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21 Month Son Has Dry Patches/small Bumps on Skin

My son was born with tiny bumps on the back of his arms (like mommy). Now, his back is so dry and after bath, the skin on his back turns very red. I use johnson & johnson head to toe soap-free wash and use A LOT of lotion to sooth his dry patches on back. The doctor told me it was excema on his arms so we reguarly use cream for that too. He does not scratch or act bothered but the redness after a bath and the dryness concerns me. Any ideas?

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Both my children have very dry skin especially in the winter. I have found that Eucerin's Aquaphor is amazing. You can get it at any Wal-Mart. They also have lotions. It's a wonderful product.

I have 2 kids with ecxema. J&J products have the worst ph to them and actually aggrivate it. Try eucerin products or even cetaphil soap. The bar gives off more of a "soap" fell than the liquid. Also - dont bathe the child daily. The chlorine in the water here is rather high (especially lately) and is just drying out the skin even more. Try bathing every 2-3 days.

How offten are you giving him a bath? Try only giving him a bath 2-3 times per week and just washing him off with a warm wash cloth if he gets dirty in between. Have you tried vaseline or Mary Kay extra emolient ngiht cream?

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the tiny bumps on the back of his arms sound like Keratosis Pilaris and not excema of course i am not a dr. just a mother of a child with Keratosis Pilaris my dr. said excema at first but come to find out after months of treating him with different creams and lotions Keratosis Pilaris there is no cure for.it will not hurt them just causes alot of itchy skins sometimes (my sons soesnt itch to bad) and for some reason they say there is nothing you can really do to rid your child of it they told me to exfoliate his skin and use lots of lotion i also use hydrocortosione for the itching i have seen many products on the market for it but have not tried very many as my son 's skin is very sensetive here is alittle ifo about it maybe you can talk to your dr

Keratosis Pilaris (KP) is a very common skin condition often referred to as "chicken skin". If you have keratosis pilaris, you are not alone. Worldwide, keratosis pilaris affects an estimated 40 to 50% of the adult population and approximately 50 to 80% of all adolescents. Varying in degree, cases of KP can range from minimal to severe.

Most people with keratosis pilaris don't know they have it. While KP resembles goosebumps, it is characterized by the appearance of small, rough bumps on the skin. Primarily, it appears on the back and outer sides of the upper arms, but can also occur on thighs and buttocks or any body part except palms or soles. (Often confused with acne.)

Keratosis pilaris is unsightly but completely harmless. KP tends to be worse during the winter months or other times of low humidity when the skin dries out. It may also occur and/or worsen among pregnant women or show up after childbirth.
Keratosis Pilaris (KP) cannot be cured, however

it can be treated.

There is no cure for keratosis pilaris, since KP is a chronic, genetic follicular disease, however treatments are available. Results from treatments vary and can often be disappointing. With persistence, most people will see satisfactory improvement. It is recommended that treatment not be discontinued because the buildup of keratin (the hard protein in the skin, nails, and hair) will continue to reform around the hair follicles.

There are several types of keratosis pilaris; variants and related disorders include:
Keratosis pilaris alba : rough, dry, bumpy skin with no irritation

Keratosis pilaris rubra : reddened lesions; red, inflamed bumps

Keratosis pilaris rubra faceii (KPRF) : reddish rash on the cheeks (blushed look)

Keratosis pilaris atrophicans faciei: facial follicular atrophy (small scar-like depressions)

Keratosis follicularis (Darier Disease) aka lichen pilaris, or follicular xeroderma:

conditions in which abnormal keratinization (failure of skin to desquamate properly) is

limited to the hair follicles, manifesting itself as discrete, tiny follicular papules (solid,

usually conical elevations)

Ulerythema ophryogenes : involvement of the outer eyebrows

Atrophoderma vermiculata : severe worm-eaten appearance of the cheeks

Keratosis follicularis spinulosa decalvans: a rare familial variant which results in bald

areas on the scalp and eyebrows

Lichen spinulosus : solitary or multiple patches of follicular papules topped with scaly

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He may be having a reaction to the Johnson & Johnson's body wash. A lot of moms think that Johnson & Johnson is the #1 trusted baby product, however they are notorious for putting ingredients in their products that causes skin irritations and can even cause upper respiratory problems. Check out the ingredient label: if you see quaternium-15 or Q-15 (for short) throw it out your door fast!! Quaternium-15 is a formaldehyde releaser and can cause eczema, dermatitis, and other skin irritations. If it seeps into the lungs it can cause asthma and breathing problems. Worst yet, it can cause cancer. You should do a Google search on quaternium-15 and check it out. It's a preservative so that's why they use it - it gives their products a longer shelf life. I would suggest trying organic body products, even lotions, on him and see if that helps. I actually buy all of my necessity and everyday products from a company online that has all natural ingredients in all of their products. It's really made a big difference in my family's health all around. I can share them with you if you are interested. Take care and I hope this helps for you. God Bless!

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My daughter is 10 and is just now growing out of eczema. To control it, we have always used Cetaphil lotion for bathing and Cetaphil cream on all the itchy spots. She also got relief from the itch by using Aveeno products. I don't think there is a magic cure for eczema, but be glad he isn't itching! She used to scratch until she bled at night in her sleep.

Try Aquaphor -- it has worked great for us for 6 years!

My son (now 6) had terrible cradle cap as an infant and then developed eczema on his arms/elbows,behind knees, under his armpits and even behind his earlobes and other places. It has improved dramatically as he has gotten older and I hear that is fairly common. Through his first 5 years, we were guided by an excellent dermatologist and allergist (his skin condition was linked to allergies at times...he was allergic to egg; which we discovered at age 18 months- however, that was not his ONLY reason for eczema).

First, we've always used Intensive Treatment Head and Shoulders shampoo for his soap/shampoo in the bath. It is a bright orange color. This was recommended by his dermatologist and it does seem to help ameliorate the dry skin! We started that as an infant and have never switched.

The medication that worked so well on his cradle cap was Protopic. It was a miracle for us. Worked almost instantly. The downside is the expense of that medication. The additional medication we've used for flare ups of his eczema (and it's MUCH cheaper than the protopic) is a combination cream prescribed by his allergist... it is something like Velvachol/Triamcinolone combination cream. Those have worked very well for treating it; and of course, a thick/moisture cream like Cetaphil, Eucerin or Aquaphor cream/moisture lotion immediately after bath (and BEFORE you dry his skin with a towel so it absorbs into the skin) to just maintain less dry skin overall. I hope this helps! I'm just passing along what I've learned from some great doctors, b/c I'm certainly not one! I've had lifelong issues with this myself and the docs tell me this is definitely hereditary. Aquaphor Healing Ointment is also fabulous for chapped skin.. lips, bottoms, etc. Good luck!

Usually eczema is a sign of an allergy to something. I have found that the eczema on my scalp is directly triggered by artificial coloring in foods. Some kids have bad eczema because they are allergic to dairy...you might want to check into possible food allergies! Also, check the ingredients of your soap. The J&J soaps, and most other regular liquid soaps and baby products, usually have a long list of chemical ingredients that you are rubbing on your baby's skin! My daughter has dry skin too, I guess she got it from me, but thankfully no eczema. We only use homemade soap that we buy locally, it's made with honey and it's great for your skin. It smell wonderful too, and it only contains whole ingredients and no chemicals or oil by products like most commercial soaps. And we only use that every now and then, for the most part my daughter rinse off with water and she gets squeaky clean! Here is the link to the soap. I promise, it is the most amazing soap ever...one bar lasts us for months. http://www.abigailsoap.com/

Hi K.-
I recently read your posting regarding your sons dry skin. I have an 18 month old son and from day one I have been using all products exclusively. The diaper cream especially is fantastic is with the body oil and hair/body wash! He had responded very wells to these products and the mothers that I have recommend Arbonne's products to have had nothing but successful things to say! One mother recently called me and told me that they stopped going to the dermotoligist b/c of the childs success. Another mentioned that her child has reduced fevers at night and is sleeping much better b/c of Arbonne's baby products!

Arbonne's products are all natural and botanically based, fragrant free, no animal testing or bi-products. And most of all, products are approved by Pediatrician. My father is a pediatrician and pediatric oncologist and has referred many patients and nurses to b/c he sees the success in using these products!

If you are interested in learning more about Arbonne's products, especially our baby care line, please don't hesitate to email me at ____@____.com. I always offer a 35% discount on products and sometimes can even extend the discount to 50 or 80% off! This month I have a special promotion on qualifying orders which you can receive a FREE gift, $20 in value!

I hope you find something that works!

Elissa Brown
District Manager and Independent Consultant
Arbonne International

Use Dandruff shampoo on the patches. Doesn't have to stay on long, 15 second to a minute.
Most of that stuff, is caused by allergies. When mine, or my children's arms, (little bumps) or sclerosis on my elbow, pops out,,,I know it's time to see my allergist.

One thing they will tell you, or use to tell you,,was to use Dandruff shampoo, to dry up the spots.

It also works great, on getting rid, of those painful red bumps, that we get on our butts at times. Little dandruff shampoo on that area for 15 seconds,,,no red bumps.

Since it's probably allergies that causing it,,,,make sure where the child sleeps is as dust free, scent free, as possible,,,use unscented thing, lotions/soaps etc.

Bet you see an improvement, in a couple of days.


