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2 Year Old with Seasonal Allergies

My daughter is 2 1/2 and has seasonal allergies. Her eyes weep, and she sneezes, coughs and has a runny nose. Is there anything over the counter that I can give to her?

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you should try some childrens claritin. not expensive, since it is now in generic forms as well (loratadine. Trust me, I know all about allergies. I personally should almost be put in a bubble.

My pediatrician told me to give my 16 month old Children's Zyrtec, which is over the counter, and it works really well. FYI I have found it the cheapest at Target. Good luck

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My 6 year old has had seasonal allergies since she was 1. Back then the only thing a 1 year old could have was Zyrtec. Which then was only a prescription. Awesomely enough it is now over the counter which makes it cheaper for me. You need to get the liquid form. It says on the box for 2 and up. Also there is Claritin for children 2 and up. I tryed it for my daughter but i dont think it worked as well. I also have been using the Zyrtec for my 1 1/2 year old who since spring has arrived has had a runny nose and watery eyes. Hope ive helped and you can get her better. N.

I give by two year old dye-free children's benadryl. Just enough to make her comfortable, especially at night. All the mucous makes her cough a lot in her sleep. The Benadryl helps with it alot. Good luck.

Please don't give her medications. They are just man made chemicals that just mask the symptoms. Buy some chewable vitamin c and give her one to chew 3 times a day. She can't overdose on it. What her body doesn't absorb will come out in her urine. Do a google search on vitamin c being a NATURAL antihistamine. I've read so much on it, it's crazy. But it WORKS. Around here we chew on them like they were candy, and none of us has anymore allergy symptoms. Look it up for yourself. It keeps the histamine levels down in your body naturally. Good luck to you.

diamatap, Robituson, Zertec, Clariton. Go tot he store and see which you want to give. Most pediatricians usually say clariton or zertec. Benedryl is good but some children get real lathgargic with it because it can make you sleepy but some others actually get hyper on it so its up to how she acts if it makes her sleepy give it for bed only and clariton during the day. They usually are one time a day things so if you give her clariton in the morning by bed she should be good for benedryl. If your worried check with you pediatrician.

I have used both Clariton and Benadryl on both of my kids since they were around 1 years. I know they say not to, however, it was a small dose, which the doctor figured out for me. Both things seem to really help. If it gets to back you can try rinocourt (sp?) however that is prescription. That works wonders for both of my kids on really bad days.

1/2 tsp of Benabryl. Just a note that Benadryl can make kids either tired or hyper.

My daughter's pedi put her on Claritin and an inhailer. The inhailer helps alot with the cough and the Clairtin helps with the runny nose and eyes. I was told that the starting dose is 1 tsp once a day and can go up to 1 tsp 2 times a day. I would call my pedi and double check. FYI we started my daugther on Zyrtec and she was a crabby grouchy mess, she is usually very happy and good natured. Good Luck!

you should try some childrens claritin. not expensive, since it is now in generic forms as well (loratadine. Trust me, I know all about allergies. I personally should almost be put in a bubble.

I used the Claritan melt tabs. I like that there isn't any mess and it's an exact dose. I have also used the cold/cough strips depending on the symptoms.

We also used Zertec liquid and target flavors for free so til this day my daughter likes the bubble gum flavor.Good luck!!

I give my 2 y/o over the counter loratadine (claritin). You can use the store brand it works just as well. Dr told me it is just fine for her.

Zyrtec was like a miracle drug for my son. When he was that age we did formal allergy testing and that is what the allergist recommended.

I would contact your ped before giving her anything, whether it be over the counter or not.

You can give her a tsp. of benadryll or children's claritin as long as she is at least 30 lbs. :)

My pediatrician told me to give my 16 month old Children's Zyrtec, which is over the counter, and it works really well. FYI I have found it the cheapest at Target. Good luck

My daughter has been on Zyrtec for the last year or so, she does great with it. We give it to her before bed. The age for this starts at 2.

Children's Benedryl is the oldest and most widely recommended for young children. It's safe to take during pregnancy so is safe for the youngest in need. Over two I don't think you need a doctor recomendation (check the packaging). The others are more recently approved so I question the effectiveness vs safeness of them. The biggest side effects of the Benedryl (from what I hear and have experienced) is making the child sleepy and in some rarer cases making a child exciteable.

Hope this helps - S.

It depends on which counter you refer to. CVS? or maybe an alternative option?
Alternatively there's HistaBlock, by Nature's Sunshine. There's also Red Clover Blend by Nature's Sunshine. You can go online and find the products, or a distributor. Or I can offer a telephone number to a distributor in Pinckney. Red Clover Blend acts as a blood cleanser. I've used it myself, for my cats when they've had respiratory issues, and it works wonderfully.

Hi A.---So sorry to hear your little one is suffering. I have to apologize about not being able to suggest products, as my 'baby' is 18, and when my kids were little, there were other products available on the market that are no longer a choice today. Unfortunately, that's because it's been determined to be more of a hazard to health than a help.

My focus lately has been to balance and strengthen the immune system through dietary means. Of course, OTC meds are great for an accute problem, but it is possible to get the body to a point where allergens no longer cause the body to have a reaction.

The best way to do this is to focus your dietary choices on a plant based diet, rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. Minimize the use of animal protein. We Americans eat WAY too much and too much can cause diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. I would advise you to stop drinking cows milk, as it is very allegenic and likely contributes to your daughters seasonal allergies. I am a former milk drinker, even into my 40's, until I started a wellness journey that included taking a series of wellness classes from a naturopath who has her PhD. in nutrition. But you should make your own decision. A good place to start is www.strongbones.org.

I think it is very hard in today's world of nutrient poor food and huge environmental exposures to chemicals, to achieve optimal health. So my family has chose to insure our health with a great whole food supplement, made of 17 different fruits, vegetables and grains. Independent research shows that it balances the immune system. In fact, a Dr. I work with in Chicago says her asthma patients that had to to be hospitalized every winter have never gone to the hospital again after they've started this program.

I have a number of strategies that I am learning in my classes and I would be happy to share those with you. Feel free to call me at any time. We can talk and see if this information would be of help to you.

Good luck. In health, D. ###-###-####

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