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2 Year Old Will Not Gain Weight

Ok everyone, I have a 2year old that in august 08 weighted 24lbs and I took her to the dr. on friday with pink eye and she weights 25lbs. She is not gaining any weight but eats anywhere from 5-6 small meals a day. We do not give her large meals because she has a tendency to get constipated and will throw up with a large meal. I need some suggestion on what I need to feed her or maybe another idea of how to get her to gain weight. please any suggestions will help

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Thank you everyone who has responded. We have tried many of your suggestions in the past. She has been on Miralax for over a year now as needed, She gets carnation instant breakfast twice a week, she eats when she wants never does she cry or complain that she is hungry. Now I am not pushing the weight issue as much as the concern of her seeming it get constipated. If she does not have a bm one day she will throw everything up the next. She also tends to have several small hard pepple looking bm on most days. Never a complete bm at one time and she struggles to do the small ones. I have called the dr. and have asked for a refural to a gastro dr in our area. I am hoping this will put us at ease. I too think this is an absorbtion issue. Again Thank you so much for your insites and I am glad I am not the only one with a little child. As for my husband and I were not small children and are not small adults although we are working on that.

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Hi...I work for a Chiropractor and we do lots of testing and supplements for young children and adults having all types of nutritional problems. My number is ###-###-#### thanks...M.

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My daughter is 5 and weighs 32 pounds. She has always been in the 5th percentile, but the doctor has said as long as she gains at least 2 lbs a year, there's no reason to be concerned. She just has fast metabolism- she eats throughout the day as well.

My son has been going throught a kind of picky stage.I was worried he wasnt getting enough to eat so I started giving him carnation insant breakfast everytime he just eats a small meal I supplement with that.You can get it a walmart and it just mixes with their milk it says that it has as much nutrion as a complete breafast and my son loves it.You can get vanilla or choclate.It cost a lot less than pedilite

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She seems to have something digestive going on---vomiting with large meals, constipation, lack of weight gain.

First, I would make sure she is getting enough water---1/2 her body weight in ounces of water for a minimum---12 ounces if she weighs 24 pounds.

Then I would get her eating only healthy foods. I do not follow the crowd that says "more calories". I don't think she is appropriately absorbing what she is eating and that is the problem that needs attention. A healthy system will absorb nutrients and calories from healthy food.

So I would eliminate anything processed. I would make sure she is getting protein at every meal, including breakfast. I would make protein and vegetables the big part of her diet. Some oil/butter on the vegetables is fine.

I would give her cod liver oil every day for essential fatty acids and vitamins D & A. (Nordic Naturals or Carlsons are the best brands). They do have flavored ones for children. Use the dosages recommended on the label.

Limit milk for her---dairy can be very binding and some children don't eat well when they drink dairy. Make sure she is getting her calcium through food or a supplement.

This is how I would begin. If you try these things consistently, it should at least begin to help with the constipation.

If this does not solve it, then I think a consultation with Andrea Stevens, a nutritionist, would be necessary.
She can work wonders! Email ____@____.com

The digestive system is considered the second brain, so it is really important to make sure this is working well!

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Hi...I work for a Chiropractor and we do lots of testing and supplements for young children and adults having all types of nutritional problems. My number is ###-###-#### thanks...M.

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I wouldn't worry about her weight if she is eating. My daughter is 3 and weighs 27 pounds. When she went to for her 3 yr check up the dr was not concerned. HE said it is better to have a healthy eater than to have a 3 yr old who is overweight. Good Luck.

Unless your dr said that she needs to gain weight I wouldn't worry about it. I have a 30lb 4yr old and my dr. says she is fine, healthy and happy, Addy eats about 6 meals a day as well.

My mother is ia dietition and I remember her doing consults on kiddos that were not gaining weight. It always surprized me that she told the parrents to put tons of butter in mashed potatoes, add cheetos to a samdwitch meal and her favorite was ice cream after every meal. At the end of the day it is really about just getting them more calories.

I wouldn't worry about the scale at all. If she's eating good and is content with her food, she is A-Okay! Now if she was crying of hunger or something, then yeah, maybe you would need to be concerned, but if she is content, I wouldn't give it a second thought at all. Take Care!

Morning L.,

Question for ya. Did the Doctor say anything about her weight? or is it that you are just concern?

My son was the same way when he was little he could put the kitch table away at meal time and make himself sick so he got to where he was eating smaller meals but more ofter cause his tummy was just so small. But as far as his weight he was alway thin til this day he is still thin he is 14 yr old and weights 108 and is 5'3. I ask the doctor about it and they told me that as long as he is eating good and NOT losing he is good. It was more me than him I was a worry wart. If you are concern to teh point to where you worry about her you need to ask the doctor more questions. The Doctor told me some people are just prone to be small. Hope I help settle your thoughts.

Good Luck,

I think average children only gain 2-3 pounds between age 2 and 3. I remember my mom (mother of 7) saying that 3 year olds are the least expensive children because they can wear the same clothes two seasons in a row and they don't eat much. We are all healthy adults, so I wouldn't worry. My daughter weighs the same now as she did 4 months ago at her 2 year check-up too.


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