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2 Year Old on Air Plane

We are going back to Disney World in March. This will be the first time for my daughter Claire. She is only 2 in October(she was in my tummy last time). I plan on buying her her own seat and bringing the car seat with. Any ideas to keep her calm. I have heard of people using benedyrl. (this may be a dumb question but...where do you put a poopy diaper on the plane?) I don't want to stink out my fellow travelers. We are flying Midwest and the plane is really small. Not much room to change a baby at all.

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Sometime Benadryl makes kids hyper. You should try it before you get on a plane. I take lots of books, snacks, and a magna-doodle. Other people entertain them too.

Hi, I'll make this quick since you already have so much advice. Do not bother with the car seat - it has to be airline approved by the way. Also I would not give her medicine unless she is sick. If she likes to draw take a Doodle Pro - or crayons and paper. Same stuff that entertains her at home that you don't mind lugging around! Diapers - take freezer bag and dispose of in bathroom trash!

I grew up as the 3rd of 9 children, so you can imagine the long crowded car trips to Grandma's house every summer. Remember that 2-year olds are just as susceptible to motion sickness as some older children, so my parents always carried some children's chewable Dramamine (approved for children 2-12 years old and not as likely to have the counter-reaction many kids have with Benadryl). Damamine is also well known for causing drowsiness -- even more so than Benadryl, so follow the dosage directions exactly.

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Hi C., I have three kids ages 3, 11, and 13. First, try not to worry about flying with young kids. The carseat is the first most important thing you are doing for your baby, and other passengers. Babies are bullets on airplanes in the event of sudden change of altitude. If your baby travels well in the car, then the plane should be ok too. Perhaps you could visit the airport in advance to see the concourses, and the planes. If moving all your baggage, the kids, the carseat is too much, ask in advance for assistance getting from checkin to the gate, and at the destination as well. You are as much in need of help as someone who requires wheelchair or golfcart assistance. Don't be afraid to ask for help, bottom line.

Be sure to have an empty sip cup or bottle with you to put milk or water in after you are through security in the airport, because she will need to swallow on take-off and landing to pop her ears as cabin pressure changes. Drinking is the best way to get her to do that, to relieve the pain. Be sure to have her special "lovey" which might help her relax and sleep.

As far as keeping her busy, purchase a few new toys to be handed out at points when Claire gets antsy on the flight. Cassie should have some new surprises as well. Maybe have Cassie help to choose toys for Claire. Look in the educational catalogs or toy stores for travel toys. No choking hazards!

Benadryl can have an opposite effect on your child, revving them up. Drugs should be avoided unless your pediatrician advises you otherwise, and it doesn't hurt to consult with those angels (the docs) as well! If your child has any physical/behavioral issues, the MD can advise.

Finally, poopy diapers are happily taken away by flight attendants (carry spare plastic bags in your diaper bag), or you can put them in the bathroom trash bins. Bon voyage!

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Ask the flight attendants! I would take a plastic grocery sack with you and tie it off in that and put it back in the diaper bag if they don't have any great ideas. I took my 12 month old on a plane from UT to TX (she's now 6) and while I was in the bathroom going potty I left her with my brother and she peed all that her diaper could handle!! He got wet all over his own lap. The flight attendants had a great laugh at him and his wet pants!! Most likely they'll be very helpful! Good luck! Bring lots of things to do! Binoculars, coloring books, a FEW crayons, books to read, games to play, forget carrying anything on for yourself, that is just a dream. And I would definitely check all my bags. Only one carry-on and it needs to be kid friendly because you could end up carrying your kid! hope that helps.

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My son loves to fly. He thinks it is the coolest experience ever. We flew from Anchorage to Hawaii when he was just barely 2 years old & I was terrified that he would scream the entire time or want to get up & run around. It was a 5 hour flight. He did get restless towards the end but that was only because he was fighting going to sleep for fear he would miss something. My advice is make it fun for them. Get some new toys or coloring books that they can only play with on the plane. Also get some books about planes to read with her so she will know what will be happening during the flight... finding her seat, buckling in, take off, landing ... that sort of thing. Get her excited about the experience and all will be fine. The also have in flight movies that you can rent for a few dollars now days. On a long flight .. that is an ideal way to pass the time. As for poopy diapers. Carry some empty trash bags to seal them in. After changing her .. tie the bag up tight & put it in the trash container. The rest rooms on planes stink anyway .. so no one will pick out that it was you who caused the smell. Try to get her to go potty before boarding & odds are she will last until landing. A good idea is to carry a bottle of milk or juice for take off and landing to help keep her ears from popping which may scare her. If she is off a bottle .. give her a sucker or something to suck on. The sucking action will keep her ears open.
Have fun !! Who knows .. she may sleep the entire flight !!

We just got back from Orlando with a 2.5 year old, this was his second time flying and he was fine. You can bring along a DVD player. We brought books and a few small toys, played silly face games and made a couple of trips to the bathroom just to get up and stretch. He slept most of the time, on the way there he watched a movie on my laptop.

Hi--This is about the same age my son was the first time we went to Disney. I used to have a pediatrician who believed in using a little Benedryl to make traveling a little easier on everybody. What I did was hit the dollar store, Target, and the like a few different times prior to going. For each kid I made a little goodie bag over which I had control. I had things like small coloring books, a little Ziploc baggie of crayons, small stories that I could quietly read to him, baggies of favorite snacks, plain paper so he could draw pictures, Silly Putty, and things like that for the younger one. For my older one I had some cheap books or Disney magazines that could just be tossed when it had been read enough. You could also Google "car games" or something like that and find some guessing games, silly jokes, and such. I can only speak for me, but I would rather hear silly jokes and laughter than some of the other options, lol!! If you happen to have an iPod that can play video, you can download age-appropriate shows and bring that along. As for the diaper, you might want to bring one or two plastic grocery bags to put the diaper in and then tie it up to minimize *ahem* the aroma. There are trash receptacles in the plane, and people are just going to have to deal. They chose mass transit, and sometimes there are small inconveniences. Have a great time...my kids loved the whole experience!! Our younger child loved Ariel's Grotto :)

Sometime Benadryl makes kids hyper. You should try it before you get on a plane. I take lots of books, snacks, and a magna-doodle. Other people entertain them too.

Bringing along a few toys is very helpful, but be sure they are ones that are not irreplaceable, because some will no doubt end up on the floor or lost between seats. A few new little items are good, especially if you wrap them up as a gift for the plane ride. A small ball of clay or playdoh is great because you can make things out of it for her, or she can play with it. It can entertain a lot longer than some toys. Also, my young kids loved the special treat of bubble gum when we were landing. . . I would try to blow the biggest bubbles I could and they would pop them. It distracted them enough, and they could chew their own gum to help with ear issues.

I have traveled with three children under 7 on a 10 hour flight and they did wonderful. It's not as hard as you think. I always take snacks, incase they don't like airline food and who does. I let them get settled and then give the snack at take off. This helps with thhe ear pressure problem they'll have unless they are constantly swallowing. Have lots of drinks available as well. You will need the car seat when you get to your destination, however I always checked them and let the children use the room in the seat to move. Take new activity books, stickers, crayons and paper, small lego containers or Polly Pockets worked best. I had my kids pack their own "activity" bag. I usually have too much, but lots of options. I keep the "snack back" separate. I small kids suitcase on wheels works and the two year old has her own carry on bag. My kids always say it's like a long car ride, but with lots of people to watch. Also set the expectation so she know what to expect that always helps. Tell her there will be lots of interesting people, a small bathroom, and how the take off and landing works.

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