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2 Yr Old Won't Stop Coughing

Hey all-
I took my baby to the Dr. yesterday and he was DX with double ear infection and put on antibiotic- his first one...he had a dose yesterday and a dose today and he still will not stop coughing....I know he is miserable- he won't let me put him down. I've tried everything- humidifier, elevating his head, triaminic, homeopathic rememdies....nothing helps- he seriously sounds like he is coughing up his lungs....I assumed after 2 doses of the antibiotic he would be doing much better. Any suggestions? (He's on cefdinir) generic for Omnicef. He also takes whole foods multi vitamin and probiotic...

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Thanks for the responses- I took him in today after no improvement and they ordered a chest X-ray- he has pnuemonia!!! They didn't hear anything when they listened to his chest- but the X-ray showed 2 spots on his lungs! UGH- my poor baby! They gave him rocefin shots - hopefully it will clear up and we wont have to have another one. Thanks for all the suggestions.

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Trying rubbing Vick vapor rub on the bottom of the feet at night and cover feet with socks. It helps with my 2yr.

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I'd get him some childerns musinex. sounds like hes trying to cough something up.

My son had pnumonia when he was about 18 months old so I know what yer going through just keep him as comfortable as possible, my son was also found to have asthma at around 2.5yrs so keep an eye on that.

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My two girls have had problems with a constant, dry cough (not sure if your problem is a productive cough or a dry cough) intermittently for the past two years. My kids would get the cough along with a cold, ear infection, etc. We were living in FL when it began and the doctors there mentioned the possibility of "allergy induced asthma." When I saw a doctor here in GA about it, he said it was a "reactive airway" problem. Anyways, the only thing that gives them relief when this cough occurs is liquid Albuterol. My kids do well with it, but it can make your child hyper. If the cough continues, you may ask your doctor about it.

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Trying rubbing Vick vapor rub on the bottom of the feet at night and cover feet with socks. It helps with my 2yr.

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Have you changed to natural cleaners yet? Especially laundry since they are on and around baby always. Sometimes that can be a real irritant. I agree with Mimi's suggestions as well.

Hope he feels better soon!

K. B


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Hi Nikki,

You need to get him to an upper cervical chiropractor immediately. The immune system needs to be able to fight off infection and if he's been coughing this much, I'm sure his spine, the lifeline to the immune system, has been compromised. My oldest daughter had ear infections and that's the only thing that helped.

Have you tried tea tree oil in the humidifier? If you haven't, get the highest grade you can find. Also the tea? And Beta Glucan is safe for toddlers. That works when nothing else does and it's always my first line of defense if routine has failed. And I know YOU know to double up on the probiotics for the antibiotic :) You didn't say which homeopathic things so I'm just shooting ideas!

Hope you little man feels better....and sleeps!

M. :)

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We have been through this countless times... it usually takes a day or so for my LO to start feeling better. Watch out for diahrea. My little guy always gets it following the antibiotic on day 2. You might be a little luckier though! Best wishes!!

You seem to be doing everything that I do. The only other thing I do is get those sudafed advanced air plug ins. It releases a non-medicated menthol vapor into the air and it seems to help ease his cough. I have also started using vicks on LO's chest and feet as he is old enought now. I do this right before he goes to bed. I think these both help. I dont know about using them at the same time... you might ask your pediatrician.

Hope your little one is feeling better!!

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Having had two children go through the same thing, my heart goes out to you. Good news is, it gets better as they get older. It seems weird that this request came up today because I just got an e-mail from a friend that is an elementary school counselor & she was sharing some advice for persistent cough in children. It said that you generously coat his feet with Vicks Vapor Rub & put socks over them when he goes to sleep. It is suppose to work 100% of the time to stop the coughing & gives him comforting sleep. If you want, I can e-mail you the article, just let me know. I have not tried it, but it may be worth a try. I would ask a phearmacist if it is safe for a child your son's age. Good Luck & enjoy him while he's little. :)

Have you or your doctor considered that he may have asthma? My son had a cough for forever it seemed so I took him back to the doctor, who diagnosed him with childhood asthma. He was 2 at the time and was put on a nebulizer (looks like an oxygen mask) when needed. His coughing stopped even though the asthma diagnosis upset me. He's doing much better today at 5.