My daughter is 22 months old and has the same issue, except hers is also on her cheeks. I have spoken with three different pediatricians, and they have told me four different things. The first said it was a normal dry skin condition for little babies and that it would go away in the summer (this was winter 06). She told me to use over the counter hydro cortisone. This did not work, and it did not go away last summer. The same doctor then told me it was keratosis pilaris, and she gave me an ammonium nitrate cream to put on it. That didn't work. The second doctor told me that it was a common condition that needs a steroid, so she gave me a prescription for a strong hydro cortisone, but she said not to use it too much or it could make her skin very thin. I decided not to fill that prescription since it's only a cosmetic issue; it's not worth her skin getting thin. Plus, we'd already tried over the counter hydro cortisone the previous winter, and it didn't work at all. The third doctor said it was just very dry skin and to use lots of lotion. So, if you find out a suitable answer, I'd love to know. My daughter's case isn't terribly noticeable, but I'd like to figure out how to get it to go away as well.

My 7 month old has had the same problem. Her Dr. Says that her problem is dermatitis and to use hydrocortisone ointment. The Dr. wrote her an RX but it can also be purchased over the counter. I also use vaseline after she bathes that seems to help too. The ointment has helped her problem but I have noticed if I miss a day or two the problem will flare up again. The Dr. said because of her red hair/sensitive skin I have to apply every day until there is no sign of the bumps or dry patches. Good Luck to you and little one. R. O

Hey K.,
I'm a new mom too or at least it seems that way. My little girl is already 7 months and I can't believe it. From day one she has used the ABC(Arbonne Baby Care) line from Arbonne. I don't know if you are familiar with this company or not but all their products are pure, safe and beneficial! I have heard and seen pictures of children with excema to just dry skin in general and this product line works miracles. The whole kit would be great for you to use especially the body oil. I don't know if you have tried to use baby oil before but you will probably notice the ingredients just say mineral oil and fragrance. Basically it doesn't absorb in the skin at all and just sits on top. Arbonne's natural oil softens and moisturizes delicate skin, while reducing redness and irritation. It also assist the skin’s ability to retain moisture over time. The products are even great for adults with really sensitive skin.

Ingredients: safflower, sunflower, jojoba, soybean and shea butter oils

Botanically-based and pH correct
Pediatrician and dermatologist tested
Non-sensitizing, non-irritatin
Formulated without nut oils
Not tested on animals

Of course they also have tear free hair and body wash, lotion, herbal diaper rash cream and sunscreen and I love the whole kit. I would be glad to talk more about this with you if you want to send me an email. I can give you my number too. I'm a consultant with Arbonne and I love my job! Making life BETTER for others is so much fun! I can send you some before and after pics so you can actully see how great it works. Hope this helps! ____@____.com

It sounds like eczema to me. My daughter has a mild case of eczema as well, and there's one spot on the back that we just can't get rid of. We use Lubraderm on her skin, and well bathe her every other day instead of every day. Also make sure you use lotion EVERY time after baths, I would als suggest baby oil, it works really well on hydrating the skin. Hope this helps

My baby has that also. I used cortizone cream to get rid of the redness and itch. Once the redness is gone I use Aquafor by eucerin to keep his skin moist. It works great!

I see you have a lot of responses. I'm going to reiterate what one woman told you in one of your first responses. ABC (Arbonne Baby Care) will take care of this issue. I'm an independent consultant for Arbonne. The products are world class botanically based. Most anything else out there is going to cover up the problem or add to it if you use anything with steroids. Arbonne Baby Care is backed by Arbonne's Independent Research and Development facility in Switzerland. All products are made in the USA, and come with a 45 day guarentee. If there is anything I can do to be of help feel free to contact me. Good Luck :)

My son has this problem as well. His ped. said it was ezcema and I didn't need to do anything special just keep him well oiled. Well I decided to mix some baby vaseline and hydrocrotizone cream with aloe together and made this creamy paste. After his bath while he is still wet I rub him down in baby oil from head to toe then I use the mixture from head to toe and his skin is PERFECT! I do this every night and I use the mixture on him every morning when I dress him for daycare. His skin looks great and is soft and smooth as a baby's skin should be.

Hi K.-

My research into holistic health and natural healing led me to essential fatty acids (EFAs) as a remedy for the bumps on the back of the arms. Supposedly they are caused by a lack of essential fatty acids, which can be supplemented with flax oil. It is sold in the natural foods section of most stores, including Kroger- it's in the refrigerated foods case. It's easiest to give mixed in a smoothie because the taste is not so yummy, yet not horrible. My kids will eat it on oatmeal if there is sweetener and butter too to cover the taste. I would recommend coconut oil for his skin instead of any lotions or creams. It has helped me a great deal and I have skin that would crack and bleed it was so dry, especially in the winter. I put it all over my body, even my face after I shower every day and it keeps me soothed and smooth. It is also available at Kroger in the natural foods section, by the other cooking oils (I go to the big Kroger on State St. in New Albany). Good luck!

My 2 year old has battled eczema since he was born. He got really bad around 21 months. We feel like we have gone thru all the lotions and oniments. Finally I took him to the demratologist. She gave me some different topical steriods. The other option was phototherapy. Putting a 2 year old in a light box does not sound like fun. She told me the best thing for it is light. I do not bathe him but a couple times a week. I use Arbonne baby wash, which is all natural and has helped alot. Then I coat him in Aquaphor, which is a thick oniment. He has gotten much better, but still has it pretty bad on his arms. Has your child had allergy teseting? My son's gets much worse in the spring when things are blooming. The dr. as told me that he will outgrow it. She also said that in the summer the pool and sun are great for the ezcema. Good luck sometime I feel like I am fighting a losing battle. you might want to try a dermatologist if it gets worse. My son is also on an antihistamine which seems to help. I think that he will always have bumpy skin so I do not use the steriod creams unless there is a flare up.

This will probably sound crazy but Clinique makes a Deep Comfort Moiture Body Cream-in a tube kind of cream colored. My daughter developed sort of an excema type rash on her hands that really bothered her. She used some of my cream, and it cleared it right up. This was after she had gone to a dermatologist. About $15 a tube but it lasts a long time and should not bother tender young skin.

Hi K.,

My two-year old has what was diagnosed as Dyshydrostic Eczema. Basically exposure to certain types of water will break her out. I struggled with it and her for about a year until I found a product I absolutely love. In fact I was so impressed with the soap, I completely converted my home to their products to better the lives of my family. I actually have built a home mased business with the company because I believe in their products. If you'd like more about the company and what they have to offer there is a website: www.homeofficemamma.com is my personal website and www.melaleuca.com is the company's site. Good Luck.

Please do not put J & J anything on your baby. My youngest son (now six) was born with skin irritation and I tried all kinds of lotions and cremes. What you need to understand is the fastest way to get something into the blood stream (without direct injection) is by rubbing it onto the skin. The skin is the largest organ of the body and many blood vessels run close to the outer layer of the skin. Look deeper than the skin and understand that the root cause of the skin irritation is coming from an imbalance within the body, unless of course it is contact dermatitis like a reaction to change in laundry detergent etc. Use only all natural, organic, single ingredient moisturizers like cocoa butter, shea butter, etc... My son's eczema is managed with Plantidote serum from Origins at Southpoint ($70/bottle). One bottle lasts at least 6 months. This is a mixture of mushroom extracts and I use once a day after his bath. While correcting the imbalance in the body look up foods to eat and to avoid when experiencing eczema. You are doing the right thing by not accepting this physical condition for your son and probing to find help. Also, please stay away from the steroid cremes that the doctor's prescribe because they only work for a little while then the body gets used to them and the medicated dose will be increased. Be encouraged!!! A. Burnette, Hillsborough

Hi K.,
I know how it is with little ones and having to work. I have raised 5 daughters 1 son and now working on 15 grandchildren. There are many things out there on the market you can try. I sell a product that I think would be great for your little one. Not because I sell it, but because I have had other people tell me that it helps greatly with their excema. As you know, there is no cure for it, but there are things that can make it less irritating. Hope over to my website at www.jordanrep.com/10987 and read all about Jordan Essentials. The lotion bar in unscented or oatmeal milk and honey, or the baby powder would do wonders for him.
But as I said, read about the product and if you think you might want in to try it, you can place an order online.
Let me know what you think.


I have those bumbs and my son as well. They told me to just use cortizone cream and to not give him a bath every day(mainly in the winter). The baths would make his skin even more dry. We use alot of lotion too, and that seems to keep it calm. I know the aquaphor lotion works well, or the eucerin lotion too. Sorry I couldn't help more.

I grew up with this condition and my 2 1/2 yr old and 17 month old have also dealt with excema...luckily we have found help through nutrition called Reliv, and I am symptom free today and so is my older son. Our little one is about 90% better and improving. I would love to help another mom with her kids skin, it has been an awesome answer for us. Please reply if you are interested in making a huge difference. ( I have also had awesome results with allergies and asthma using the same products! )

Try Vanicream. It is a hypoallergenic lotion that both my dermatologist and pediatrician recommended. It has helped my five month old's excema considerably.

My son had those on the back of his legs. We were told to give him a warm bath with Keri Lotion in the water. The red bumps went away. I am a mother and a grandmother. My granddaughter had the same thing on her arms and my son put the Keri Lotion in a warm bath and it helped her.

I understand where you are coming from. Both of my sisters have excema and my daughter has sensitive skin. Although J&J is usually considered to be a good brand for little ones, my daughter couldn't tolerate it. Her skin would become red and irritated after baths or if I used the lotion. Have you tried other brands? Aveeno works the best my little girl, but there are other brands that have even less synthetic material than Aveeno. Jason is a good, natural product (a little pricey though). The other thing I have had to do with my daughter is give her baths less frequently. She gets a bath every other to every two days depending on her level of activity. Don't worry, I wash her up good before bed making sure to clean all vital areas. :) I don't know if this helps or not, but I hope so. Good luck. -V

I have found three things that work within a day or two on my daughters, who also have excema. Arbonne makes a baby lotion that works well. You can go online or buy it from an agent. I also like Aquphor, which you can get in the regular drug store, but it is a little gelatinous, and I have even used Crisco! This worked well when I didn't have the money for the expensive stuff and they have chapped cheeks... doesn't stain, non-toxic in case they get it in their mouths! Look forward to summer...

