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2 Year Old Still Has No Hair

my daughter turned 2 in april and she still doesn't have any hair to speak of. she does have some, but it's very fine and light. it has been coming in extremely slowly. most people tell me that it's not something to worry about, that at around 2 years or soon after it will start coming in more. is it true that i don't need to be concerned?i was also wondering if anyone knows natural ways to stimulate hair growth for a toddler. i've heard massaging her scalp with coconut oil can help. anyone have any other suggestions? thanks!


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My SIL had no hair until she was almost 4 years old...and I mean NONE. She now has a FULL head of hair.

Using a soft bristled brush can help stimulate hair growth, but you probably have nothing to worry about.

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Same here...My daughter's hair didn't really start growing till 2 1/2. Her first hair cut was at age 5! At age 8 it is thick and long, just be patient.

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My mother says I was almost three before I got any good hair. It is still very fine, but really soft and has a lot of body.

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You may think this is strange, but shave her head. I had as much as a new born when I was 5 years old. My dad shaved my head and it started to grow. My hair is still babyfine, but I have a lot of it.

My hair did not fall out or rub off. If this is the case, shaving her hair will be great for her.


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She must be a little blondie. Don't worry that is normal for
fair headed babies. She will be fine. I remember my friends
having to tape bows to their kids heads.

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I am in the same boat as you. My daughter's hair was growing slowly and it was fine. A friend of mine told me about their tradition about shaving their child's hair at about 18 months to 2 years old. It is suppose to make it come back thicker. So that is what we decided to do. A week after her 2nd birthday, I used a #2 shaver and clipped off her hair. well, the little she had. It didn't bother her at all. She doesn't know the difference if she has hair or not. Now, I noticed it is coming back thicker but still slowly. But at least it is thicker. It was so fine before. I was the same way growing up. I didn't get hair until about 3 years and it was fine and wavy. I always wanted thicker hair so I thought I could help her have nice thick hair by shaving it off at a earlier age, which I wished they would have done to me when I was at her age. Some people say that it works and some say it doesn't. I thought it wouldn't hurt to try. I just put lots of hats on her until she grows her hair :)

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It's not uncommon for it to take a long time for hair to grow in on little ones. I would expect you to start seeing growth soon.

As a hairstylist I get questions from clients and friends all the time about hair growth so I try to find research on it all the time. It's to my understanding that protein will encourage hair growth and vitamin B will help the protein absorb better. What I just found recently also is that eating beef is a good hair rejuvenator because the iron in the meat stimulates hair turnover and replenishment. It's also high in zinc and that helps protect against hair loss.
So it may be just as easy (and challenging) as making sure she has a well balanced diet.

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You don't need to be concerned at all. I was a bald baby with just a little light blonde fuzz until I was 2. Now I have a thick head of hair. My son was also a bald baby and got hair (also light blonde) late. He has a nice, thick head of hair now. Let nature take its course and before you know it, your daughter will have plenty of hair.

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No worries R.,
I was born with no hair and only had a small amount of hair until I was 2 1/2. That is when my hair started to grow and now I have thick beautiful hair (so I'm told). It will grow don't worry. My daughter is 1 years old and is following in her mommies footprints. She too has very little hair. I think is adorable and I can't wait to see what her hair will look like in the future!
Take care!

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Hi R. - My son did not have hair until after 2 years old -- now he has a lot (he's now 7). One thing I know is I can always ask my son's doctor for what's normal and when to be concerned. The pediatrician told me not to be too concerned -- just keep an eye on it. And then boom -- he started growing hair after 2. I was a lil concerned that I was going to have a bald headed kid. :)

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Dear R.,
I too, had almost no hair until I was about 3 1/2-4 years old!
My mom tied ribbons on my shoes, ribbons on whatever she could come up with. By the time I was 5-I had hair almost to
my waist. My dad did NOT allow me to have short hair.
I guess it was difficult for mom to deal with when I was that
young. But-it is absolutely nothing to be worried about!
Enjoy Your Daughter!!!
C. S.

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