2 Year Old with Fever and Inflamed Gums?

Updated on June 29, 2009
A.G. asks from Minneapolis, MN
6 answers

We just took my daughter to the doctor and they think its a virus but I'm still confused. For the past 2 days her temp has been 103, finally broke today but now whenever she tries to eat she screams. She hadn't eaten in a few days until just recently (really soft mac and cheese). Her gums are so red and inflamed but she was able to eat. Anyone else experience this? Could her whole mouth be inflamed for just one tooth?

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Hi A. -

Could it be the hand, foot, and mouth virus? I'd never heard of it until last week when my daughter got it. She has very similar symptoms to what you're describing. Good luck!



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I work in a pediatric dental clinic and have seen kids come in w/ complaints similar. It is very possibly a cold sore (AKA Herpes simplex). The initial out break can be really bad. The whole inside of the mouth can be inflamed and red and can bleed. Unfortunately there is really nothing one can do but ride it out. Soft bland diet is the best. Could try Popsicle might be soothing (non acidic flavors). I think it takes 1-2 weeks to run it's course. Ibuprofren is best for swelling and pain but can alternate w/ Tylenol if you find her needing more pain control. If this is what it is it's a virus and will be pron to cold sores from now one but there never as bad as the 1st outbreak. If at all possible you should try not to share utensils or anything that goes in the mouth as it can be passed on. Good Luck!



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Your little bit should go see a dentist that specializes in children. One tooth can cause the whole of the gums to swell and it can cause a fever as the body tries to fight the infection.


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It's possible she has hand foot mouth...it's a virus that starts with a fever and then they get ulcers in their mouth, like canker sores and also red bumps on their bottom, legs and palms of their hands and bottom of their feet. Some kids only get the mouth sores, some don't develop any on their hands or feet...it's different with every kid. Check for the red spots or bumps in the next day or so. When my son got it, he didn't eat for a few days either. But then it gets better. Look it up on the cdc website, it will give you more info.



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I would call the dentist and ask them. Anything to do with inside the mouth they should know. Good luck.



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Same thing happened to my 2-year old last week. The doctor confirmed it's the hand-foot-mouth virus. High fever, lack of appetite, minimal fluid intake, horrible sleep patterns for nap and evenings, etc. were the symptoms. We were told to expect 7 days before she's fully recovered but to keep her hydrated as much as possible: no juice or anything acidic to irritate the gums, mouth, throat. We've been giving her popsicles, yogurt and water. We've also givin her Motrin for the fever and sore mouth/throad. She's starting to feel better after 5 days. Good luck.

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