I have heard that these bumps are a fatty acid deficieny. Start your child on some fish oil and omega-3 rich foods and it should help.

I would recommend NOT using any Johnson & Johnson products as so many of them do have chemicals etc. iin them. I know people who use the theory that if you wont put something in your mouth, dont put it on your skin. Your skin absorbs into the body just like your mouth and digestive organs do, so stay away from lotion too. Look at the ingredietns--almost always petroleum products. Find some good quality coconut oil at the grocery or health food store--it is expensive but goes a long way. It solidifies when cool, so run it under warm water to melt and rub it on you both. It is cooling in summer and wonderful. It smells good, fights viruses and can be taken internally as well for all those issues. Google it and see what you find. It really is wonderful. May not be a cure all as it sounds like you both have a systemic issue, which could be yeast related and is also very cureable but tough to treat ( I use 3Lac from the internet and love it--expensive though). You could also google the yeast issues and might find some helpful stuff. In short, I have always had better luck with my health and that of my kids when going a more holistic route than the regular MD and pediatricians. Good luck!

My daughter and granddaughter both have the small bumps on their arms. I took my daughter to doctor after doctor and used different creams, soaps and locations. One doctor told me that the bumps were stopped up oil glands. After my daughter used a cream from Beauti Control on their arms the bumps cleared up. I do not know what she used but if I can find out i will post later for you. Look for someone in your area that sells Beauti Control who might know which lotation will work for you son.

I have ichtheosis ( spelling is way off) mine is very mild but I've delt w/ the cracking of skin etc since I was a kid but 2 years ago I found my best relief COCONUT OIL hubby bought it to cook in and when I was cooking one night I got a little on my hand and WOW...youll find it in the grocery store isle where the other cooking oil and veg shortning are mine is made by a company call luann's white jar w/ green lid put it on while he's still in the bath and the skin is warm thepart dry and apply as needed in thin amounts at cooler temps it's a solied but when it warms to body temp it's an oil and it's natural!!! hope this helps S.

Every baby gets that. It is called baby eczema. THat doesn't mean that he will have it when he gets older. My little girl had it and I was told to try Arbonne Baby Skin Care. I did and it really seemed to have worked. She talked me into becoming a consultant but I never did anything with it or made any money from it because I had moved to a new town and with a new baby I didn't get out much so didn't know anyone to sell it to or to sign up. So although I don't push it, I still have tons of samples and if you send me your mailing address I can send a couple of samples for you to try and then if you like it and it works, I can either get it for you or we can find you someone in your area that sells it and you can get it from them. It really worked for me. Water is drying to the skin and this has a coating (I guess you could say) that doesn't allow the moisture to escape the skin. Anyway.... let me know if you would like to try it and I will send you a few samples that I have.
Write me at ____@____.com if you want me to send you some.

I have very sensative skin also. My dermotoligist told me not to use anything with perfume in it. Also to use Cetaphil skin lotion. Soap,Dove Unsented for sensative skin. I feel so much better and the rash is gone. Hope this helps.

It could be a food allergy
I am wheat intolerant and all of my eczema problems go away when I avoid wheat (yes it is a challenge!)
My son also has red bumps, but we think he is intolerant of soy and not wheat
we just try different elimination diets for a few weeks and see if the problem gets better
the most common food allergens apparently are soy, wheat, milk, corn and a few I cannot remember
my nephew is allergic to soy/milk protein found in formula and he got severe eczema for a few months, now he is 1 year old and my sister keeps him off these products and he is much better
hope this helps! did you notice the skin getting worse after a certain food like baby cereal was introduced into the diet? You can talk to an allergist or a dietician about it for more details.

I have a son with horrible eczema. The doctors gave him steroid creams and recommended aveeno. None of that even touched it. Then I tried Arbonne's baby line and *poof* 3 days later it was cleared up. I have to use the wash and the lotion from the "ABC" baby care line. Any kind of fragrance or mineral oil agitates his eczema instantly. No other brand has worked and we went through alot.

If you notice on the bottle of Johnson&Johnson proucts, you will see Quanternium-15 This is a formadehyde releaser. Almost all store brand products have this. There are over 30 trade names for formaldehyde. All these products irritate skin, besides the fact that they're carsonognic. I would recommend using non toxic products in your home and on your bodies. Renew lotion is very effective for excema and dry skin in general. I'm sure that over night there would be great improvement. The wellness company that I have a membership with has very cost effective products that work amazingly! Contact me and I can talk to you more about it. A friend of mine's son had excema so bad his sheets had blood spots all over them every morning until washing his clothes and sheets in melapower and using renew! It's such a blessing to see that this little boy no longer suffers!

T. ###-###-#### ###-###-####


Try whipping up a homemade remedy, try mixing 1cup of honey with 2/3 cup of oatmeal (soaked in warm water for 2 mins prior) and 1/3 cup sugar. warm it up a little and sit your baby in the bath and slather it on. leave on as long as you can and rinse off with WARM water, not cool, cool water dries out skin. good enough to eat! if that doesn't work try buying some pure lanolin cream and mixing in pure vitamin E oil. little more expensive than using the food. hope you find something that works!

We've just been to the doctor about this for my 8 month old. My almost 3 year old had only a mild case. My baby has it all over and it's worse in the winter. MD suggested Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer. We had to get a prescription steroid cream it was so bad and my little one was very uncomfortable after bath time. Make sure your detergent is "free and clear" (I use All).
Good luck! Hope it doesn't get worse. D. T

I have a 6 month old son who has had excema on his face, back, and stomach since birth. I tried several things including Eucerin lotion. Nothing helped until one day my husband made a suggestion to me to use some raw shea butter on him. I was hesitant but I tried it and it cleared it up within a couple days. We still use it just because it works so well. We buy it from Sunaroma.com. Check it out and see how it goes.

I dont' know much about it, but I've found that Johnson and Johnson often has strong fragrance. I'd try something fragrance free like aveeno or maybe even goldbond (check with your dr to see if that's ok for his skin first!) Good luck!!

My 10 month old had the same problem. Our doctor told us to buy the Dove sensitive skin wash (yes, the kind for adults) and to use the Baby Aveeno skin lotion. It helped some, but if your little one has hair (mine does)the Dove wash makes her hair greasy looking. So, I had to use something different on her hair. Hope this is helpful. Good luck!

Hi K.. My 16 month old has what sounds like a similar problem. The doctor said it was ezcema also. She advised us to use Dove body wash for sensitive skin and then apply vaseline after the bath. This helped his skin so much. It has gotten a lot better now and I don't have to regularly use the vaseline, but I still have continued with the body wash. It's not as drying as the other baby soaps. I would recommend using just plain vaseline. I tried using creamy petroleum thinking that it wouldn't be as messy, but it didn't work as well. Hope this helps! Good luck.//S.

Hey K.....Have you tried Aquaphor? It is awesome. I Googled it today and there are tons of postings out there about how incredible the cream is. My sister-in-law swears by it on my nephews. It can be a little bit pricy but is well worth it. I bet you will see a difference in a few days.

My oldest had moderate excema as a baby. I am sure your doctor told you to stay away from most lotions??? If it has a smell its probably not good for his skin. Soap is another thing to watch out for....I could only use Dove sensitive skin soap on my son. The only thing I could use on my son was cetaphil. Also, do not bathe him every day. Unless he's filthy from playing outside he probably doesn't need it. My oldest didn't scratch either. Did you doctor tell you to watch his diet? Sometimes excema comes from a food allergy. When my oldest was being introduced to foods I had to give him something new for at least a week to make sure his skin didn't flare up. Thankfully, he wasn't allergic to any foods.

That's all I can think of right now.....if you have any questions let me know.

be very careful of any products that have mineral oil in them. the mineral oil will aggravate exzema. sunlight will help with the 'rash" on his arms and back, but be careful ... not over 4-5 minutes exposure at a time. be shure to check sunblock for mineral oil.... hypo alergenic products are a must for this child. also avoid using dryer fabric softener sheets. opt for liquid in the rinse cycle insted. I am a 57 year old grand mom, I raised 2 children and my self with exzema, and have a hand in raising 2 grand children with the same problems. soap might actualy be a better option for bathing this child, as detergents, tend to be drying. the soap free is a detergent.......


My kids had the same thing. I found that Eucerin works well. CVS sells it, it's by the body lotions. Good luck.

My three-year-old had exactly this problem for her first two years of life, and sometimes the bumps would get inflamed, like a teenager's acne. We always used J&J Baby Wash. We were advised to put Aquaphor (by Eucerin) on the problem area, which went from the backs of the arms through the armpit and somewhat down the sides of her chest. We use the CVS version of Aquaphor and it helped quite a bit. Anyway, then the nurse at our peds office recommended switching to Dove Shampoo and Dove Soap. The problem disappeared in one week!

Our daughter has been free of the problem for nearly 1.5 years since using Dove. Further, we have twin babies who are just now 12 months old. They have never been bathed in J&J baby wash, but only in Dove soap. We are pleased that they have never developed this problem. We are absolutely delighted.

I would strongly recommend that you try Dove Shampoo, which is quite affordable at Costco and you need only half a teaspoon for each bath. Dove soap can be purchased for around 80 cents a bar if you shop around and get the 12-pack (maybe at Target?). We continue to use the CVS version of Aquaphor for a variety of other skin issues, like chapped skin and sensitive noses during winter colds. Our $14 tub container has lasted over 3 years and more than half remains.

