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2 Year Olds Tooth Is Turning Gray.

I searched the archived topics for answers but I only found one answer. My 2 year old recently about a month ago fell on her front tooth and the tooth was a good ways pushed back in her mouth so I pushed it back where it was supposed to be and then a couple of days later I took her to the dentist to make sure she was fine and the dentist said to just watch the tooth for a grayish color, and sure enough about 3 weeks since the accident I just noticed today the grayish tint and just thought my eyes were tricking me so I put her in the light and its really gray. Since the day has gone by its really getting darker. I am trying not to worry since it is the weekend I have to wait for a dental visitation in which I will be taking her promptly. But I hope some of you have answers I don't want her to lose her tooth. This happened to me as a little girl and I was made fun of and my tooth (which was a baby tooth thankfully) abcessed and was eventually removed by the dentist so naturally my fears are more magnified because of my trauma. Please help.

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Thanks to everyone for your stories and experiences. I took my daughter to the dentist and he put some liquid spray ice on a swab and put it on that tooth with no response from her but then he put it on the other tooth and she jump, so he stated that the tooth is dead and they will have to do a baby root canal on her to prevent rotting and possible infection later on, but they will not extract the tooth. I am relieve but at the same time scared for her to have to have such a procedure done like this on her, but I will be holding her hand. I only wish I had this done on me as a kid because nothing was done for me my tooth was brown and I believe it had rotted causing the pus to come out from my gums. HORRIBLE! I was made fun of in elementary school for a while.

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i also had a front toothat that absessed. i do not remmeber it at all. I went a few yrs before the real tooth came in. If there is no absess they may leave it in.

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Hello C.. As a former dental assistant, as well as the mother of a girl who this happened to, I can tell you this - the tooth is dead! It will need to come out, otherwise her permanent tooth is going to have a hard time coming in, and that could lead to problems. When my daughter was about a year and a half old, she was jumping on my bed (I was not at home, otherwise this wouldn't have happened! lol) and hit her mouth on the wall. I came home and my friend/babysitter was holding her tooth. It actually had broken, but the remaining portion was gray until it was pulled. A couple of months later, she bit a Lego, trying to get two fo them apart, and her other tooth broke. Both of these teeth were in the front, and were obviously baby teeth. She had a flipper, but didn't want to wear it because it was uncomfortable. At that time, I had not gone to dental school yet, so I didn't realize the significant importance of wearing one, so she had no front teeth for years! She has the most beautiful teeth now though :) lol Never needed braces, and they are white and lovely :) The dentist will give you better adivce, just make sure you take her in as soon as you can. It's not an emergency, but it should be addressed soon :) Good luck!!

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My nephew had a similar accident and his front tooth turned gray. He's 6 and it's still gray, they are just waiting for it to fall out when it's time. He hasn't had any noticible problems from it - just a gray tooth.

My girlfriends daughter had the same thing happen to her. It was her left front tooth and they decided to have the dentist pull it since she would lose it at some point anyway. She has had no tooth for about 1 1/2 yrs now, but this is the time when she will start losing them so the rest can catch up. She was also given the option to leave the tooth. It's going to be your choice.

The Same thing happen to my 2 year old daughter. She was running after my brother and she fell over a toy and fell and hit her mouth on the kitchen floor. Her left front tooth got pushed a little back and I was so worried. Over the next couple of days I noticed her tooth turning a grayish color. I thought it was just my eyes playing tricks on me. So I took my daughter over to my mom and we held her up to the light and sure enough it had turned gray. I then made an appointment and took her in to see a dentist. They did one xray and they said that that it's kind of like when we get a bruise on our skin it take a while to heal and that same thing was going on with her tooth. They said that it may get white again or not and that I needed to keep an eye on it for any swelling. As the days went by her tooth was all I could think about, people were telling me that her tooth is dying and that it was going to fall out and not to worry it was a baby tooth and here I was pictureing my little girl toothless. So I took my daughter to see another denisit and they told me the same thing but at this point her tooth was much grayer and they also told me to get a q-tip and dip it in listerine and put it around the tooth and gum. I did that every day and my daughter's tooth As of today it is turning back to white but I still keep a close eye on it. I would recommemd you to take your little on to a children's dentist who could see if somethng is going on.