Hey N.,

He may need a stronger antibiotic. My daighter is completely immune to Amoxicillin, but so am I and both of my brothers. It usually takes 24hrs for antibiotics to kick in. Did the Dr. listen to him when you went there? Were his lungs clear? I'd call your Dr. and let them know that he is still miserable and coughing. Ear infections are the pits. They hate laying down b/c the pressure hurts. Even if his lungs sound clear you may want to insist on chest x-rays just to be on the safe side.

Good luck,


If you and the Dr are pretty sure that the cough is related to the severe ear infection and not related to any food allergy or reflux, then ask your Dr if he can give the antibiotic shots instead of the oral doses. The shots are pretty strong and painful too, are are given 1 on a daily basis for 3 days. These work very fast and the child gets relief pretty soon.

I had a similar situation when my baby boy was 7 months old, the Dr had to give her 3 shots to get his ear infection clear up.

Just a suggestion, see if this works for you.


when my son gets a cold he often has a long lasting cough due to the post nasal drip. The only over the counter med that has worked for us has been children's Mucinex. Don't know how you feel about over the counter cough meds... None of them do much, but that one seemed to help. Good luck... I know how awful that is!

Mine had whooping cough, it's a terrible cough. We found the best stuff and I literally can't keep it in my cabinet because I give it to everyone with a cough. It's call Expec, by Naturade, find it at Harry's/Life Grocery (for sure) children's formula for kids, adult formula is great, cherry bark and natural ingredients. You cough once or twice and then you stop. It's an expectorant. It really really works.

Obviously, call the pediatrician -- but I can give you my guesses:

If he got an ear infection, he has or had congestion. It MAY be that the congestion/mucus is draining down his throat triggering the cough. IF the doctor or a pharmacist suggests it, I'd probably try Mucinex DM. The Mucinex is guafenisen (and tastes better than Robitussin) which is an expectorant which means it thins the gag-causing mucus -- but you need to drink plenty of water while taking it. The DM part is dextromethorphan which is a cough suppressant.

Good luck and I hope your son is feeling better soon.

(Many times, all it takes is a call to the doctor's office and a phone consult with the nurse to get a satisfactory assurance that you're doing the right thing.)

My daughter is going through the same thing but she has asthma so it is really complicating that. Try sitting in the bathroom with the shower running on hot. That steam helped her alot last night. I was at my whits end too and didnt know how else to help her. It gave her a break for a few hours which gave me time to get a little rest before the next round came. Also, baby VIX. Rub that on his chest and lay a warm cloth over it before bed. That is my Great Grandmothers remedy. It helps short term but when they are this bad even an hour is helpful for their little chests.

Generally it takes 3-5 days for an antibiotic to start working. Delsym is a good OTC cough medication to try. If that does not work, check with your Dr. to see if there is something he/she recommends.

It is usually 48-72 hours before you will see a difference. I too thought it was after 24 hours, but the doctor told me it took longer for the antibiotics to kick it. If he gets worse I would take him back. Hang in there, this is definitely a tough season.

I know your little one is having a tough time right now, but just give it another couple of days. It takes more than two doses for an antibiotic to really kick in. While he's on the antibiotic, do not give him triaminic. The FDA now recommends that children not take OTC cough/cold medicines, regardless that they are sold for that age group. It's hard to see your little guy feel so bad like this, but he'll get through it soon. And so will you! This definitely takes a toll on mom too. In just a few more days he'll feel better and you will too.


I'd get him some childerns musinex. sounds like hes trying to cough something up.

My son had pnumonia when he was about 18 months old so I know what yer going through just keep him as comfortable as possible, my son was also found to have asthma at around 2.5yrs so keep an eye on that.

Try giving him just a little honey it help with the cough,not alot just enoght to coat the throat

A lot of the products that we buy from the stores contains at least 7% formaldehyde. Formaldehyde causes watery eyes, burning sensations in the eyes, nose and throat, ear infections, nausea, coughing, chest tightness, wheezing, skin rashes, and allergic reactions. Just like the toy industry, EPA doesn't have enough workers to check out each product.
P. S

Omnicef is a broad spectrum antibiotic. Not sure if he's ever been on it before, but my kids do not respond at all to broad spectrum antibiotics and they aren't on them very often. There seems to be nothing like the good ol' amoxicillin. If he's not getting better I'd call the Dr. and see if they could change his meds.

Taking him to a Chiropractor is the best bet! This will help strenghten his immune system. Every time he coughs, he is putting more and more pressure on his 'misaligned' spine. Please seek this help, it will do wonders for him right away. It will open his airway up as soon as the adjustment is done. Best of luck to you guys!

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