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2 Year Old with Loose Stools

My 2 year old has had loose stools for a week now. No fever no vomiting. Doesn't want to eat, drnking somewhat. Everything she eats goes right though her. Not her ususal self, not dehydrated though. Looks like she has lost some weight. She is already thin to begin with. I am a little concerned. The Peds said to wait it out, but it's been a week.

What can I do next?

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By day 14 she starting feeling better. Stools better, drinking and now even eating more. Thanks for the reguestings.

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Try probiotics, like Fluorastor(over the counter). It helps restore the normal flora back in the gut.

Watch for signs of dehydration!

Hi K.,

My daughter had the same types of issues when she was just about 2. She had water poop for 2 weeks straight. Her Dr. said it was a viral infection and that it can take 10-14 days to leave their system....and at 16 days she started pooping solid again. Staying hydrated was the most important thing. Good Luck to your little lovely!!

K.....late last week I had to go to the Er with my mother in law by ambulance and ther ER waiting room and rooms where full with kids and adults with this virus. I was talking to the nurse and asked her what was going on and she said there was this new strain going around and there really isnt a medicine that you can give for it. And the only thing you can do is drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated and people werent doing that so they where coming in dehydrated. She said it could take a week or 2 for it to go away. So just make sure you are giving your daughter plenty of water and pedilyte. No milk or anyother dairy products. Even popcylces are fine. Just make sure she has a cup full of something to drink or the popcycle to suck on to keep her mouth wet! It will soon pass. It is ok if she doesnt eat as long as she is drinking. Good Luck and again it will pass. The Dr probably said it will pass because he has had alot of patients in his office with the same symptoms as your daughter...Good luck and I hope she feels better soon

Hi K., This could be a food allergy. The most common ones, as far as I recall, are: Peanuts, Eggs, Wheat, Gluten, Dairy. Try eliminating those from her diet and then once her stools are normal, slowly add them one at a time one every two or three weeks. If you notice a reaction to any of those foods, that's usually the problem. I would also insure that she gets NO Monosodium Glutimate. Eliminate soy to begin with as well, some little ones are allergic to that also. Good luck, Deb

There is a virus going around and this is the symptom. My niece had it for a little over a week. My son had it for one week. If your 2 year old has this, it will pass, that is probably why the doctor said to wait it out.

I went through this with my now 2 year old back in November. I took her to the Dr after about a week of the diarreha going on and horrible rash and the doctor just told me I had to wait it out. Just try and make sure your child gets liquid in, but no milk. Just water or very very very watered down juice. I also ended up putting my daughter on the BRAT diet for a few days and that seemed to help as well (Banana's, Rice, Apple Sauce, toast). Even if you can them to eat the banana that will help ALOT!


you certainly have both ends of the spectrum with your responses here.

Me personally... it sounds like a virus that's going around. I would watch for dehydration, be sure she's getting plenty of fluids, but I would avoid fruit juice - that can make stools loose. I would sooner give her sugar-free Kool-Aid if you need incentive to make her drink more (but only as a last resort - we're water drinkers here). Encourage foods that bulk up stools - banana is a big favorite here for that. Multi-Grain Cheerios - my kids snack on those all the time.

I would also give her Acidophilus/Probiotics. They have really yummy strawberry chewables for kids. I give my son one every day, in addition to his daily yogurt. he seriously thinks it's candy :)

watch her stools for streaks of blood, black streaks, and don't fret about her appetite too much. Just make sure what goes in, helps to get her bowels happy again :) Hope she feels better soon... good luck to you

why wait take her to the hospital

Please do not wait any longer. We just went through this with my 13 month old grandson. Ended up he had what they call C-Diff. It's a reaction the body has when it's had to much antibiotic. However, it is very contagious. My grandson got it from being in the hospital the week before with RSV. I would insist with your doctor, that they at least do a stool sample. Good luck.

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