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2 Yr Old Has Tiny Red Bumps All over Chest and Upper Back

A few weeks ago i noticed some tiny red bumps on the back of my 2 yr old sons neck. assumed it was heat rash and thought nothing of it. Then just last night i noticed that his upper chest and upper back and neck have the same patches of tiny red bumps. Does anyone know what this could be? He doesn't seem to notice it and it doesn't bother him if i touch it. Has anyone encountered this before?

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thanks so much for everyones help!

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It *might* be a mild case of impetigo. My 3 year old had that back in the spring. I had assumed it was an allergic reaction to something, but it wasn't bothering her at all. I finally took her to the pediatrician and she diagnosed it as impetigo. A prescription cream and an oral med (I can't remember what it was) cleared it up.

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Get it checked out just incase but my sons get this and its from dry skin. Thier skin doesnt get dry and flaky but gets a red rash. Like I said get him checked out just to make sure then you know exactly what it is. If it is a form of exzema then you'll know what to do each time it comes

Hi S.,

Your son might have German measles.


I am not sure what it is, I would go to the doctor. However you might want to try a lotion that beats Eucerin 7 to 1 for moisture retention. It is great for those with eczema.


Are they red, or just bumps? My 2 year old has these on her legs. I took her to the pediatrician and she has baby eczema. She gave me a prescription for Coristone that helps to control it. She also has little bumps on the backs of her arms and the doctor just said this is "chicken skin" and it is the way her hair follicles grew. i would definitely call the doc though to make sure.

K. M

Are the bumps on his hands? or is his throat sore and swelled? If he shows these signs may want to check with your ped too but I would check anyway. My son had bumps that just kept appearing all over and it took doctors two weeks to tell me that it was hand foot and mouth?

Rashes happen for lots of reasons. Heat, allergies, or even strept infections can cause rashes. If he doesn't have symptoms, like itching, fever, runny nose, etc., he's probably okay, but the only real way to know is to check with a doctor or nurse. Someone with some knowledge would have to see it to diagnose it.

My name is Christi, my daughter Victoria when she was 2 (now 6) had the same thing. I took her to the doctor because is just wouldnt go away. The doctors told us to try changing her everyday things that she wore or touched. We tried changing laundry detergents and all kinds of stuff but what worked was Baby lotion, every day. She had the red bumps all over her stomach, chest, back and neck and her skin just felt horrible. Really dry and course... It took a few days but constantly putting on baby lotion or Ecerine cream worked great and she never had a problem with it again.

Hi S.,
My son has keratosis pilaris which is a skin thing where there are red bumps on the skin--otherwise unremarkable and really no big deal. But I think it is common for KP to be on the thighs and upper arms. Does he have any red bumps in those areas?

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