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2 Yr. Old Swallowed Gum

My 2 year old found a peice of Trident gum. It was still in the rapper. I know that because he had it in his hand when he showed it to me. Anyway, the little pooper was able to chew it up and swallow it. That was about 5 hrs. ago and now when he burps he smells minty. Actually his breath kinda just smells minty in general. Is that weird? I assume that nature will runs it course I don't have any reason to freak out - right?
**Please don't get down me for the found gum I feel bad enough already....

What can I do next?

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lol what kid doesn't at one time or another do this, I wouldnt worry or feel guilty, he should be fine. I remember when I watched my niece one day when she was 2 and I didnt have kids yet, I freaked and took her to the doctor cause she picked a old piece of gum up from the parking lot and ate and swallowed it, I thought she would get some type of illness from it. :)

My 22 month old daughter did the same thing this morning she got into my purse and ate 3 sticks of gum :( i feel terrible, i even feel like throwing up. I hope shes ok.

I have three kids who have swallowed billions and billions of pieces of gum. Including my 22 month old. They have all survived. The only thing with gum is the body doesn't break it down. So when it comes out you can see what it was. Not really a big issue. So don't worry about it.

as long as nature continues to run it course don't worry--my kids have swallowed lots of gum in the past

I remember being a kid and chewing Trident gum with the wrapper still on. I think the Trident people designed the wrapper so that you could chew it. I am not sure if this is the truth or what I believed years ago, but nevertheless I consumed the wrapper many times. Don't feel bad about the gum, just be relieved that it wasn't something inedible or dangerous.


...if I had a dollar for every piece of gum my kids have swallowed...


No, things will be just fine and the gum will pass in a few days. Sticky poop! My daughter did the same thing. Don't be so hard on yourself.

He will be fine, don't worry! It happens all of the time. :)My son is now 4 and has swallowed at least 20 pieces of gum. He didn't find any gum until he was 3, but chews it well now, and swallows it most of the time. I really doubt there is any danger of gum being in the stomach. There was that stupid myth that it stays in the stomach for long periods of time, but it was just that- a myth!

OMG, what a terrible mom you are!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, JUST KIDDING!!! You have no reason to worry. He'll be totally fine. Believe me, my son can get into ANYTHING, so I'd be the last person to give you a hard time about something about him finding a piece of gum. My kids have done that a million times. He'll be fine, and so will you! ;) You're obviously a great mom to even be concerned about his, so PLEASE don't feel bad.

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