are doing.

hey B. it sounds like she is doing just fine i would not worry at all she is in the upper percent for weight pay no attenion to what people say . and on the other note i am so sorry for the lost of your baby boy that is a pain no mother should have to go thur

B. ~
I agree with the other posts. As long as she is growing and is healthy, she's fine. And if the pediatrician isn't worried, I wouldn't be, either. Besides, everyone eats different. I sure don't eat the same as my husband! LOL Please don't overthink everything. When people ask how much she's eating, just say she's growing and is healthy. :)
good luck!

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