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2 Yr Old W/ Milk Intolerance Suddenly Also Intolerant to Soy???

My son seems to have a milk intolerance and/or allergy since he was about 3 months old. He would be up a million times every night with gas and gas pain. At 18 months I weaned him from breast feeding and put him on soy milk. During the weaning process, his number of night wakings went from 12 or more to twice a night! After an initial period of adjusting to not nursing anymore at all, and after getting over a cold, he began sleeping for 6-9 hours in a row. At that point he was 100% on soy milk, and no cow's milk or other dairy at all. Up until about 2 weeks ago this was terrific. But now he has been waking up at night again with gas and gas pain. He is 22 months old now. He has been refusing to drink the soy milk at all for almost 2 weeks, but he still will eat the soy yogurt. I am wondering if he could have developed an intolerance and/or allergy to soy now too. (I say intolerant to cow's milk because of the gas, and I say possible allergy to cow's milk because his skin turned red when I spilled some on him once. Also his grandpa is very milk intolerant, and also is allergic to it.) Could my son have developed a soy milk intolerance, and if so, now how do I get enough calcium into him???

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Thank you to everyone who responded to my post! I tried another at-home skin test with the cow's milk and my son had no reaction whatsoever. I will try it again just to put my mind at ease, but I am pretty reassured now that he does not have an actual allergy to cow's milk. I finally got him drinking the soy milk again by adding banana pudding milk to it and warming it up. I will be switching off of soy or at least greatly reducing it, after having done some reading at the suggestion of another mamasource member. I have reintroduced rice milk and plan to try almond milk soon to add some more variety. I am also looking into the lactose levels in various dairy foods and plan to slowly introduce low-level foods into my son's diet and see how he does. Since I now know he is not allergic, I can also reintroduce the lactose-free cow's milk - which as a nice bonus, is covered under the WIC program. My son slept well for a little while after my original post, but has slept badly again these past 3 nights. I'm not sure what all is going on with that, but it doesn't seem to involve much gas/gas pain, so maybe it's teething or he's just growing, or who knows what. Again, thank you to all who responded. what a wonderful online community to be a part of!

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I would take him in to see an allergist. If his skin turned red when milk was spilled on it chances are it's not just an intolerance. They will likely do rast testing (blood draw), as well as skin prick/scratch testing. There are lots of options as far as nutrition goes. But you need to figure out what things need to be eliminated first. My son is allergic (not just intolerant) to chicken, eggs, corn, wheat, milk, soy, etc. He's on an elemental formula that has done wonders for him. It doesn't sound like your son would need something this drastic, but I wanted to let you know that there were options available for even worse case scenarios. Get him in to see an allergist as well as possibly a GI. If your son is refusing the formula and is again having problems w/gas and pain, he needs to be evaluated. One other thing to consider are his bowel movements. Are they regular? Hard or soft? Does he tend to want to hold them in or is he willing to go when he feels the urge? If he's not going everyday it could be contributing to the pain/discomfort that he's feeling.

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Not sure if I can be of some help, but I will try. My son was very gassy on regular formula, then we switched to another kind he would be great for a week or two and then get really bad again. We were switching formulas like mad. But each time we did, he always got better for a week or two (There must be a reason for that). So when he turned 1 we switched to soy. He still had gas and was constipated. For the constipation we were told to give him a teaspoon or two of Karo syrup in about 4 ounces of water. That worked like a charm! Took away a lot of his stomach issues. But use it only as needed. Then we were told to switch to rice if the soy didn't work. Eventually the soy seamed to be fine. (I didn't realize it was the tiny bit of cheese, yogurt, and occasional scoop of ice cream i gave him was giving him most the trouble) Just make sure he is getting enough fat. Young kids need the fat for brain development. Whole milk has plenty of fat but soy and rice do not. My doctor told me that i should give him buttered crackers, or anything I could find that had lots of fat. Also may or may not work: With both my kids I couldn't have any milk in my diet while I breast-fed. They also could not drink regular formula. But for some reason around 1 to 2 years old, Cow's Milk was fine for them. I don't know why, maybe there little tummies just hadn't developed yet. My son can now have all milk products. I was lactose intolerant till I was 6 years old and then was fine. It doesn't make since, I know. Just keep experimenting.

One more thing: Are you giving him very vanilla, or very very vanilla soy? My son loved the flavored soy milk, not the normal kind. And I'm pretty sure SILK has a vanilla soy that is for kids, with extra calcium. That was the one I used to buy.

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that's so hard. and yes, soy is often an allergen too. i agree that rice milk is wonderful. my baby would cry and cry and suffered gas pains (what people will call colic) when she was first born and i went off all dairy and soy while nursing and it totally did the trick. i drank rice milk in droves and thought it was really tasty and very close in taste to milk and it is also enriched with calcium and my baby had no more problems and starting sleeping through the night. there are several foods with calcium in them and it doesn't hurt for him to take a multi-vitamin too. cereal and OJ both are enriched with calcium, but here is another list of non-dairy/soy foods you can sneak into his diet.
http://www.keepkidshealthy.com/nutrition/calcium_non_dair.... good luck!

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I blood test/food panel will tell if your child has an allergy/intolerance to soy. Also maybe see if the doctor can test for Celiac's disease. Don't want to scare you, but Celiac's is allergy to wheat gluten. A couple of blood tests can give al0t of information. My daughter suffers from long bouts of diarreah (don't know if this is a problem with your child) and the Pediatric Gastroenterologist changed her diet from soy to rice milk, and possibly almond milk. My daughter was also taken off of yogurt. I substituted acidophilus (spelling could be wrong) which I found in a health food store and still use today. The acidophilus is the same as the active live cultures in yogurt. Thankfully the plan of treatment the Ped GI doctor started is getting good results. However, my daughter had to have a very restricted diet for the first three months then a less restrictive diet but sugar is still not allowed. Maybe see a dermatologist about the spilled milk/red-skin issue. Hope this helps.

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It is possible he has developed an issue with the soy. Try stopping all in take of soy, including the yogurt for a few days & see if this helps. If so then you know their is a connection.

Also check the ingredients to other foods he is eating. Especially any new ones. Some may contain milk products that you may not be aware of.

If there are allergies in the family it is always best to have your child tested so you know what they are, how severe etc.

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Try rice milk. I bet it is calcium enriched. Also, you could try goat's milk, but it has a very distinct flavor, so I would suggest trying it sooner rather than later--I may be wrong, but it seems like one of those things that is an "acquired taste".

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Hi Jennifer,

I don't know much about the allergy, but as for the calcium, talk to his pediatrician about TUMS. They will provide him with the calcium, and help his upset tummy.

Kind Regards,

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