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22 Month Old Taking Diaper Off

My 22 month old daughter takes her diaper off all the time. A have tried pull ups and she learned to take those off as well. Lately, I have been taping them on her but that's starting to be a chore, expectlly since I also have a 7 month old. I'm just wondering if there is anything else I could try or if I should stock up on the tape, lol.
If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them.

What can I do next?

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Hi A.,
I agree with Emily. Get a potty chair if you don't have one and put her on it every time she takes her diaper off. I would also try putting her in overalls or a onesie so she doesn't have access. My daughter would take off her diaper in bed so I started pinning her zipper on her footie jammies with a diaper pin. It took a few months but she has stopped. We don't encourage her to run around naked either.

For 2 year olds thats not rare. I babysit a lot of kids and almost every two year old I watch has a problem with that. While talking with their parents they say that when he or she takes their diaper off they have to go sit on the big boy or big girl potty. It sounds weird cause she is so young, however it can help potty train early or it could teach her to keep her diaper on if she does not like the potty seat. I hope this helps. Don't get too stressed over it cause time is going to fly and you will have more stressors to come but no worries you can get through them all! Pray about it too ask God to help you out cause two little ones can be tough but he can guide you!

We've gone through several periods of diaper taking off with my daughter - just put the diaper on backwards. Its funny how smart they are, they never really get the hang of taking off a backwards diaper.

The best thing to do id put panties over the diaper, Ruffle panties , charechtar panties gives someting to disract them. I would not use the tape as even a small piece may become a choking hazard when you arent arounf right? My daughter did this to as this worked right from the start. Good luck . I hope it works for you,.

What an awesome opportunity for potty-training! The weather is getting warmer so a naked child won't freeze and if she's taking off the diaper, I'd say just go with it and introduce her to the potty (if you haven't already done so). Potty training a naked child in warm weather has gone a lot more quickly for me than potty training a fully-clothed one. And even if she doesn't potty train yet, give yourself a break and as long as she keeps on the diapers in public, let her stay naked and air her body out. In a few years she'll want her privacy and you'll wonder what happened to your naked toddler!

My mom use to put my cousins diaper on backwards and that seemed to work.

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