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21-Month-old Dehydration

I am writing with a desperate request because I'm at my wits end. My 9 month-old had a stomach virus and has apparently passed it on to my 21-month-old.
I am having a terrible time getting her to drink anything. The only thing she wants is milk, and I know she can't have that. SHe is hardly eating or drinking. I've tried everything, Pedialyte, juice, water, Pedialyte frozen pops and nothing seems to help.
She woke up this morning with a dry diaper after being in bed for eight hours. She went to the bathroom about 8:30 finally. I took her to the ped who told me she's not dehydrated and try the Pedialyte pops -- I hadn't tried them yet. Well, no luck with those either. And she has diarrhea. SHe told me to call her if she doesn't use the bathroom in eight hours. SHe's cryying tears, so that's good.
I would really appreciate any suggestions you could offer on how I could get her to drink because I don't want to end up in the ER.

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You could try letting her drink out of a "special" cup. Get a coffee mug, tall glass or something she isn't allowed to use. They tend to drink more out of things they are not supposed to have. Just sit her down with it. Good luck!

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How about fruit instead of liquids? Maybe something juicy like nectarines or watermelon? Or maybe warm chicken broth? That's all I can think of real quick...Good Luck!

Does she have a sore throat? Try giving her Tylenol and then offering her some liquids after about 30 minutes.

I use the BRAT diet (bananas, rice, applesauce and dry toast). That has always dried up the diahrea issue. Those nasty viruses just have to run their course. We have had them around here several times. Good luck! Stay patient:)

A., you must be worn out!! Sorry about the tough time you are having! If she is still having diarrhea and you're not getting anything into her... check her skin turgor... when you squeeze her skin it should spring-back into place. I take care of tiny babies in the Neonatal ICU, but it sounds like your baby may need to get some IV fluids to rehydrate her. You can ask the pediatrician to do a "direct admission" to the Pediatric unit and skip the ER!
Or maybe take her to After Hours Care for some IV fluids. If she's taking NOTHING she may need some medications. Good Luck to You... please call or send me an email to let me know how things go for you! God Bless You!
Sincerely, D. Moore ####-###-####
email: ____@____.com

You could try letting her drink out of a "special" cup. Get a coffee mug, tall glass or something she isn't allowed to use. They tend to drink more out of things they are not supposed to have. Just sit her down with it. Good luck!

Why can't she have milk? I would think if the choice was milk or nothing, milk would be the best way to go. Obviously she can have ONLY that, but I wouldn't completely cut her off. This is the worst kind of sick! I notice that my son will drink more fuids when he gets a new cup. You could take her out for her to pick her own brand new cup! Tell her that when she chooses one you are going to go home and drink all day from it and it will help make her feel better. Other than that, time will be the only thing that will get her through this and hopefully you don't have to go to the ER before then. When they are sick and stubborn, there isn't much you can do. If you really get desperate, get a medicine syringe and try to get some water/pedialyte down her that way. My son has never touched pedialyte, so I understand your frustration. I hope she feels better soon.

I tried the pedialyte also and my daughter would have nothing to do with it or the pops, then I tasted them and realized why!!!! YUCK. Try POWERADE or Gatorade with the elyctrolytes in it, the powerade is actually better, because it does have some vitamins also. My daughter LOVED the Mountain Blast, and ME TOO!
Good luck, don't stress too hard and try this out. You will be fine!

At this point ANYTHING that she will ingest will benefit her. Juice, ice chips, soup, popcicles, jello, juice pops, applesauce....literally ANYTHING that she will accept that has liquid. Even it it has sugar it will usually help with the diarrhea. These probably weren't the 1st recommended items to offer her, but it is getting too close to ending up in the ER or hospital, therefore it is best to get any food/liquid into her before she needs IV fluids and medical intervention. Even staight juices are better than her not taking anything at this point. Is she breastfeeding?, if so then nurse her like crazy! Mommy milk is ok, but I probably would not give cows milk. Give her whatever juicy food/drink that you know she likes and maybe even encourage her with a reward like a small toy or stickers!

I'm so sorry you are going through all of this. I have been there before too with my little ones and it is certainly no fun. Hang in there and do everything you can to avoid the hospital!

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