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24 Weeks Pregnant and Feeling Dizzy

I am 24 weeks along and have had a fairly easy pregnancy thus far. I woke up this morning feeling dizzy for the first time and have felt this way most of the day. It's now mid afternoon. I called the Dr. and he said it is somewhat normal that this is happening at this stage of the pregnancy. I was wondering if anyone else has felt this way and if it is something that happens sporadically or will be constant. I also have not felt the baby move yet. (At least, I dont think I have). I have had some feeling but I cannot tell what it is. Dr. says that I should be feeling distinct movement any time now. I did hear the heartbeat at my last appt. at 22 weeks. My Dr. didnt sound too concerned.

If you could share your experiences with me, perhaps it will calm my worries?
Thank you!

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That happened to me. I can't remember when it started or how long it lasted, but it seems like it passed pretty quickly.

The same thing happened to me and apparently it was due to lack of iron, I had to take an iron supplement. The baby will suck all the nutrients right out of you. When I started taking one iron tablet a day, I stopped feeling dizzy. That is a sign that you have a low iron level because the baby is taken it all. Hope this helps. I stopped getting dizzy when I took an iron supplement. My Dr. recommended it after I had taken a blood test...one of the many. Good luck and enjoy being pregnant.

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Hi there. This did happen to me as well. I have 4 kids, and of course each pregnancy is different. With that being said, there are different causes of dizziness. Could range from anything such as getting up too fast, to not enough food and drink, anemia, or lying on your back. Try lying down on your left side for a bit. When woman are pregnant, their blood pressure can get low, reaching it's lowest in mid pregnancy. As for the movement, if this is your first pregnancy, it could feel like light flutters, not necesarily kicking at this point. And, last, if your doctor wasn't too concerned at your last visit, I wouldn't be too concerned if I were you. Because what happens is that you start to worry so much that you neglect paying attention to any other symptoms that you might be feeling. Good luck! feel free to email me if you have any other questions.

same with me, lack of iron. only problem for me was i was already really constipated and the iron made it worse. so i tried to eat red meat at least twice a week and then the Sloe FE iron supplement twice a week. good luck, it gets better. oh, and with my first pregnancy i didn't feel the baby very strongly until 24 or 25 weeks and she wasn't a big mover. she was very calm.

This happened to me too. I even passed out a couple of times. Sounds like you got some good advice on checking your iron levels (this was not the problem for me). I do not have any solutions for you, but maybe I can ease your mind by telling you that I had two healthy pregnancies/babies despite this unpleasant side-effect. Also, the first time around I didn't feel my baby move for a long time. As it turns out with subsequent pregnancies, I feel it all the time. I think at first you don't really know what to feel for (it can be very slight movement at the beginning) and with the first pregnancy, I don't think you are so sensitive to it. As long as the doc sees/hears the baby moving, just be patient and soon you'll wish he/she will stop moving and keeping you up at night!

Hi - I'm 39 weeks pregnant and I've had dizziness my whole pregnancy. Its related to the extra blood your body has produced - just some people are more prone to develop it than others. I will warn you that in my late 3rd trimester I've also started seeing stars a LOT. My OB hasn't been concerned but watches me pretty carefully (BP, etc). Its pretty normal so don't worry! :-) Just pay attention to it if it gets much worse and be sure to let your doc know. My OB was primarily concerned only when I started seeing stars and getting dizzy while sitting still or laying down - NOT while changing positions in any way. Hope that helps!! And good luck!

If you are dizzy and aslo have shortness of breath, or rapid heart rate, or extreme tiredness, it could be caused by anemia. (B12 and iron )

B6 deficiency can cause dizzyness as well.

Hi S.,
I am practically in the same boat as you. I am also a 37 yr. old first time Mom working full time. I am 21 weeks now. I get dizzy at times, too. Sometimes when I first get up in the morning and sometimes during the day. My Ob/Gyn told me that I should be feeling movement, too. I also "think" I am feeling something, but wasn't sure...because it's my first time and it's hard to know if it's my stomach doing it's thing or if it really is baby. But I think...I might be feeling movement. It really feels more like a quick tap and it doesn't happen all the time. It's more intermittent. But I just had an ultrasound this week and the baby is fine. Heart is beating.


I experienced dizziness as well during my pregnancy (started during the 2nd trimester). They took some blood and I learned I was slightly anemic. My doctor put me on iron and that solved the problem.

Hey S. -

It's all good, my dear! I was dizzy on and off during both of my pregnancies. WRT feeling your baby move...don't get all tweaked on this -- I felt my son fairly late, and then he was pretty darn sluggish for awhile -- then he kicked, thrashed, and hiccuped for the remainder of the pregnancy...be careful what you wish for! :)

All the best,


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