22 Mth Old, on Going Sinus Infection

Updated on April 17, 2009
S.E. asks from Marion, MA
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My 22 mth old little girl has had an on-going sinus infection since the beginning of Feb and I was wondering if any other moms have experienced this before. This is not her first SI. In Feb the Dr's put her on Amoxacillon (it did nothing for her), Then the Dr's perscribed Augmenton (which also did nothing for her), Now she is on Cefdiner for 21 days and is now 1 week into the medicine and it doesnt seem to be helping.

Have any other parents experienced this before? Can you offer anykind of advice? What I should say to the Dr's or even what I should do next?

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try steaming her out in the bathroom. turn on the shower, hot, let it run for about ten minutes with the door closed, then go in with your daughter. let her breathe in the steam for five minutes or so. do this 3 or 4x/day adn see if that loosens up the congestion. be sure to 'suck out' any drainage that builds up in her nasal passages. you could also try massaging up over her eyebrows and down around eye sockets. and lots of vitamin c. hope she feels better real soon.



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Hi S.,

It is amazing that the doctor keeps putting her on antibiotics... all of the new medical research in the medical journals say that sinus infections are almost always viral and related to a weak immune system and they say that antibiotics don't work. Listen to some of the advice about strengthening her immune system and do the steam... do not put her on any more meds... they will just weaken her immune system more. Also take her to a chiropractor... that will strengthen her immune system 200%.



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Unusual for a child so young to have a sinus infection. I was not aware the sinus was that well developed at that age.
OK. It can take a long time to clear up sinus infection and since she has been on two antibiotics without sucess then the infection has gotten itself well established.
One week is not long enough to ascertain wether this new medicine will do the job or no.
If she goes through the course of the Cefdiner and the infection has not improved then you may need to take her to a specialist before the infection spreads and causes other problems. You are three and half months into this situation, a long time for a baby her age to carry an infection.
Do stay on the new medicine, see how it works out for her.
If, by chance, it does not help, then insist to your regular ped that you want her to see a specialist.
You have two more weeks on the Cef which means she will have suffered from this for nearly five months? Ayuh , I think I would want a specialist on it.
That being said, finish up the Cef and see what happens. Remember ,sinus are slow to respond to any meds.
Best wishes and God bless
Grandmother Lowell



answers from New London on

Have you seen an ear nose and throat specialist? Perhaps there is something wrong with the sinus that can be corrected. Have you checked with an allergist,to see if that is causing her symptoms? Are they suggesting you put saline in her nose to wash away the bacteria? There must be something that is causing the sinus symptoms, (which then turns into an infection) perhaps it is a drainage issue. I would visit a specialist. Good luck.


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Hi S.
It sounds like your daughter's immune system needs help. Reliv Kids NOW has all the ingredients necessary to strengthen her body against infection. It is safe effective and is a delicious shake in van or choc. Reliv kids use far less medications than others
J. H



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Our 12-year-old had constant ear infections when he was little. Eventually, he had ear tubes in both ears which helped immensely. They got infected much less often and, through time, fell out naturally. It was the right path for us.

When kids are littler, their eustachian tubes have more curves and don't drain as well (if I'm remembering things correctly). As they grow older, they straighten out and cause fewer problems. Once we got past the worst of it and eventually got the ear tubes, he simply got better with age. They learn how to wash their hands better, to blow their noses, etc.--all of which help in the long run.

Good luck!



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Hi S.,
I would take her to an ENT specialist. Sometimes the pedi's don't have the right equipment to diagnose these sort of problems. My three year old has been having "sinus infection symptoms", my pedi diagnosed it as a cold. I didn't feel like that was the case because he also had horrible breath. I brought him to the ENT and they looked at his adenoids with a very simple camera and they were VERY enlarged and infected. With the adenoid problems one of the signs can be constant congestion. After multiple infections my ENT decided that it's time to remove them. I am currently awaiting a surgery date. My five year old had his adenoids out and after dealing with multiple "sinus infections" and CONSTANT stuffiness for so long, once he had them removed he is by far the healthiest kid! He gets a cold MAYBE twice a year and it lasts for 2 days tops! I am not saying that this is your daughter's case, but I would seriously consider seeking a second opinion with an ENT. Good luck. I wish you were in my area because I would recommend my son's ENT, he's awesome.

**Just to add...
My husband has had chronic sinusitis, after having an MRI it was found that it was caused by his sinuses being WAY too narrow. All of the immune strengthing products on earth would not have helped. Strengthing the immune system is always a good idea, but it isn't always the answer to a problem. Neither is a chiropractor. Although both ideas can be great for certain situations, they may not be for this one. My advice would be to have her thoroughly checked by an ENT and if her upper respiratory system is functioning and developed normally then I would move on to the other suggestions, but not until you know that her sinuses, adenoids and eustacian tubes are in working order.



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Are you sure that she doesn't have allergies I would go see an allergist for testing just to be sure.



answers from Boston on

My daughter had never-ending sinus infections. Every single time she got a cold it ended in sinus infections - so she was getting about one per month. I finally asked the doctor WHY is this happening - so he sent us to an ear/nose/throat doctor - who put a camera up her nose and looked a bit down her throat - it was mildly uncomfortable - and concluded she had very large adenoids. This was preventing things from draining properly when she was sick (also explained why she often has fluid in her ears). There were 2 possible routes to take - have the adenoids removed by surgery, or take a steroid nose spray every day. Around age 12 or 13 they generally outgrow the problem. At the time my daughter had been having some other medical issues and had been through a lot, so I didn't want to do the surgery. We chose the nose spray. My pediatrician said he liked our choice, since he knows of many cases where they had the surgery and it didn't solve the problem. The nose spray has been a great help! I think it's been about 4 years now. She still gets an occasional infection - maybe once per year. And still has fluid in her ears. Given our situation, it was the right choice at the time. I'd recommend you go to an ear/nose/throat doctor to see what is up. Good luck.

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