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2 Year Old with a Cough

I am wondering if anyone has any experience with a young child and a cough? My son is 2. He has had a cough for about 2 months. It started with a cold then the cough kind of hung around. I called the Dr after it seemed to be too long. He checked him out said all was ok. We have now also tried a nebulizer with albuterol to rule out asthma. My son hated it because while he was doing it, it was making him cough worse. He doesn't cough all day or night. It is just a couple of random times during the day like maybe 3-4 all day. Then at night it is 1 or 2 times during the night. Usually if he starts it will be a few times in a row then he stops. After the nebulizer which we stopped just over a week ago he seemed to be getting a cold again runny nose and everything so, the Dr told me to wait 2 weeks to see if it goes away. Friday will be two weeks and things seem to be the same. Also, it is not a dry cough. It just sounds like he is just having a little drainage. Any ideas? Thanks for any help!

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Has he had a chest x-ray? My 2 year old son had similar symptoms, and wound up having pneumonia. His lungs always sounded clear, but the doctor took an x-ray just to be on the safe side. I hope yor little guy feels better soon. In the mean time hang in there!

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We just went through something like this, but never got around to trying a nebulizer. My 3 year old caught a cough, but it had not really gone away after 5-6 weeks. He continued with this minor annoying cough that was"wet". I took him in and the MD did a chest x-ray. The lungs did not look completely clear to her but he also had some nasal irritation. So she did 2 things...put him on antibiotics and recommended Children's Zytec for allergies. So I used both. By about the 2nd day his cough was almost gone. By the end of the antibiotics it was completely gone. A couple times since then he has been coughing, especially while nap and night time, so I have given him the Zyrtec and that has stopped it. The MD recommended giving the Zyrtec at night since it can make your child sleepy. I did find out later that the Radiologist who looked at the x-rays later said the lungs were clear and there were no pneumonia. But I do believe there was some type of mild infection. I hate to give anyone medicine, but in this case it really saved the day. I had not thought my son was still under the weather until he was treated and I realized he really had not been completely himself.

Good luck, I hope you get this figured out!

Has he had a chest x-ray? My 2 year old son had similar symptoms, and wound up having pneumonia. His lungs always sounded clear, but the doctor took an x-ray just to be on the safe side. I hope yor little guy feels better soon. In the mean time hang in there!

Coughing can be a symptom of allergies, so I'd investigate that--either food or environmental. Maybe keep a diary of what he eats and comes in contact with, to see if you see a pattern.

I would also run a humidifier in the rooms he is in.

I know that cough medicines have been pretty much ruled out for kids your son's age, but my family swears by a natural cough medicine called "Olbas". It has honey and herbs in it--nothing that would harm a little one. We love it! You can find it at coops and natural food stores.


Good luck!

We had this virus last year and again last month and it's a cycle that lasts about 3 weeks. The headache lasts two days and fever about one day. The runny/stuffy nose lasts about a week and the cough about three. It might just be the same virus hanging around. You can get re-infected so keep washing your hands. I hope he gets better soon. I'd use a humidifier to help with dry air and help the cough with maybe some cough medicine (ask your doctor) and maybe some Vick's vabor rub on his chest.

I too have a 2 year old son. When he had the same symptoms, our pediatrician suggested trying Dimetapp Cold and Cough. It works great for him and dries him up within a couple days. We give him 1 teaspoon every 4 hours, per the pediatrician. Good luck.

My son has had a cough for almost three month, this time of year as well, and my doc checked it out, said everything was fine in his body,and it was probably allergies. She recommended children's Zyrtec (not sure that's spelled right) which is over the counter and acceptable for kids over 1. We never gave it to him; the cough seems to (finally) be subsiding and it never seemed to bother him much, so we never medicated him.

My guess would be allergies. Can you try an over the counter allergy medicine and see if that works? But if it isn't keeping his up at night, I wouldn't worry about it too much!

It's probably allergies. It's very common to have drainage in the back of your throat when you have allergies, and when you're so little you don't know how to clear it out. If the doc isn't finding anything, and the child acts normal otherwise...I'd lean towards that. Work on keepin g the allergens to a minimum if you can and see if it helps.

I had a sensitivity to milk as a kid that made me cough much like you described. You could try going off of the milk for a couple days and see if it makes a difference.

Sounds like allergies... I think you could have him teseted and you will know what to advoid or maybe a certian med will be helpful to him.

My cousin's son had trouble with this, and turned out to be allergic to mold! Maybe try taking him to am allergist to rule that out?

Sounds like what my daughter had when she was also little. It turned out after many years of trial and error to have allergies that produce post nasal drip. Over a while if not treated then it eventually ends up with pneumonia and asthma flare up. Once everything is so inflammed it takes a steroid burst to get it kicked. Prevention is the key after all these years (she is 6 now) we finally have got the right mix that after showing symptoms it didn't turn into a major bout. Consult an allergies/asthma specilaist, it will be a lot of trial and error my guess is but you'll get there. Track your symptoms and time of year they appear, year after year you will start to notice a trend my guess is. What worked for us? (pulmacort inhaler, singuair, zyrtec, all at the same time.) This all takes time (weeks and weeks) to resolve the chronic inflammation once it has already started.
Good luck!

It could be allergies. Have you brought any new animals or anything into the home? Also, over the past 2 months, mold and mildew have been high as have a few other allergens.

S., my son had a cough - forever. We even went so far as to have chest xrays and eventually a CT scan. It was scary and the doctors could never figure it out. Then, one day, we decided to see an allergist for another reason. He took one look at my son and said, "I'll do the skin test later. First we need to take care of this sinus infection!". Even little kids can get them. If you son seems stuffy also, or has dark circles under his eyes, he may have a sinus infection. The can be caused by drainage from the sinuses. Something to consider... Good luck.

Did the doctor check him for pneumonia with a cheast x ray? That happened to my daughter once. The doc at first wasn't going to take one but I persisted and she had pneumonia.

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