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2Nd Foods Vs. 3Rd Foods

My 9.5 month old is not crawling up on his knees yet, but is all over the place, even pulling up. I'm wondering when he is ready to move to 3rd foods or should I just keep him on 2nd foods for now? He does well with 2nd foods, has one tiny tooth that just broke through this week. Any suggestions/ideas/experiences?

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My son by-pass 3rd foods. Even his ped. said a lot of babies pass them and go straight to table food or keep them on 2nd foods. Mt son is almost 10 months and eats 2nd foods and table food.

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Sure, why not? If he doesn't tolerate them, you can take him off of them.

I have an "experience" for you...

My now 21 month old daugher was the same way (only one tooth at nearly 10 months old) so I thought I should keep her on the 2nd foods for a while longer. That was a mistake for her. When the time came to start 3rd foods (after another couple of teeth and the walking started), she wouldn't eat them. She never did eat 3rd foods and she refused to eat ANYthing that wasn't smooth like 2nd foods for months.

We finally consulted with her pediatrician and he told us to give her 3rd and graduate foods (by then she was nearly 16 months old) and if she cried - to simply let her do so. She refused to eat for more than a week, but finally she was hungry enough to try little bits here and there. She is still a VERY picky eater --- something we are desperately trying to discourage.

I also have 7 month old twins and was told just this week that they could eat from the table if they had the jaw strength and teeth for it. (These two simply won't eat babyfood of any sort lol).

So I think it depends more on whether or not your son has developed his chewing ability/jaw manipulation enough to step up to the next level of foods. Give it a try and watch for signs of difficulty. He will let you know if he he's unable to eat it.

Here is what I learned from having three kids. I started mine on stage 3 around 9 months and along with that they ate table food mashed up, (it's the same thing and it's cheaper than stage 3). You can take braks and cut them into tiny pieces without the skin on them and feed him just about anything that is not spicy. Stay away from chips and nuts. I hope this helps, mine are now 5, 3 and 2. :-)

My son by-pass 3rd foods. Even his ped. said a lot of babies pass them and go straight to table food or keep them on 2nd foods. Mt son is almost 10 months and eats 2nd foods and table food.

My baby is 10 mths old (crawling, pulling up and cruising) and we're doing the stage 3 foods now. They are thicker (less runny that stage2) and the meats have tiny pieces of meat, vegetables or pasta in them. He seems to be doing well on them, and I've been trying a little table food cut up into tiny pieces, but he's not as interested in it. Just one word of caution, don't overfill the baby spoon with the stage 3 like you would for stage 2. My son gags occasionally (which leads up to vomitting) if I put too much on it.

9 months is the time frame when they are ready for 3rd jar food. Lot's of moms do both jar food and table food at or around 9 months. Honestly though it's all up to how comfortable you are with it. Not every mom is the same and each does things differently, that's what makes us all special and great in our own ways. Either way good luck with your choice, I'm sure you will do just fine no matter what you decide.

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My 1st child never made it to Stage 3 foods, around 10 months he decided he was finshed with baby jar foods and just wanted table foods (cut up into very small pieces). From what I've heard, Stage 3 foods are thicker and have lumps/chunks in them.

My daughter had her 9month check up this morning and her pedi. suggested we give Stage 3 a try, but not to worry if it doesn't go over well. She said just start offering a few finger foods (that mash easily) along with her jar food, but just a few bites at a time....as they tend to hold chunkier foods in the side of their cheek and then might choke b/c of too much in mouth at one time. Even though your son only has one tooth, it's very possible that he has the ability to chew and/or mash foods...most babies use their gums anyways. So maybe stick with the Stage 2 foods he likes and slowly offer a few bites of a newer food (either Stage 3 or finger foods diced up).

Have fun feeding your little one!

I bypassed 3rd foods altogether and figured if my kiddo could eat 3rd foods, he could try table food... the 3rd foods are NASTY! I wouldn't even want to have to eat that... :) (and... with my first, I did try them... he wouldn't eat them anyway... with my 2nd I never bought one jar)

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