Good luck!

It sounds like excema (?Spelling) to me, my 17 month old daughter gets that as well, especially with repeated baths. There is an over the counter cream that has Winnie The Pooh on it, you can find it even at most groceries, that has worked really well for us. It is VERY thick and seems greasy when you put it on, but it does not leave any residue on clothing. Hope that helps!

I do know that he doesn't have to have a bath everyday. Just wipe him down with a wipe and give him a bath every couple of days. Also, you may want to get the oatmeal baths and put it in his water with any soap you use...they also have oatmeal soap...it is super gentle and won't dry his skin as much.

K., My son and daughter both had eczema. You might want to stop using the johnson and johnson baby soap, because baby soap and baby lotion makes the skin drier and the eczema worse. You might want to try Dove soap. That's what my doctor suggested. You can also try some Eucerin, Lubriderm or Aquaphor to moisturize the skin. I used the Aquaphor and the Lubriderm. It worked really well along with some creams from the doctor. Well, I wish you luck and hope he gets better.

Stop using baby wash, all of them dries out skin no matter what they claim. Use Cetaphil facial cleanser instead and use Cetaphil cream or lotion to keep the skin from dryness, simple Vaseline also helps I(works on diaper rash too). My little girl has the same problem when she was an infant, I spend a lot of money on prescription lotion/cream while we were living in Europe but they are so greasy. Then my sister, who is a dermatologist, told me to use Cetaphil facial cleanser instead of baby wash from head(including hair) to toe. It's so gentle and soften skins too. Then use the cream after bath (you can use that for yourself too). She did that for her girl too. And continue to use the excema cream your doctor prescribe.


My 5 month old grandson has the same thing and its bad. We use Aveeno baby lotion unscented to coat him down, unscented wipes and unscented laundry detergent. We are beginning to see some changes for the better, however, we just started this recently. So we can learn together.

Hello. I am not sure what type of lotion you are using but my daughter has mild eczema and her doctor told us to use cetaphil two to three times a day. It is a little greasy going on but it has definitely helped. Also, you may want to try switching laundry detergents. Another possibility is a food allergy that could be bringing this on. Some people say cow's milk is often a contributor. Hope this helps.

My daughter has the same problem - switch from Johnson's to an oatmeal based (Aveeno or store brand)body wash and lotion. You will be amazed at the difference. Also use water that is as cool as possible. This worked for us - my daughter is now 9 and still has eczema but we still use the same remedies and it keeps it under control! Good Luck!

I know vaseline dosen't sound enticing but it is the best way to keep skin moist esp. during the winter. It should be applied immediately after the bath and as needed. After a few days, it should improve. It's the most economical and effective way to treat dry skin.

Aveeno makes a lotion and I think a body wash formulated specifically for Excema. Also just a regular oatmeal bath will help wonders. Both of my kids have it but as they get older it's going away. Their's was a mild case but it sounds like your sons is worse than what we had to take care of. Did the Dr. give you a cream for him?

As far as the oatmeal bath you can buy just instant or quick cooking oatmeal at the grocery store pretty cheap and then just pour it in his bath. How old is he?

My daughter has the same thing called Hyper-Keratosis Polaris. My husband's family has this also. I use Aveeno bath wash and very dry moisturizing lotion on her. It works really well.

My pediatrician says don't use anything by Johnson and Johnson. It is evidently very irritating to a lot of children's skin.

I wish you luck.

My name is J. and I have two children ages 5 and 7. My Son has had food and skin alergys and we are finaly at a point where we have them under control. I use aquaphore lotion and a cool mist humidifier in my sons room. However our skin did not clear up until his food alergies were under control. My Son now takes singular daily and his skin looks great. I waited until he was five to have him tested and put on meds. I only wish now I would have done it sooner. It has changed our life. I wish you the best and hope that this offers you some hope.

My daughter has the same thing and she is 2 1/2!!! I use the prescribed hydrocortizone for her when she has breakouts but for the after bath-time moments I use Aquaphor and it works great. Put it all over his body and it should help. We live in Germany and the air here is really dry and the water hard so it's really rough on her skin but the aquaphor works!!! I am a nurse and my hands dry out a lot from washing them constantly throughout the day and I use it also. Love it!!!

My daughter had the same thing but it was on her face(HORRIBLE). Her peditartian sent us to a dermatologist and he said the worse thing for excema is the bath, and what do we do to them...we use a wash cloth..THE WORSE thing to do. I know with a little one they need a bath but I promise you if you could just lay off every other day and then when you do use your hand not the wash cloth it will make a HUGE difference. He also told us to use hydro-cortozone and crisco(yes, the cooking stuff)on the spots. She was then under 1 and now she is 6 and we still have some flare ups with it. The dr. also said that it was hereidity. Hope this helps.

Hi K.,

My name is P. and I have two daughters with the same problem. It does sound like eczema. I buy Renew lotion from an online company. If you'd like more information contact me. See ya.


try eucerin lotion and also vaseline. that is what i did for my son's excema after our ped told us to try it and his excema is now gone completely

My daughter also has eczema and is prone to all sorts of skin irritations (just like mommy too!) We have a prescription cream- which I'm sure you do too if he's been diagnosed with eczema, but Aquafor also works like a champ- especially on those skin irritations. That is all I use for her diaper rash cream too...the stuff is great and you can get it at Walmart right off the shelf. It may seem a bit pricy ($14-$15) for the jar- but it lasts forever.

My son has a similar problem on his face - dry patches that would not go away no matter what I used. Then my sister told me to try Aquaphor, by Eucerin. It works great! First time I used it the dry patches almost disappeared. I got it at Target in the face lotion section. Its main ingredient is petrolatum (petroleum jelly), but the "inactive" ingredients are different than the other stuff I had tried. Its worth a shot. Good luck.

My son was/is the same way. I found that J&J (even those touted safe for sensitive skin) usually made his worse, both washes and lotions. In fact, almost everything we've tried has had no positive effects! The best thing we found was to just use plain water for his baths. Now that he is older we use Aveeno fragrance free washes. They sometimes help but they have never cleared it up. As for lotions, so far the best has been Eucerin lotions. And the creams/petroleum (sp?) based ones just seem to make them very red and do little to help. HTH

One thing that works really well for dry skin is Calendula ointment. It is all natural and won't cause dependancy. You can find it at your local health foods store. My daughter had some chapping on her face, and after I used the ointment, it went away in just one day! The problem with many lotions is that they are petroleum based and after a while your skin can't go without it, because they replace the natural oils that your body makes. Then the oils stop being made at all and you have to use more and more. The calendula will work quickly, and won't rob his skin of any natural oils.
Hope this helps!

Hi, K.. My 4-year-old daughter was born with eczema. The doctor advised us to bathe her with Dove and wash her head with Head and Shoulders dandruff shampoo. I'm not sure exactly which kind, but I can check for you - I know if I saw it on the shelf I would know. But it worked really well, and also used the Aveeno hydrocortisone cream, Eucerin lotion, which also worked really well, and the Rx eczema cream, which I can't think of the name of right now, but they really I think don't use it anymore as it is not really safe for long-term use. I could check on that for you as well. She doesn't seem to have any problems any more. Once in a while she'll get little bumps on her face, but nothing severe.

Anyway, hope this helps a little.

You need to check on the lotions and see how much glycerin is in the products. Natural products would be better. Put some sea salt or epsom salt to the bath water, the chlorine in water may be too harsh. Dress the baby in all coton and ask your doctor about possible food allergies.

Hi K.,
My son has the same problem with eczema, and we have been treating it for many months now. My suggestion is not to use soap in his bath of any kind, except for a couple times a week when you wash his hair (and do that last so he doesn't sit in the soapy water). Instead, put baking soda in his warm bathwater. We have found that is a huge help with the redness and flaky skin. Also, what kind of lotion do you use? Make sure it has NO fragrance, as this can aggravate his condition. I like California Baby products, which are all natural with no fragrance, fillers, etc. You can get them at Target or online. One last thing, I would also suggest using free and clear detergents and no clorox. They also make free and clear dryer sheets. Fragrance of any kind is your enemy!! :)
Good luck!

Hi, K.,
Our son had baby eczema also. Our doctor wrote a prescription for hydrocortisone for him and it worked wonders. I'm not sure what cream you are using but talk with your doctor. Also our dr. told us to bathe him every other day instead of everyday. Wash his clothes in detergent made especially for babies and always wash his new clothes before he wears them. I hope this helps.

There is a cream called Cetaphil that is fantastic for dry skin, excema, etc. You can get the lotion but the cream in the big tub works better. Also, the bumps on the arms is called Keratosis Pilaris, it is genetic and if you find something that makes that go away, patent it. About the only thing that I have found that helps with that is a salt or sugar scrub and a loofah which obviously you don't want to use on a baby. Both of my kids have it, my daughters is awful but she (at 10) is too lazy to do anything about it. I used to have it alot worse but I started using a "scrub" and a prescription lotion called Salex that has salicylic acid that helps make them go away.

We just had to change my daughters body wash and lotion the other day. She's having some similar issues but they just started within the last couple of months. We were told to use something that is fragrance free and for sensitive skin. We're using Aveeno Baby right now and it seems to be working. Both the bath and the lotion are very thick and rich. I also got an oatmeal bath type thing by Aveeno Baby. It's supposed to treat chicken pox and other rashes, including diaper rash, so I let her sit in a little of that, too. Just be sure to watch and not let him drink it. I don't use a whole pack, just enough so that I feel she's getting some treatment. Good luck!!

