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2.10 Year Old Not Eating Meals Anymore

My son just started Montessori school approximately three weeks ago. Since he started school he declines lunch when it is served. We are now going on three weeks and he is still not eating lunch (I'm told he has a cup of milk or a piece of fruit for lunch). He has two small snacks (one in the morning and one after nap) at school as well.
He is also not interested in eating much of his dinners anymore either.
Mind you, my son's previous appetite was HUGE! He ate full, healthy (proteins, vegs, and fruits) at every meal.
He is still extremely active ALL day long and doesn't seem to be affected. His teacher says that he will "learn" to start eating at school sooner or later.. ;(

Please tell me if you think I'm worried about nothing...

P.S. He mentioned to me this morning that he does not like pasta and that is why he doesn't eat lunch. The school serves a lot of different pasta type dishes (macaroni/cheese, mastacholi, pasta and parmasean, etc..). I have never served any type of pasta or pasta dishes to him previously.

Thank you in advance!

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My son is 3 and some days he eats (a lot) and other days he barely eats at all. I talked to his doctor about it and he said that was completely normal.

Good luck.

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Hi! My 28 month old stopped eating meals last month. I was getting concerned but then remembered what our Pediatrician told us when my daughter turned 2: it is VERY NORMAL for a child be begin erratic eating habits starting around 2 years old. As long as your son is eating a decent meal every two days, he will be perfectly healthy. (Unless there is a medical issue, you will truly see that no child will starve himself.) Sometimes it seems like my son "grazes" for 2-3 days, but then he'll have a very healthy, full meal. Sometimes he'll do 2 days of "good" eating in a row, and then skip a day or two.

Of course, if you have any concerns (or gut feelings) about his health, please see your Pediatrician. Your Doctor will ask you if he is eating at least one meal every two days. If the answer is yes, I'll bet your son is fine! I hope this makes you feel a little better!

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A change in an environment related to meals can sometimes be overwhelming to a child who is that age. If he went from easy-going days home with you to a more structured school environment with new/different expectations around meals and lots of kids sitting around a table, it may be too much to process for the little guy. I am not familiar with Montessori meal routines, but I suggest that you spend a lunchtime at school and just observe what is going on. You know your son the best and watching how he handles before/during/after lunchtime may be eye-opening.

I am not looking at this problem from a "calories" perspective, but more of a "what is going on social-emotionally?" that is limiting his taking part in the meal. Supporting him through this challenge will have lasting benefits.
Good luck!

i totally agree w/ the other responses. i have been in the same situation w/ both of my kids. and each and every time i mentioned it to the dr. he said it was normal. but i would also say the same thing, if you have a gut feeling of something wrong, defiently be more persistant w/ the dr.
here is a website i also get emails through. it is from the author of the great books "what to expect...."
but this helped me.
then type in toddler food strikes. there is a very good, informational article there. maybe this will also interest you in signing up and getting regular emails.
hope this helps!

Since this is going on for a few weeks now AND he is not eating dinner either, I would sit down and talk with him. See if he can tell you why. Ask if his tummy hurts (I am guessing he is 2 yrs?) If he feels okay and just decided not to eat, then I would call the doc. All kids go through periods of eating much less than normal but if this seems extreme, then I would check it out. Also, does he seem lethargic or still a bundle of energy?

Yes his teacher is correct that it takes a will for some younger students to get use to their environment but at the same time you say this is going on at home.
You should not be asking this question on this forum, I would be calling is doctor to see what he has to say. this is your child's health we are talking about.
Children do go through ups and downs in their eating patterns but you sound very concerned. Call his Doctor!


My son is 3 and some days he eats (a lot) and other days he barely eats at all. I talked to his doctor about it and he said that was completely normal.

Good luck.

Hi DL Maybe it's nothing just the change of going to school but if it continue that him to see his peditrican to see if something else is going on with him.

My son had a huge appetite as a baby, then lost 2 pounds & gained 3 inches in height between 18 months and 2. I was lucky if he ate 3 tablespoons of food at one time during that age. He is now a 4 year old that eats like a horse. It sounds like it's just the age, but I would talk to your ped. to be on the safe side. Chances are they will be unconcerned. In Montessori they have to stay at the table until they are done eating. If they get up, the food is removed. He may have to adjust to that. My son is in Montessori too, so we do that at home to keep it consistent, and he never has a problem with it. It's an active age, so he might be just eager to get back to him work! Once he is used to his work, he may slow down enough to eat ;) My son didn't want to do outside play time at first when he started Montessori, because he wanted to keep working!

Two-year-olds are surer of themselves and of what they can do as they grow. Their bodies stretch out, and most will lose the potbellied look during this third year of life. Their appetites lessen, and they may be particular about food. They are still growing fairly rapidly. I don't believe you have anything to worry about.

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