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2 Year Old with Metallic Smelling Breath.

I have a wonderful 2 year old boy, whom every time he gets sick, he has a metallic smell to his breath. I asked my mom and she asked if it smelled like sulfur. It smells like the juices you get from the Hospital with the aluminum lids. I am just wondering if anyone knows or has a child with these symptoms and if it is something I should be concerned about?

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I talked to the Dr. and he said that if it only happens when he is sick, then there is nothing to worry about. It is actually very common. Thank you all for your comments.

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I've noticed this with my kids when they are sick too. I asked my husband to smell it and he couldn't - but it's so obvious to me. I've only noticed it when they are sick and it goes away when they get better.

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I've noticed this with my kids when they are sick too. I asked my husband to smell it and he couldn't - but it's so obvious to me. I've only noticed it when they are sick and it goes away when they get better.

acetone breath smells like nail polish remover indicates ketoacidosis which is when diabetes gets way out of control. you should get him checked as soon as possible in case he is diabetic. prolonged high blood sugars could ruing hiskindeys and eyes. on the other hand hemay have an infectin inhis sinuses or throat and that may give his breath a foul odor. either way you should take him to get it checked.

Yes! My son has this smell when he gest sick as well. My mom said that my brother did the same thing when he was a child. I have also notice that his breath will change even before he has visisble symptoms which lets me know to be watching for illness and checking his fever. I have also noticed this smell at times when my girls get sick and even my hisband too! I have not been concerned by it because over time it has become clear to me that it only happens when they are sick. Instead I am thankful for the warning that they are getting sick. It also lets me know when their bodies have recovered from the illness because the smell is gone.

Hi J. -

A person's breath is often an indicator of a physical problem that has not completely manifested yet. If your son's breath is smelling like "aluminum cans" then you may be dealing with heavy metal toxicity. You can have a blood test or hair analysis done to check for this - or - you can go to your local health food store and get some Chlorella (blue-green algae) and start giving that to him. It is full of vitamins and minerals but it also pulls heavy metal toxicity out of the digestive system. Either way, I would not continue to ignore this.


M. M. Ernsberger
Certified Clinical Herbalist

I would have him checked for diabetes. when our sugar level is off-it causes us to have a juice/sweet smell in our mouths. I would check it and if nothing else rule it out.

You might want to try giving him some herbal tea that has properties that cleanse the body of metals. Heavy metal toxicity is the foundation for other degenerative disorders - like chronic yeast and fungal issues as well as digestive dysfunction and weight problems - which then lead to diabetes and other chronic issues. The best way to deal with this is to cleanse the body's organs and systems of the heavy metals. Little kids are especially at risk for heavy metal poisoning simply because metals are used in the serums for vaccines - visit The Health Ranger's website: naturalnews.com for more details about this specifically. The tea I refer to is a specific herbal blend of six Amazon Rainforest plants - it is completely safe even for little kids and it's delicious so they like to drink it. If you want a free sample or more information about it feel free to contact me. My whole family drinks it daily - usually several glasses/bottles apiece.

All three of my kids and even sometimes my husband has this happen as well. I've always called it "sick breath." How funny that I thought I was the only one in the world who smelled this funny smell on my kids' breath! Everyone thinks I'm crazy. My kids are teenagers now, so I can safely say there's nothing to worry about. In fact, I considered it a blessing in that I could always tell that their bodies were fighing something off or getting ready to, and I could care for them better and earlier. Like a "sick alarm."

I am on a low carb diet and I read that that can cause metallic breath. Also, low carb diets are similar to diabetes somehow because I use the ketone strips that are usually used for diabetes. So that could be a possible link.

Hi J.,

I'm pretty sure metallic smelling breath when fever is present is perfectly normal. Both my boys(11 and 7) get that when they have a fever. I rarely use a thermometer to diagnose fever. The way they behave and the smell of their breath is good enough for me.

S. H.

Sounds like strep throat. Have you seen the Dr. when this breath is happening? S.

I am sooo glad you asked this....all five of my kiddos have done this. I always knew they had something going on when that smell was in their breath, they didn't always run a high fever, but I could tell from the smell that they had a little bug/virus. I'm interested to see if someone has an explanation for it.....But no, your child isn't the only one who does this.

I agree with the herbalist (I'm an acupuncturist), that this could be a sign of heavy metal toxicity. Aluminum is too present in things we use everyday... anitperspirants, baking soda, table salt, cookware, and other random things. I've never heard of it being an idicator of a fever. There are many ways to detox out aluminum. I did it once with really high doses of Vit. C for about 2 weeks (enough to make my stools runny). A naturopath helped me with it. And I felt so much better afterwards. But I'd go to someone who could supervise a detox should you go that route. I don't think it's anything to stress or worry about, but just one of these days get it checked out.

My son was under 1yr old and had this symptom. When I called the dr. About it she pretty much blew it off as nothing. Shortly after his 1st birthday he was diagnosed with Juvenile diabetes. I know they say that the breath smells fruity in diabetics, but I think they really don't know in the little guys, as there just isn't that much info out there on little ones with diabetes. I would deefinitely have your toddler checked for diabetes. It is a simple urine test and it will rule out a serious disease if neg. Good luck and don't stop asking questions until you get the answers.

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