My son was diagnosed with eczema as an infant and we've tried several different remedies for 4 1/2 years. Our doctor recently recommended to wash with Dove soap for sensitve skin,unscented,apply Cetaphil moisterizing cream & Aquaphor ointment to his skin while still damp. This has helped by 90%. We only use the prescribed creams only when necessary.


It sounds like excema to me as well. The little boy I watch has the exact same thing. Aveeno Creamy Wash is the best bath product we have found. It does not dry out his skin. We also use the Aveeno Soothing Relief Moisture cream on him. Both are usually available at Walgreens. This has actually cleared his skin up a lot. Make sure you use it after every bath and every day when you are not bathing him. Children with excema do a lot better if they are not bathed everyday. So if you can stand not doing it his skin will love you for it. The little boy I watch is only bathed every other day which helps not dry out the skin as much. It is important to put lotion on him even if he does not have a bath though.

I too have eczema and so do my girls. May I recommend changing from the soap you are using and using a more natural soap perhaps from the health food store. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and all those chemicals in the soap is not a good thing. Typically your skin reacts to what is going on inside your body. I use some almond oil as well as coconut oil on their bodies. I also use Burt's Bees lotion made from carrots. Doesn't smell great, but it seems to be helping. The dry heat during the winter always makes it worse. Spring rolls around, things much improve. I also supplement with fish oils, omega's. Moisturize inside and out is what I have read. My very best to you. Hang in there.

Hi K.,

I am going to suggest something that I heard about at a Tarrah party (I had never heard of this product before going to my sister's party to my knowledge) The lady said she had a severe skin problem before starting using this. I am not a sales person for this at all so I am not pushing the product. I do know what I got was really good (The lady selling it said it had aloe in it) I thought it was a little pricey but then I have not checked out similar products lately either. It may be that pure aloe from the plant might help; just a thought.

E. H

I have a 6 month old son with the same problem and I would lotion him constantly. I first started using Aveeno body wash(fragrence free) and Aquaphor cream(it is greasy, but it works). I then stopped bathing him everyday and went to every other day. Also, I started washing his clothes in Wisk "Free and clear" laundry detergent. When I took him back to the doctor about it they prescribed me a steroid cream and told me to bath him twice a week. I used the cream maybe 3 times and it has been over a week and no more break outs have occured. I am very impressed and happy to see the red splotches gone. Good Luck!

I have 2 kids with ecxema. J&J products have the worst ph to them and actually aggrivate it. Try eucerin products or even cetaphil soap. The bar gives off more of a "soap" fell than the liquid. Also - dont bathe the child daily. The chlorine in the water here is rather high (especially lately) and is just drying out the skin even more. Try bathing every 2-3 days.

I would recommend Cetaphil lotion, Dove Sensitive Skin soap, and washing all of your family's clothes in Tide Free. Everyone in my family has dry skin/ezcema and this combinations helps us out a lot.

my son had excema as well and I found that anything johnson and johnson irritated him more than it helped. aveeno makes a really good baby lotion as well as an excema care baby wash - you may want to try those. I would also try eucerin cream (its in the tub) its wonderful stuff if he is really dry and irritated. besides going to the doctor and geting some topicals prescribed to have handy when his flare ups are really bad I would also try some dove body wash if all else fails and in a pinch. also his dermatologist also told me to try to dry him and have him lotioned up within 4 minutes of getting him out of the bath - almost impossible but its worth the extra effort. good luck!

K., get natural soaps. Most things have too many chemicals in it. Just use vasoline on the dry patches.

I have lots of experience with excema and dry skin- both of my boys have it. You really shouldn't use any "lotion", as they have alcohol in them that can actually irritate and dry the skin. We have found that Cerave cream (CVS has it) works the best, and we just slather them in it after baths, and have had no problems in forever. For major excema outbreaks, you sometimes need to use a prescribed ointment to heal and then be proactive with the cream.

Hey K. S. I am a 46 year old mom of two and I know all about that awful condition known as eczema! I had it myself for many years and nothing ever worked. In around 2006, I discovered an awesome line of swiss-formulated, botanical skin care products made by a 28-year old company called Arbonne, International and I haven't had eczema or even dry skin ever since.

In addition to the adult line, Arbonne has a fantastic babycare line called "ABC" that comes individually or in a set of wash, oil, lotion, sunscreen and diaper rash cream. It is my favorite baby gift to give, and I will use NOTHING else on my one and three year old children. They have never had eczema, diaper rash or even cradle cap and I attribute that to the Arbonne products.

I can point you to numerous testimonials on www.arbonne.com from other moms (many of whom are doctors) who experienced incredible results with their children's eczema due to using Arbonne baby care products. Like many of these people, I signed up (for only $29 a year) to buy Arbonne products online at a discount which saves you from 35-55% on your purchases and if you buy them on autoship (minimum of $125 retail value each month), you get two free shipments a year.

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You should also know that they are finding high levels of carcinogens and other harmful chemicals in baby care products as well as adult personal care products because the industry is totally unregulated in the U.S. (see www.watoxics.com and www.ewg.org and "Exposed" by Michael Schapiro). Europe bans over 1100 chemicals from manufacturing but the U.S. only bans 9, so we are exposed to many more chemicals in this country which explains the rising rates of cancer and other diseases.. Don't get me started... you asked about eczema but I feel compelled to let people know about these hidden environmental dangers, particularly where children are concerned.

So, to make a long story short, try Arbonne! Sincerely, A.

Hello! All of my children and I both have excema. That is exactly what it sounds like to me too. My youngest is 6 months and he had it all over his face. The aveeno soothing relief bath and lotion are the best. It is a little more expensive but it is well worth it. Within a day or so my sons was under control. Did the doctor tell you that anything with any kind of scent in it will cause a flare up? Well just in case he didn't, it will. Only perfume free soaps and lotions. Trust me I have it and it is not pleasant when you have a flare up. Sometimes they grow out of it my dermatologist said but my daughter is 10 and she still has it. We call them her "chicken bumps." Good luck!

First, do you give him apple anything (sauce or juice). Most have acidic acid and that is a cause of the dry skin. This caused my dd skin to clear up in days after I stop giving it to her.

Second, we use the Burts baby bee milk bath and that helps dd (she gets dry spots now and then). She has dry packs some times and we use the BBB milk lotion. Both work great for us.

Hi K.:
I have an Arbonne Business and I recommend using our baby products b/c they do not have any fragrances or dyes which are skin irritants. I too could not use any other products with my now 2 yr old son b/c he has very sensitive skin. We have wash, lotion, sunscreen, diaper rash cream and oil in the baby line and they are reasonably priced. You will pay alittle more than Johnson & Johnson but are children are worth it - aren't they?
Please email me if you would like to get some - we offer a 45 day money back guarantee from the day UPS delivers to your home. It only take 4 days for you to receive your products and you only need such a small amount of them also.
www.marieoneil.myarbonne.com is my website and you can order right from the website unless you would like to contact me as I can show you how to save 35%.

Both of my babies have sensitive skin too and my doc recommended Dove for sensitive skin to wash and Eucerin lotion or Aquafor slathered on them at night after bath and then stuff them in their pjs. We also skipped bathing to every other night. I do use J&J shampoo to do their hair so I don't have to worry about their eyes getting soap in them (do hair first, rinse, then wash body). I really miss using the baby stuff because the smell is so yummy but their skin is like butter now so I guess it is a trade off I can live with.

Dear K.,

Save yourself the agony of many more potential future problems to come including allergies, ear infections, ADD, ADHD and behavior problems. Take a good long look at Feingold.org. Your precious little boy is sensitive to the yellow dyes and harsh chemicals in those so called "baby products". If you have a Whole Foods grocery store or any other natural health store nearby, go find a gentle, all natural soap, shampoo and lotion. You'll see a big difference in less than a week. Also if you are breast feeding and eating artificial ingredients your baby is eating them too. Artificial colors, flavors and preservatives are made from petroleum - yes, gasoline! Do you really want your sweet baby to eat or bathe in that?
I'm the mother of two daughters, 12 and 15. I didn't learn about this until 5 years ago and our family suffered for 10 years. I wish someone had told me about Feingold before I had children. May God bless you with health and peace.

L. B.

Hey K., my daughter (now 11) was born with eczema and for the longest time we stuggled with trying to get it under control. It wasn't until summer of '06 that we found the answer. She uses "African Shea Butter". We order it from African Republic.com They have a variety to chose from but the 100% natural made in Ghana is what we've been using. I LOVE it and I reccomend it whenever I can. I suggest you go to the web site and check it out and read up on it and see what the customer comments have to say about it. I hope this is helpful to you and your little man. T.

Exzema runs in my family, but my 11 month old hasn't been diagnosed with it. But he too had patches of dry skin on his back and I use Baby Aveno & I also have used Avon's Moisture Thearapy cream. It does wonders on my dry skin, so I figured it could help his. SO far it's working a bit, since I started using.

Hi K.!

My son is 4 and 1/2 and has struggled with excema since he was born as well. We use hydrocortisone creme all over after bathing and taget his worst areas with extra. Regular lotions and soap will make it worse. Limit bathing as much as possible and see if he will tolerate cooler water, that is likely why it gets so red.(that was really hard for Will to get use to)
There is another possibility as well, if you are open for it. Skin issues like excema are often caused by a wheat allergy. We worked REALLY hard and limitted Will's wheat intake and it did help a lot. Some ideas: rice or corn cereal, oatmeal, rice, rice crispie treats instead of cookies, egg noodles instead of the regular, and of course fruits and veggies.
Good luck to you guys!



