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2 Year Old with Curly Hair **UPDATED**

My best friend's daughter will be two in about a week and she has extremely curly hair. She doesn't really want to put any product in her hair, for fear of damaging it. I am wondering if there is something that she could put in it that isn't very harsh, maybe something organic. Any ideas?

I feel I didn't word my question right...it's not that she doesn't like her daughters curly hair, she loves it, but the back just turns into a frizz ball when she sleeps on it or is out in the humidity. She doesn't want her daughter to look like her hair hasn't been washed in a week, when it was washed the night before.
Thanks again, got some really great ideas to pass onto her!

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Tell her to put a little bit of conditioner in the bottom of a spray bottle then fill the rest with water and shake. It works great for tangles and leaves hair soft and shiny. Plus there are different leave in condioners that she could use by themselves as well.

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I use these products from this website ask for more information


these are natural products

If you want more information please give me a call


You might want to try Arbonne's Intelligence shampoos & conditioners. They have two, shampoos: Regular and one with Tea Tree Oil. They are all natural and are fabulous. Also, my hair isn't real curly, but it does look frizzy at times and is extremely fly away in the winter. I use Arbonne's To The Rescue Hair Protectant. I just spray it on while my hair is still damp and no more frizzy or fly away hair. All Arbonne's products are natural and safe. If you want more info just let me know.


My mom makes her own homemade hair gel...I can get the recipe and get back to you...

My daughter has extremely curly hair. I normally have to brush her hair while she's in the bathtub. I shampoo her hair, rinse, and then put quite a bit of conditioner on. I wait a few minutes and then begin brushing with one of the "ouchless" brushes you can get from Wal-Mart. They have some that are made for detangling curly hair. I rinse that out and then spray some leave-in conditioner in her hair. After that I might put some spray gel in her hair and then put it into a ponytail or braided pigtails. At that age I had a really hard time just leaving her hair down because it would get all matted even if she was sitting in her car seat. The only thing I would say is not to use any products with alcohol. That will dry out the curls and make everything more frizzy.

Leave the curls alone, there are all kinds of barrets, and ribbons to use in her hair, my daughter has curly hair and it looked so cute in those, That was almost 32 years ago and with all they have out there now for the kids hair she can be more adorable with all the colors to choose from..

Tell her to put a little bit of conditioner in the bottom of a spray bottle then fill the rest with water and shake. It works great for tangles and leaves hair soft and shiny. Plus there are different leave in condioners that she could use by themselves as well.

There is book titled "curly girl" and it's about not using checmical products on curly hair. I follow the book when I have my hair long. It really does work and the products recommended are usually organic (and many are from the kitchen). Plus, it's a fun read and address differenct textures and ethnicities.

I'm a mom with naturally curly hair and passed it on to my 2 girls. I don't like the feel of certain products in our hair, but do think it's important to use a detangler and a good leave in conditioner. We always brush our hair while it's wet and help form "ringlets" using the conditioner and your fingers.

My daughters hair was very tangly when she would get out of bed or the bath when she was young (2 - 3 years old). I talked to my hairdresser whom I trust tremendously and she recommended Biosilk. It is kind of expensive but you can buy a very small bottle & you don't use much. Just put some on your hands and work it through the hair then you can comb straight through without any fuss. It worked for my daughter until she was old enough to comb her own hair and use more hair products like conditioner.

I did hair before staying home and I can assure you that if you get a quality product (say from Beauty Brands), it will not damage her hair.

My older daughter, who is fours years old, has curly hair too. I use Biosilk on her hair when she first gets out of the bath. You just use a small amount and it will help tame some of the frizzies that come with having curly hair, but also leaves your hair soft and smooth. I love this this product!

Our 18 month old has big fat curls in his hair and it is really frizzy when he wakes up. I put a product called 'CareFree Curl' on his hair. Its an instant moisturizer for 'ethic' hair, our son is mixed. Its not organic, though. It takes a minute or two for it not to have the wet look, but it last all day, through humid weather and naps. Don't worry about it making her hair greasy or unwashed, I use it on my hair too.

hello- i have trianed with the "curly -girl" stylist and author of the book. the book is great, and does have recipes for home-made products. if you are like me and do not have the time or energy she came out with a line of products called deva curl.

the basics are: doe not wash the hair with shampoo to often. it is ok to condition all you want. do not comb the hair once it is dry. the conditoner diluted in a water bottle suggested by another mom is great. just spray smooth with fingers and LEAVE ALONE. if her hair is long enough you could always braid lossely before bed time to keep down the frizzy mess. good luck- if you need anymore help just shoot me a line.- R.

Why doesn't she just leave the curly hair alone?

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