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28 Weeks Pregnant...Leaking Fluid?

I am currently 28wks pregnant with a baby girl...My last appt was last week, they did a growth ultrasound and everything was fine--she's a big girl, already estimated to weigh 3lbs 7oz! :) I am a diabetic so that comes with the territory they say.

This morning I awoke and my pajama shorts were VERY damp. It was not urine (at least it didn't smell like urine) and it was colorless (from what I could tell on my shorts). Since then I have been having a few drops here or a few drops there--I have put a pad on and have remained off my feet other then to go to the bathroom...I have been drinking water...I haven't had another massive soaking, and am not having any contractions.

I am worried though as I continue to leak--all be it a little bit.....Hemming and hawing over whether or not to go call my docs...Any advice would be helpful! I dont go back to the docs for another week regularly.

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

I ended up waiting a day, and then after waking up yesterday with the same scenario I called my docs and they got me right in. They did a couple of swab tests and a pelvic exam...all was fine. Just as a precaution they did an ultrasound to check on the fluid sacs around the baby--all of which were normal....So diagnosis--I am just one of those lucky lucky lucky (and being sarcastic there!!) moms who just have excessive amounts of discharge in the 3rd trimester---all of it is clear, thin and completely health and normal.

However the doc was glad I called and he told me to do so again if ever I had a concern...which was nice...I didnt feel like I overeacted or anything like that.....

So it looks like this baby is right on track...she will be delivered early like her brother before he...probably in 6 to 7 weeks via c-section:)

Thanks to all the moms out there who replied! Good to feel not so alone! SO glad I stumbled upon this website!

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If it smells like ammonia, it is probably urine (embarrassing, but common if the baby is sitting on your bladdar). If it has a sweeter smell, it is probably amniotic fluid.

I'd call the doc, unless it really smells like ammonia. From personal experience, I had a slow leak (a little further along than you) and when it finally got too low, I went into premature labor....we ended up with an emergency C-Section b/c with out the cushion of the amniotic fluid, the cord kept crimping and cutting off oxygen to the baby. Had I gone earlier, it may have at least kept me from having the C-Section.

Best to you!! I know with my 2nd I had incontinence problems and I was scared to death it was a leak...it never really smelled like urine, but it had an ammonia smell which made me feel better! Never thought I would be happy to pee on myself! :-)

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CALL! Always call if something is bothering you. This is why doctors have after hour numbers. If it gives you peace of mind or gets you the care you need it will be worth the time. Leaking fluid could be a sign that your water has broken and at 28 weeks you need to make sure you get the treatment you need whatever that may be. Good luck!

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Absolutely call your doc asap! Sounds like you are leaking amniotic fluid. Good luck and let us know what happens!

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The doctor can test to see if the liquid is fluid. If so, after 72 hours of leaking, you are prone to a strep infection that can be harmful to the baby. It can be treated with antibiotics, but if you are truly leaking, it is likely that you will start having contractions. Small punctures in the sac can heal themselves, but your doctor will want to keep a close eye on you if you are leaking fluid.

I was leaking and my son was born at 35 weeks. I did get a strep infection because I leaked for days before anything was done. The result: I had to have an IV of antibiotics at every child birth because the infection can live in your body for years.

Check it out. It will be better to know for sure.

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Please go to the hospital or call your doctor immediately!!! A gal that I know had similar symptoms and went to the hospital, found out her fluids were low at 26 weeks pregnant. She is now a mommy to a tiny tiny baby that weighed less than a pound at birth!!!

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Call your doctor and get in there. That is exactly how my water broke. Not a gush like I thought, and totally colorless and odorless. I was early so I didn't think that could be it. And the baby's weight "stopped it up" so I didn't leak much after the first bit, just a little trickle here and there. You could have a small tear that only leaks as the baby shifts around. The doctor needs to check your fluid level and see what is going on.

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I would call your doctor. If you are leaking fluid this could be harmful to you and the baby. I was not leaking fluid, but I went in for an appt. and said the baby wasn't moving as much. After an US they found out I didn't have any fluid left and the baby was in danger because the fluid is their cushioning.

It could be nothing, but I'm sure you doctor would want to examine you and make sure that everything was okay.

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Call the doctor immediately if you have not already done so!!

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