Your son sounds exactly like my son. Came out scratching and bumpy. My Zachary was diagnosed with eczema and took us a little while to figure out what he was allergic to. Water!! Can you believe it? Well we started limiting his bath times and how often he got them and he lived in Aquaphor, by Eucerin. He is now 5 and only has breakouts once in awhile. Summers mostly when he is out playing in the pool or sprinkler. The Aquaphor was and still is the best thing that has worked. I hope it will work on your son too!!


How often do you bathe your son? If you bathe him everyday then you should only bathe him every other day and that should help with the dry skin. Try using eucerin cream on him instead of regular baby lotion. You can get eucerin cream at your local pharmacy or at Wal-Mart in the lotion aisle. Hope this was helpful.

Hi K.,
I would reccomend using the product from the company I am associated with. But, first let me tell you what caught my attention. I watched a BBC program that changed my thinking about what products I will use in my home. In this segment they were talking about the American cosmetic industry and how in Sept 2004 American Cosmetic products were banned from being sold in Europe because of the dangerous ingredients and level of carcigens. The ban was lifted after the American cosmetic industry met EU standards but made no adjustments to our products in the US because no laws required them to. So, after watching this program I started researching info on the FDA & the EPA on how our over the counter products are regulated our country. I was shocked to find out that this is a VERY unregulated industry. I then caught a segment off the Fox news station in Houston where the Pres. of the American Cancer Society was talking about how most Americians don't realize how toxic products are. She stated they were tring to get legislation passed to have Johnson & Johnson remove the word baby off their labels because their products have such high levels of toxins. OK- I was raised on Johnson & Johnson products and this company is a household name! I was furious after hearing that info. But, all of that led me to the Arbonne. I use everything in my home that Arbonne offers. Arbonne has a wonderful babycare line. Arbonne's motto is to provide products that are pure, safe and benefical. I love the products and the company's motto so much that I am an Independent Consultant with Arbonne. There are many wonderful safe products on the market that you can use besides Arbonne, this just happens to be my choice. So, do you research on products and choose a company that will stand behind saftey. If you feel you want to check out Arbonne's products you can view them on my website at www.awakening.myarbonne.com.
Good luck to you and your family,

My son who is 8 has dealt with excema all his life and now my 4 month old seems to be getting it. While they are little it doesn't seem to bother them so I would just keep putting lotion on it my son's doctor prescribed Elidel for his and its great but Eucerin cream works really good also. Another thing is try not to give him a bath every night go with every other night because the baths will dry out his skin more. Another thing I use is a little baby oil in the bath water and that seems to help a little. I hope this helps.

We have that same issue. My husband is a pediatrician. We use the Vasoline Brand lotion-consistantly and load it on and let it soak in. Also, sometimes we have to use hydrocortisone cream (1%) to clear the big patches (and lotion over top of that). Your case may be worse than our in which case you may need a prescription med but I would try those first if you haven't. Also, we take baths every other night so her skin does not get so dried out and you could try a moisturizing soap but watch out for soaps that dry the skin out. The winters are usually worse for it too. Good Luck!

Not that I am an expert, but I also have HORRIBLY dry skin and I can see my son is going in the same direction. Try to avoid lotions, which actually contain alcohol. Stick with creams, even Shea Butter. Oatmeal baths are supposed to also be good for dry, sensitive skin.

I have a 4 year old with eczema. Haven't found a cure but some things that help. I only use "soap" on critical areas (hands, feet, bottom, and hair). I don't wash until just before I take her out of the tub. I have tried just about every lotion and the two that seem to work the best are Eucerine and vanicream (available at the pharmacy counter). She is also very red when I take her out of the tub and although it feels alarming it doesn't seem to bother her any more. Good luck, it can be a long frustrating road.

I know exactly how you feel, both of my children have very dry skin and we have tried everything. What works the best for us is using the Aveeno oatmeal bath and AQUAPHOR is the best. I have bought a whole tub and use it for myself and the kids. It cures everything. I put it on their dry spots at night very thick and by morning it is smooth. HOpe this helps. I love this stuff. It even works on your dry lips and hands b/c I wash mine all the time. Good Luck K.

I have very, very dry skin, and as long as I can recall, have had small bumps over my upper arms. My 8 year old son has them as well, on his legs, too, along with very dry skin.

Although you are using a soap free wash, it still contains chemicals, namely, sodium laureth sulfate:

"The Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association (CTFA) and the American Cancer Society have stated that the common belief that SLES is a carcinogen is an urban legend, a view confirmed by toxicology research by the OSHA, NTP, and IARC.[6] SLES and SLS, and subsequently the products containing them, have been found to contain parts-per-thousand to parts-per-million levels of 1,4-dioxane, with the recommendation that these levels be monitored.[7] The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considers 1,4-dioxane to be a probable human carcinogen (having observed an increased incidence of cancer in controlled animal studies, but not in epidemiological studies of workers using the compound), and a known irritant (with a no-observed-adverse-effects level of 400 milligrams per cubic metre).[8] While the U.S. Food and Drug Administration encourages manufacturers to remove this contaminant, it is not currently required by federal law.[9]" (Wikipedia)

Years ago, I stopped using personal products that contain such chemicals, and I definitely don't use them on my children. I recommend making sure your son has plenty of water (internal hydration) and switch to an organic/ natural bath wash and lotion (ie: Burt's Bees, Terressentials, Tom's of Maine). Since switching to these types of products, our family's skin is more supple, not so itchy, and we also feel better about not polluting our water sources with chemicals when we bathe.

Best of luck to you!

(mother of an 8 year old son and 2 year old daughter)

You might want to try aveeno baby lotion and body wash...my granddaughter gets a rash to and it seems to help her skin...they also have a aveeno lotion for excema...lotions that are unscented may work also...let me know if this helps

My 10mth old daughter has excema and I was using eurcine cream but have switched over to a product that is much safer for her skin it is Renew by Melaleaca (I love all the products they have)and it helps. If you bath him every other day or so that helps also and just pat dry him that is better than rubbing them dry, then apply lotion. Hers is getting better. I hope this helps. If you want info on Renew just check out my site.

Both of girls had the same issue. Try to bath your son in warm water covering as much as the skin as possible, letting him play in the bath in order to hydrate the dkin, pat or air dry & mosturize. J & J has marketed well but their stuff is drying. My dermatologist recommend dove liquid body soap & it has made a huge difference. We use Aveeno oatmeal bath once a week & it helps too. If the outbreaks are very red, a light apllication of hydrocortisone can really help. If yellow & crusty, it can be infected from scratching. Work with your pediatrician. Eczema can also be a sign of other allergies, food allergies are sometimes expressed this way. Good luck!

K., my grandson has the same problem however I have tried a excema cream that I found at Kroger on Dover. It is in the baby isle. I am not sure what the maker's name is however it is in a white/blue/pink box. It works wonder especially after you bathe. Another thing to look at is his diet, see what he is eating and chek him that night to see if he begins to scratch. I found out that my grandson has a problem with tomatoes. I hope this helps.

K. - My daughter has had problems with eczema on her sides every winter since she was a baby. The best thing I have found is also the most inexpensive - Crisco. Rub vegetable shortening on it like you would any other cream and it helps better than the $50 creams and lotions sold just for eczema! My pediatrician was the one who turned me on to that little tick as well as many others. - J.

Hi my daughter also has very dry skin and excema we have found that using the Aveeno products work well on her skin. Good Luck!

My son has the same thing on his back of his legs and butt. He is four now but has had it sence he was a baby. And I use the Baby Aveeno Wash for him. It is a little bit more in cost and has a lot less than the Johnson & Johnson head to toe. I used to use the excema lotion too by the Baby Aveeno and it is almost five dollars a little tube, and it was working great too. But I have changed his lotion to Cetaphil and it about eleven to twelve dollars at Wal-Mart. It is a rounded container but is last us about a month sometimes depending on how much I need to apply it to him. I know the price is costly but his skin is so smooth now and is worth every penny, I spend on the lotion.

Hi K.,
I use a product that does not have any fragrance, dyes or mineral oil in it. Even Johnsons uses some chemical ingredients that may be irritating his skin. I would love to send you a free sample. Please just e-mail me at ____@____.com
Thanks, S.

My sister in law was an RN in Neonatal Intensive Care at Vanderbilt Hospital. My children had sensitive skin as babies. She told me that they used "Basis" soap on the premature babies. That is the soap I used when my children were babies. It was very gentle on their skin. That is the soap I still use in the winter when I get excema on my hands.

Both my children have very dry skin especially in the winter. I have found that Eucerin's Aquaphor is amazing. You can get it at any Wal-Mart. They also have lotions. It's a wonderful product.

My youngest also has eczema. It was very bad when she was little but with the steps we've taken it is now under control. I too used the Johnsons product until I learned she had eczema. Now I use a Dove bar for washing- the plain white, no scent. I use Burt's Bees tear free shampoo (not the buttermilk one- a milk sensitivity can be a contributor to eczema). I have used the California Baby products and liked the washes, but they left my daughter's hair looking greasy and stringy. You might not have that problem with your son. Stop using fabric softener on his clothes or things that he uses (like blankets). I also exclusively use Dreft on her things or a laundry detergent from Shaklee (it's all natural, many organic ingredients, great for all people but especially for people with allergies and things like eczema. You can only buy it online at shaklee.com. It is a bit expensive, but it goes a long way and worth it. If you have to use fabric softener, theirs is much more environmentally and people friendly than the stuff you buy in the store, even the so-called "free and clear" stuff). The best lotion I found was Cetaphil cream. While it's paraben and phthalate free, it does have other chemicals. Eucerin lotion (the original formula) is good and gets a better chemical-free rating. Good luck getting it under control. Like you, my daughter never seemed as bothered by her eczema as I did. Once I made the changes I've mentioned, her eczema cleared up significantly (she had it all over her body) in a matter of weeks. She was about 6 months old when I started these changes. Now she's almost 3 and the only time we have issues with it is in the summer- something about swimsuits, water and sunscreen seems to aggravate it.