We had a similar incident at about the same age. If the tooth is turning grey, it's dead. Our dentist would not take it out because it was important for it to stay as a placeholder til the adult tooth came in. But, she did have a root canal to prevent it from rotting, etc. It is ugly and I'm so sick of it. She'll be 7 this month and it won't fall out. today, I'm taking her to have it pulled as the adult tooth has come in behind it and not knocked it out. I'll be so glad to see that ugly chipped discolored tooth gone!!!!

It happened to my daughter at 3, she looked like this cute small 1st grader for years. When the big tooth grew in we all missed her gap, it had become part of her.

My son hit the foot board on my bed at 16m, his tooth turned grey/brown. Dentist said, no biggie, the tooth is dead, it will eventually fall out our we can pull it, opted for it to stay, well one day at about 3yrs old he was running down the hall fell, got up and kept going, later I noticed that it was missing:) Some would ask, "is he missing his tooth already..YEP". he started K, and eventually the one next to it fell out and he had that wonderful gaping hole in his mouth, they both grew in at the same time:) My foot board will always be missing a chunk of wood, but he is no longer missing his tooth!

i also had a front toothat that absessed. i do not remmeber it at all. I went a few yrs before the real tooth came in. If there is no absess they may leave it in.

Hi C.,

This happened to me when I was three after a face plant over the handlebars of my tricycle. Yes, as others said, the tooth is just dead. Mine was left in and was pushed out with my permanent tooth. The permanent tooth didn't have any problem coming in either. Granted, years have passed since my incident and things do change, but I had no problems with my permanent tooth behind it coming in and the dead tooth fell out just like all my others. Yes, it can be not the prettiest thing (my mom hated it which is probably why I was so self conscious about it), but it still worked well in order to eat, etc.

Best, L.

I had this EXACT thing happen to me when I was 2. I fell on the playground. I actually remember falling and whacking myself! Stood out in my memory that much! What happened was that the fall "killed" my tooth. I think they did a root canal, but other than that, they just left it alone. No big deal. I don't remember any of my friends even noticing my little dead tooth.

When it came time for that tooth to fall out, though, because it was already dead, it didn't fall out properly like my other teeth. When the new tooth grew in, I went to the dentist, and they extracted the dead one for me.

this happened to me when I was a kid. The nerve is dead. It's not a big deal. My tooth was a permanent one and to this day it's still a weird color and people used to ask me about it ALL the time. I was able to do internal bleaching on it and it helped some. I hope you can get some more answers at the dentist!

I'm going through the same thing with my 2 yr old right now. He fell on May 31st and knocked his front 2 teeth. One is turning very gray. I've taken him to the dentist twice, this is what the dentist told me. When they knocked their teeth they caused nerve damage and that's what's causing the graying. His tooth is NOT dead. It's just got damaged at the roots. We have to watch the tooth and check it when we brush the teeth to make sure it is not swelling in the gum or getting an absess. He's had a secondary x-ray done to check on the roots. Your daughter may need that. One of my sons teeth is no longer loose, but the gray one still hasn't fully reattached itself. That may be what's happening in your daughter's case too. According to our dentist, and absess doesn't always happen right away and can still happen over the next 4 years! If you are still really concerned take her back in and get the tooth x-rayed again. Good luck!

That happened to my best friend's daughters...both of them! Luckly they both got their permanent teeth early. But we told them that their teeth were a shade of their favorite color and they were okay with it and most importantly their teeth were okay also. Good luck. (The dead tooth was finally pushed out by the new one.) Good luck!

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