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27 Year Old with High Blood Pressure ????

I am 27 and this past September I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, and put on b/p meds. I am not really overweight ,my cholestoral levels were fine. I did stop smoking and drinking caffeine. I am not on birth control, and i have an 8 and 7 year old, so i think i get plenty of exercise.
It just really worries me... is this normal?? I am scared, could there be an underlying problem?

What can I do next?

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You may consider bringing that to the attention of your doctor who prescribed the blood pressure medication. There is a definite correlation between the tingling hands and your pressure. I am on blood pressure medication and from time to time I have tingling fingers.

Does your parents have high blood pressure? If so how long have they had it? I was also diagnosed a few years ago at 30 with high blood pressure my blood pressure was at stroke level. I love my doctor though he said there is no reason why someone as young as me should have that high of blood pressure so he ordered a series of test and Thank God he did because that is how we discovered both of my kidneys were on the right side of my body and one artery supplied blood flow to both kidneys and it was clogged. I have a stint put in and three months later it was clogged again. May will be two years ago I had bypass surgery on my kidneys and things have been great since then. I am still on blood pressure med. but my doctor is hopeful that in time I will be able to come off of most if not all the med. You just need to make sure that there is nothing else going on.
Good luck.

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Here is some info from medicine.net regarding the DASH diet, a way of eating that includes reduced salt intake, that has proven to lower blood pressure. Changing your diet could help you lower your blood pressure so the doctor can take you off the meds (never go off them without the doctor's OK). http://www.medicinenet.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey...


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Kim P.

Hi, A.,

Your concern about an underlying problem causing your high bp is very valid. Do you know your family history of blood pressure and heart disease? You said your cholesterol is fine, but what about your triglycerides? These are just some of the factors that may be causing your bp to go up. And, of course, race is also a big factor.

I buy supplements from a company that also makes fantastic heart supplements. A lot of people who have started taking them have found that they could actually decrease or eliminate their prescriptions (after discussing it with their dr). The supplements are much safer than statins, and are pharmaceutical grade, as well.

If you would like to know more, you can email me at ____@____.com you can visit this website: www.LiveTotalWellness.com/hfhm.

I'm proud of you for wanting to take control of your health, and doubly proud of you for quitting smoking! :)

I had high blood pressure at age 22, but was able to get it down tremendously through regular aerobic exercise. You don't mention that. So, if you're not exercising regularly you should. And, yes, it can be genetic(my mother takes medication for high BP and has for years), but we have tremendous control over whether or not we develop health issues associated with our genes through our daily lifestyle choices. My BP at 22 was never lower than 140/90. At 47, it's not unusual for mine to be 80/60. High blood pressure can also be a sign of inflammation. Have you had your C-reactive protein measured? Inflammation can be controlled by taking supplements like Fish oil, which is helpful for alot of things, especially impacts to the brain as we age. You're still young, but having high BP at this age means you need to start being conscientious about your health long term, which by your question, you're already headed the right direction.

I would recommend Original Limu. It has helped so many people by working with the immune system and having your body take care of itself with proper nutrition. I know that it works for so many people and the main ingredient(fucoidan)has had over 700 researches done and can be seen at www.pubmed.org(national library of medicine).
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I wouldn't worry about it not being "normal". I was diagnosed when I was 29, 1 year after having my son. I have never had blood pressure problems until then. Working out may help you, I have also heard its genetic. Not sure if thats true or not. Not to say its nothing to worry about but don't stress you'll just make your blood pressure worse. Your doing everything you should to help yourself, so stay positive.

Good Luck!

My Mother-in-law got high blood pressure when she was 17 years old. She has never been good about going to the Dr. or taking the pills and she is going to be 49 this year she doesn't have any other health problems. You sound like your doing all the right things so just keep taking good care of yourself and you should be fine.

my advice is be thankful that they found you had high blood pressure and gave you meds to treat it. A friend and he was about that same age, they didn't catch it he was visiting his in laws in another city and had to have surgery for an other problem and they almost lost him twice on the table. the docs were mad cause no one had told them of his blood pressure problem and they said WHAT PROBLEM and any way he survivived but it was touach and go for a year and he couldn't work for 2 years. so be thankful yours was caught live life to the fullest and above all enjoy your family. you were not given a death sentence only a health problem to deal with I have had to take meds for 35 years myself and its second nature to do no big deal life is good and there is very little you can't do with high blood pressure. it is very easy to live with stop being afraid its okay honey love Kathy.

I am almost 30 and have been on blood pressure meds since I was 20. Mine is hereditary. All the females in my family have had high blood pressure beginning in their 20's. It is normal for some people. Ask around in your family and see. Finding the right medicine regimine is the key and sticking to it. Though finding the right medicine is tricky for some, you may luck out the first time. Get a digital monitor to check yours at home and keep a log, morning, afternoon, and evening. When you do different things during the day, check it and see what happens. You may be able to find out what makes it spike. My ears turm red, start burning and ringing when mine spikes. And I have noticed that a spike in stress causes my BP to spike as well. I have monitored it at home for 4 years and have a handle on how to keep it down with what I do and the meds that I take.

Good Luck!

It can skip generations and can be hereditary and not a result on any other conditions so don't worry.
I know of a great natural supplement that my friend's husband (29 yrs. old) my aunt, and my dad take that has lowered theirs without the bad side effects of prescription drugs.
If you are interested just request info at www.LiveTotalWellness.com/Texas

Consider birth control pills if you are taking them. Some rare cases can cause high blood pressure. Just a thought from personal experience.
C. S.

hi! I am 33 yrs old and I was diagnosed with high blood pressure when I was 17yrs old. I was also only 93 lbs at the time. I have had every medical test done and they have always came back normal. They call mine "idiopathic" which means ..there is no cause..its just in your genes. I take 2 different medications now..I did take three after I had my kids.. (now 13 and 10ys.) If I gain weight it gets higher..so I just watch it. I don't add any salt to anything and DO NOT TAKE COLD MEDICATIONS! pretty much every "cold" or "sinus" medication will elevate it because of the decongestant in it. I take coricidin HBP..when I get sick..it is specially formulated for people with high blood pressure. CVS also has a knock off and it works just as well. If you ever have any questions let me know:)
hope I helped a little!

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