My 5 year old son has had eczema since he was
born. We do Aveeno oatmeal baths and it seems to
really help. We don't do them all the time,
just every once in awhile to keep his skin from
getting so dry. Hope this helps!


My 15 month old son has the same problems. We started using Baby excema cream(has pooh bear on it-in the baby aisle)all over him after a bath. That seemed to have gotten rid of the bumps. We also switched to the excema bath wash(also with pooh bear on it-in the baby aisle) for his bath. We only wash his hair with the no tear formula shampoo. That has seemed to help with the dry patches. If the dry patches don't get better or he starts scratching them, our doc gave our son a perscription grade hydrocortosone (spelling??) cream. That has also helped. She also told us to continue to wash his cloths in Dreft and do an extra rinse cycle-and no dryer sheets.I hope this helps.

I work at a daycare and there is a little girl with the same condition her doctors told the parents to avoid milk and try soy products. In her it works to reduce the dryness and irritations....

Hi K.,
Our son did the same thing, we also use the cream the doctor prescribed for him. We really control it with Aquafor (I am not sure of the spelling)it is a great cream, it is almost like vaseline but thicker. There is another lotion called Eucerine that is good too, they are both a little pricey but well worth it. We rarely ever have to use the prescription cream, which is much more expensive. Hope that helps!!


My daughter has the same problem. It is especially bad on the really cold days. We usually only bathe her every 3-4 days and use Aveeno baby lotion for eczema. So far that has helped (not cured but helped).

I too have a 22 month old son with white patches on his arm and a red spot periodically on his check and we have taken him to 2 different dermatologist. Both said it was excema. We have been putting Elidel on the spots. The one on his face comes and goes, I think it's seasonal and the white spot hasn't gone away, but we now think it's a pigment problem and hope it fades. I too have had the white spots on my arms before. A few other suggestions the doctor told us was less baths, no perfume soap and luke warm bath water.
Good Luck!

This may sound crazy, and certainly makes cleaning the bathtub a little harder, but take oats (like Quaker oats) cook them up, put them in the toe of cut off nude pantyhose and bathe him with that - I'm not sure how it works, but my mother used it on my brother and me and, since I suffer from excema and psoriasis, I use it occasionally on myself as an adult. The Aquaphor is wonderful as well - coat him directly after a bath - don't towell him off too much, dry fully only the areas prone to chafing, then slather the Aquaphor all over and try to use cotton pjs as much as possible. Use the Aquaphor that comes in the tub, the one that looks like petroleum jelly. You might also speak with the pediatician about prescription lotions like Amlactin. Try to stay away from over the counter lotions, they don't help and can exacerbate the condition.

My daughter had the same thing when she was smaller (she's 3 now) except she had it on her thighs! They were almost zit like sometimes - red and filled with pus. The Dr. gave me samples of a prescription cream that worked awesome! It's called Locoid Lipocream. She doesn't get the "bump bumps" anymore but still has dry skin and excema. When the excema flares up we use Eucerin, Aquaphor or Aveeno Baby.
Hope that helps! Good luck!


Hi there. I know how you feel my 3 daughter was born with eczema. We have tried everything under the sun to get ride of it. Her Dr's told me not to use just lotion to put a Cream bassed lotion. Right now we are using Johnson & Johnson Cream. They also told me to put her meds on first then put the cream over it to lock the meds in her skin. Also they told us to use a humidifier in her bedroom that will help with the dry skin and keep them from iching. I think that has helped the best of all that we have tried. The Dr's told us that babys with eczema some times have allergies and that the humidifier will help with that also. I hope this has helped you in some way. May God bless you and your Family.

How offten are you giving him a bath? Try only giving him a bath 2-3 times per week and just washing him off with a warm wash cloth if he gets dirty in between. Have you tried vaseline or Mary Kay extra emolient ngiht cream?

My son has eczema also. His dermatologist prescribed a cream called fluocinolone. I put it on his patches on his legs, scalp and arms and it goes away in 2-3 days. I use Dove unscented as a bath soap. The Johnsons and Johnsons seem to dry him out really badly. I also use the Walmart Brand of Eucerin Cream on him immediately after his bath to help moisturize his skin. We also use a prescribed lotion called Lokara Lotion. I use this on his skin right after the bath and follow it with the Walmart Eucerin Cream. It seems to keep him nice and moisturized. I also use All Free and Clear detergent to wash our clothes. Most other detergents seemed to irritate my son's skin. My son is 3 and I am a 33 year old working single mom.

Have a blessed day.

Have you tried Arbonne Baby Care products? They are the most gentle, safest, and most effective skin care products that my friends and I have found. My friend whose son has severe excema uses them daily and has seen a dramatic improvement. Let me know if you would like more information. I hope this helps!

Hey my name is J.. Are the bumps on his elbows and knees at all, or just on his back?
my son cameron is 6 years old and had these small bumps come up around his eyes, elbows and knees. i took him to the dermatologist and he said it was some sort of "myositis."
his skin is really dry and kindof itchy, but the bumps don't bother him. we've used meds from the doc and the ones around his eyes are dissapearing, but since children's immune systems are not as strong, it takes alittle while to fully go away.

Oh well, i hope this helps alittle. goodluck and let me know how everything goes.
contact a dermatologist, rather than your local doctor, just to be sure.

My oldest daughter had similar patches. We found Aveno's cream for eczema worked much better than J&J. Not sure why. In addition to the cream, I put a little vaseline over on her too. Things have gotten MUCH better.

Has your doctor mentioned a food allergy? We switched our daughter to soy milk (in addition to the Aveno lotions) and so much of her eczema cleared up. It was amazing.

You know, i have the same issue on my inner thighs. My doctor told me it was Eczema. But i don't think it's Eczema, i think it's psoriasis. Not much you can do about it though. My suggestion is to take him to a dermatologist and get an experts opinion. The dermatologist is your best bet at an accurate diagnosis and treatment. If it doesn't bother him, then i wouldn't worry about it.

I have a grandson with the same and his uncles both have those bumps and have all thier lives. They have never been bothered by it. What you are doing is great and they do make creams specifically for excema. I am not sure at what age the creams can be used but you might want to ask the doctor what he would recommend. I also use aquaphor which is vaseline based for dryness and it works great.

I have used this for years and typically end up giving it away to people who says I got this area on my skin and nothing works on it-even perscription meds. It is GREAT for your face (wrinkles), burns, cuts ......The juice version is worth it's wait in gold. It's a great company out of Saratoga NY and they are always happy to talk to you. Give it a try on your son and if by some chance it doesn't work for him you can always use it yourself.

I have just learned some interesting information. I could not wait to share this information with you after I read your post. I found out that dry skin and skin problems such as excema can be caused and made worse by several personal products such as baby lotions and shampoos. I could not believe it, but Johnson and Johnson is one of them and so is Gerber which I use because it contains a harsh chemcical called Quarternium 15 which is another name for Formaldehyde. I could not believe it, then I found out that these chemicals are also in cleaning products, laundry products, toothpaste, etc. I had to start shopping at a new store that I could get these same products without the harsh chemicals and help my children feel better physically. I am 31 and have four boys ranging from 8 to 2 years old. I also can give you more information about these products and this store if you would like. Contact me at ###-###-#### or ____@____.com or look at my website at www.workathomeunited.com/myfoursons. I hope you call, this will really help your son's skin.

Hello; Have you ever heard of Arbonne? I sale Arbonne and a few of our products have been known to help with excema. One of my brother's who is 9 years old has excema and the products have been working great.I would love to share more with you about the products and more about the company if you have time. please feel free to email me at ____@____.com thank you for your time I hope your little one starts to feel better.

Dear K.,
My son is now ten years old and STILL battles with this condition. They called it "winter dandruff" and it isn't even on his head. He has a perscription ointment called Triamcinolone Acetonide and it works miracles after as little as a week. He gets it all year round and in the summer it isn't quite as bad, but he lost pigment where he has those patches. In the winter, they raise up some and get hot and red. This is a fantastic ointment and he never had any reactions to it. good luck! D. in NC

Make sure you're using products that don't have alcohol in them--most lotions do, so they wind up drying skin more than they were before you used them. We use Eucerin cream in the tub (not lotion), and when it gets really bad, we use a mixture of Aquaphor and hydrocortisone cream (we actually had this prescribed to us, but you can mix up your own). We used it regularly, and the patches went away.

My son and I both have dealt with small bumps in the past. My dermatologist even gave me some prescription lotion but it did not help. I am now eating healthier and take a vitamin supplement. On a nutrition basis, dry-rough skin and "goosebumps" on the back of the arms could mean your body is low in Omega - 3, 6 & 9's. We take one gel capsule a day and it has worked for us. For smaller children, cut the capsule open and put it in applesauce. Hope this helps! ____@____.com

My son had severe eczema for the first couple of years. He was allergic to milk. We didn't bath him every day. I used a damp wash cloth to wipe him down between baths. Also, make sure the water is tepid (just warm), the warmer the water the more it will dry out the skin. We would put on Aveeno intense lotion and Eucerin after the bath. I also add about a 1/4 cup white vinegar to the laundry in the rinse cycle. This helps to get any residual soap of the clothes (plus it acts as a great fabric softener). It is true that they are not as bothered by it as we are by how it looks. My son always smiled and played just fine. After 24-26months he didn't have it any more. He gets a few small patches in the winter, but is fine. I hope this helps. Sometimes, for the redness I would dilute 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in 4 cups water and use this to wipe my son between baths. It helps to restore PH and keep moisture in. I put on lotion immediately after. Don't worry clothes and baby will not smell of vinegar. It rinses clean away.

