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21 Month Old Blood in Stools

I just changed a diaper and my baby has blood in her stools. She may have been constipated. Her stools were really hard. Do I just keep an eye on her or take her to the doctor? I don't know anything about this stuff, so any advice would be great!
Thx Ladies!!!

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I had a doctor appointment yesterday for my bronchitus so I went ahead and asked me doctor about. He said it probably was the hard stools and to watch her diet and watch her poo..lol He said If it continues to bring her in. Thanks so much everyone. I will be using your suggestions for sure!!!!!!

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My daughter tends to get constipated. I have started using benefiber, you can get it at most stores, every morning and it really helps! Her pediatrician recommended it. It is easy, dissolves in anything and is flavorless. I just sprinkle about 1/2 tsp on breakfast to help keep her regular. Good luck!

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I just talked with my pediatrician about this. He said to feed prunes, prune juice or grape juice. I gave my 6-month old half a jar of prunes and his next poo was back to normal.

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If the blood was bright red (fresh) in appearance and on the exterior of the poop, it is probably from some minor tearing due to the size of the BM. I wouldn't worry unless it becomes an ongoing problem.

If, however, the blood is dark, clotted or old looking, that can be a serious problem. Please call your doctor immediately.

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Hi D.,

It might not be in her stool but she may have abrasions on her bottom from the consipation and hard poop. The same thing happened to my daughter when she was around that age. You might want to try putting her on the potty throughout the day so she can try going poop in the potty. I think, with my daughter, she didn't like going in her diaper anymore so she'd hold it in. She's now fully potty trained at two!


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Hi D. -

If it was a small amount and the stool was very hard, you are probably correct in your assumption that it is from her being constipated. She may not be getting enough fluids to keep her bowels from drying out. You may consider adding marshmallow or slippery elm in the form of a tea to her diet. Both of these herbs will soften the stool without the nasty side effects of commercial/pharmaceutical laxatives.

If you have any questions, let me know.


M. M. Ernsberger
Certified Clinical Herbalist

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Hi D.,

My daughter experienced this and when I did some research, I learned that children sometimes have to strain just as adults and it very well could have been from being constipated. Also, irritation of the lining around the rectum or little splits and tears that bleed are referred to a fissures and are quite common. The fissures are a result of being contipated and the child having to strain to go to the bathroom.

The most important thing is to treat the fissure by applying some cream and providing your child with a diet that will eliminate the constipation so the fissure can heal.

Once I found out that this is common, I felt better and didn't rush to the doctor. Hope this helps.


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You can always call the nurse and ask her. She would be able to tell you if the child should be seen.

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I brought this issue up to my daughters dr. once and he asked "How much blood?" A spot or two vs. a larger amount is what makes the difference. A tiny bit is ok, but blood throughout or a large looking amount is cause for concern. There have also been times when I have seen what I thought was blood, but after some thought, I realized it must be raspberries or red bell pepper.

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I would definately talk to your doctor about that. It could be something more serious than just constipation.
However, for the constipation, you can give her prune juice or pureed prunes. It really helps my son a lot!! I was worried that he wouldn't eat them because I think they are gross, but he loves the pureed prunes!

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Both my son & niece have this problem..it is recurring. My niece who is now 7 they believe has internal hemorrhoids form having problems pooping. The doctor recommends a low dairy diet & high fiber. I switched my son to soy milk at a year and he doesn't seem to have the problem anymore.

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