My newest nephew has excema on his arms, back and chest; and we put him in an oatmeal bath...it did wonders. My daughter (age 3) also has it and the pediatrician said to use Eucerin Cream and Dove brand of bodywash/soap because it is so mild. I hope this works for you.


I have been giving my 2 year old fish oil (Nordic Naturals) cod liver liquid since she was a year old a teaspoon a day. It is a great anti- inflammatory(excema is an autoimmune problem). She also takes a chewable probiotic to help boost her immune system. I also only use Burt's Bees or California Baby products. And only a organic bubble bath. The chemicals in those are too harsh for some people even though they are made for babies. I purchase them online at LuckyVitamin.com. They are less expensive than at grocery,Whole Foods, or drugstores. Some people are sensitive to the parabins in the lotions, it is used as a preservative. Also Aveeno makes a sensitive colloidal bath you could use several times a week.

try this cream called udder cream

My son has extreme allergies to food and environment as well. We go to Duke university to an allergist and dermatologist there. The ONLY thing that has ever worked on his skin to lose the dryness and broken out spots that isn't prescription strength is CeraVe moisturizing cream.(don't use lotion, it will never work.Has to be cream.) It is relatively hard to find. I live in NC and the only place I can find it is CVS drugstore in the facial cream section. Its 15.00 a bottle but works. I'm sure you can order it online though. His Dr @ Duke recommended this and every other thing I've ever tried never has worked. Hope his skin clears up for you. Make sure you moisturize promptly after the bath and don't let the skin dry completely before putting on the cream. You might want to try not washing him w/ soap at all. I very rarely even use soap on my son. He gets washed in the Aveeno oatmeal bath and it cleanses the skin naturally. I just let him "swim" for a long time in his baths. My son is almost 4.
Best wishes.

My boys had the same thing (but outgrew it). My doctor told me to use Dove soap, that baby soap was too harsh. (Be careful though, it can sting their eyes). He also told me to use Eucerin lotion when they are right out of the bath and their skin is still damp. The last tip was to give them a bath every other day (unless they really needed it) as the water dries out the skin.
Hope this helps!

my youngest has sensitive skin (like myself) but not quite as bad as your little one...just mainly on his face. I stopped using fabric softner on washcloths and sheets and noticed a difference. Since yours has the all over problem, you might consider using a sensitive laundry soap on his clothes and no fabric softner. Also, look for sensitive skin bubble bath (if you use it) and I'm not sure if baby bath & body wash comes in sensitive skin/dye free or not. At walmart, they sell a generic tub of eucerin cream for around $3.87. Very thick and works great for us.

My 3 yr old daughter has excema and has since she was a baby. She had VERY sensative skin.......once put stickers on her belly and broke out for days!! Just like most things, I had to try lots of different products before I found one that worked for her.......all kids are different. Little Docs calming cream works well and it's not real greasy (you can get it at Target) I bath her in Aveeno products only. I tried Eucerin, Luberderm, Johnsons, and countless others. Another good product is Gentle Naturals; they have wash and cream and even bug spray! You can get that at Target also. Use that before bed, it's pretty greasy. Keep trying to find the one that works best for your son. My doc told me that most kids grow out of it so lets all hope for that.

Honestly it sounds like Psoriasis, if he is not bothered by it and if mommy has it too that could be an indicator...also it is irritated by taking a bath. If this is the case, it is incurable. However it is manageable. I have heard good things about Aquaphor as well, but a product that I use that works great (for Exema or Dermititus as well) is Cetaphil, they have a new restoraderm product for bodywash and lotion that restores the skin and it is one of the most gentle products out there for skin. I would avoid contact with eyes however as I have not had the pleasure of testing whether it is tear free or not.

K., my daughter has the same skin issues. We've found that Eucerin cream (in the tub, not the squeeze tube) and Eucerin's Aquaphor are the only thing her skin seems to respond well to. We also only use Aveeno bath gel. Good luck!

mom to 4

My niece also had this. She had to use Pears soap only for her baths. Pears soap is a glycerine based soap. You should be able to find it in the drugstore.

Hi, K.,
I absolutely love the Aveeno creamy baby wash for excema. My son's skin loves it, too. (Don't get the adult products.) They also have a lotion in the same aisle. I swear by both those products.

The best soap is Dove/sensitive skin (non-perfume)
Also, children do not need to be bathed every day, especially if they have a very dry skin. I only bathe mine 3 days a week and if he stinks in between baths, I just wash his buttom area :)

The head-to-toe wash is better than the other products by johnson and johnson. (The others are more drying per dermatologist. Be careful with the lotions you choose since a lot of them have drying agents, aka alcohols.) When my daughter had similar problems, I used an organic shampoo and conditioner bought at whole foods. (Products are also found at home economist and earthfare.) I was then given a baby care kit from arbonne. I preferred the arbonne wash/shampoo and lotion. You have to get the products through individual sellers, but i think the baby products are worth it (if you have a child with a skin problem). I was also given cetaphil by the pediatritian, but i did not like it as well. My daughter's problem improved drastically after we switched products. Hope your child's problem clear up as well!

*If you weren't told by your pediatrician, you should cut down on the baths you give your child and make sure the water is as luke warm as possible as well. (The more you bathe, the more you rid his body of his natural moisturizers. The warmer the water, the more drying it is.) Try only bathing him every other day or 3 times a week (unless he jumps in a mud puddle!).

My 2 older children had same problem when they were younger. Doc. suggested that I leave skin damp after bathing. Skin is drier in colder months. Apply Vitamin e cream 2-3 times daily. Especially after bathing. The aveeno lotions are good too, but the vit. e is cheaper and just as good. Hope this helps.

I would suggest trying some natural products for washing and moisturizing. I bought some EO at a health store and have noticed my skin is much better. I always had those bumps too on the backs of my arms. I was told to use lotions. But most lotions have paraphens, which you need to avoid.
I think they are irritants. The shampoos and body washes all have sodium lauryl sulfate. Its not good for you either.
Just try cake soap and natural shampoo and see if you see any difference. You may be able to find them at other stores than a health store.

My 6 year old son has the same problem took him to the doctor as well and I just came to my own conclusion. But Vaseline on the areas that are dry especially after a bath.

Just keep the patches moisturize - After baths and before they go to bed because they scratch in the middle of the night and that makes it worse.

Hope that helps you some. The condition gets better in the summer time the winter is horrible.

But That is life.

A. J.

Hello! My nephew has excema as well, I have two girls and I like to use Alvenno Oatmeal bath and lotion on them. You might try it. Sometimes I wash my kids in a baking soda bath when they have a rash. It drys the rash but leaves their skin soft. Good Luck! C. M.

The best solution that I have personally used with my son is Eucerin Calming Creme. The pediatrician noticed that his skin was very sensitive just after birth. He still gets dry, red, flaky patches mostly on his face (cheeks). After his bath, I leave his skin a little moist and the lotion soaks right into the skin and the next morning, hardly any notice of the red patch(es). The lotion is a little pricey, but a little goes a long way.
T. O.

both of my children had very dry skin when they were little. i always use the johnson and johnson baby oil gel after bath time. it is very easy to apply and less messy than regular baby oil. it is a little greasy at first, but i give baths right before bed, and they wake up moisturized and not at all greasy. i even put this gel all over their heads when they had cradle cap. by morning the hair is not greasy and the cradle cap flakes right off. great stuff.

My daughter had excema at one point in time too. I found oatmeal bath and baby aquafore to be most helpful. I also got a prescription cream from the pedi for the real red problem areas. This seemed to do the trick for us. Eventually the excema just went away.I still use aquafore after her bath though.
Aside note on this subject...one of my sisters children had SEVERE excema that just wouldn't clear at all...no matter what she tried. She eventually learned it was linked to a severe food alergy. Perhaps its something to ask the pedi about.
Good luck and take care!

You should talk to your son's doctor about the possibility of it being hereditary condition known as keratosis pilaris. My daughter has the same thing only it on her cheeks. I have it on my arms and had a nasty flare up on my upper thighs through both of my pregnancies. Here is a helpful link that explains what it is and what treatments there may be for your son. http://www.dermadoctor.com/pages/newsletter51.asp

Hope this helps.

I've had the same problem with my 8 month old son since birth. What has worked for me is Aveeno bath wash. I also use Cetaphil lotion everyday. On the areas that have dry patches the most, I use hydrocortisone cream/ointment before I put the lotion on. I do that every day whether he has dry patches or not and it has really helped keep his skin clear. I have found that I can't use anything that has perfumes in it on him. I use Dreft or Tide Free laundry detergent and I can't put any "smell good" baby lotion on him either. I hope this helps you.

K. and any other mother reading this message. It is commom for children to get excema, but the things we use on our childrens skin can and does effect the outcome. Baby products use chemicals in them that are not good for our children. Baby products use chemicals called quaternium 15, which is formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a cancer causing agent and also a skin irritant, and it causes dermatitis. So, many things we use in our homes and on our skin are in fact not good for us, and affect us in adverse ways. If anyone wants more information, please contact me.

I have a 3year old daughter that has had dry skin for almost 2 years. She has dry rashes that come up on her and I have tried everything on her. I have found that petroleum jelly works the best for my daughter.

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