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2 Year Old Molars

My son's two year molars are coming in and his is miserable. Does anyone have any advice on what I can give him to relieve the pain? Currently, his appetite has decreased (however, jello and popicles are good) and he constantly sucks/chews on his fingers. We have been giving him Motrin, but I am hoping there is another way he can cope.

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I put some baby orajel right on them with a q-tip a few times a day. This seemed to help my two when they were little. It numbs the area for a little while so they can eat.

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Hi. My 12 mounth old daughter has been teething and I tried everything to help with the pain.(I tired orajel, teething rings, wooden spoons etc). I finally asked my pediatrician if there was anything else that could ease her pain and she recommend these disolvable tablets called humpreys. They took my daughters pain away all night. The humphreys medicine is a homepatethic (sorry for the spelling). Hope this works for you.

I put some baby orajel right on them with a q-tip a few times a day. This seemed to help my two when they were little. It numbs the area for a little while so they can eat.

Ask your doctor if you can give your son some children's Motrin. That's what I give my kids. I've heard teething tablets are good and one of my favorites is frozen veggies. I get the mixed veggies and put some in a bowl and my kids have a blast. It's cold so it numbs the teeth a bit and it's healthy. I wouldn't recommend the baby orajel at this age mainly because you don't want to get bitten while trying to apply the gel to the teeth that hurt. Hope this helps.

I used baby orel gel and that seemed to work. I don't advice giving to much motrin, it's not really good for their stomach. the orel gel numbs the gums for quite awhile as I used it on my own teeth when I had a tooth ache. Also a little ambasol it just tastes nasty. Hope that helps

Hylands or Humphreys teething tablets might work. Ask the pharmacist where they are. They're normally hidden.

When my son gets really irritable (his are coming in slowly and one at a time) I give him a "special treat" of Tylenol meltaways. It calms him down a bit.

I know teething was one of the hardest things my daughter dealt with. My biggest concern then was not whether they would ever come, but that thought crossed my mind. It was would she survive it and not start chewing on her fingers (or start thumb sucking at this late ate)So, I came across a particular type of blanket. I think they are called thermal baby blankets (the same type of material thermal undies are made out of) they have these little square indentation all throughout the blanket. since it is a little rougher my daughter would chew on this blanket and I think ut helped with the irritation and itching. Once the tooth would break through she would either stop chewing for a awhile or move to a different part of the mouth. At the time I really just didn't want her pain nad that hatted the cold things I would give so the thermal blankets came to live in out house. It really helped!

I would say, try the highlands teething tablets or you can pick up some "Kanka" it's a great numbing medicine, you just rub the applicator on the spot where he's teething, it's taste horrible (I taste everything before I give it to my son) but it works, and they will drool a lot because it really numbs them, I only used it at bedtime, so that he and we could get a good night sleep, and I didn't want his mouth to be numb all day long.
So I would say, alternate, highlands during the day, and Kanka at night, just use a small bit of it, or his whole mouth will go numb.
Good luck, and look at it this way, once you get the molars, the rest is easy street! ;-)

Baby orajel works well my teenage daugher still uses it when her teeth are coming in

I had great success with Hyghland's teething tablets. I also found a set of beginner tooth brushes at Babies R Us that he chewed on. They had a guard so he wouldn't choke himself and the tip was soft enough to chew on. We went through 2 sets of those for his molars. Those were the only things he could actually get back far enough to reach the molars. Good luck, H.

Try teething tablets. They've worked for us for every new tooth.

Hi E.,

I have been there and done that. My girls are both grown adult children. ONe had an easier time teething than the other. I would suggest that you put teething toys in the freezer, it may help to bite on them and they will cool his little mouth. Also, Ambisol,or something like that is good at numbing the gums. Othere than the Motrin, there isn't much you can do but wait it out w/him. It will pass. However, do watch his ears and make sure he doesn't get an ear infection along with the teething. I'm not sure why but the 2 tend to go hand in hand.

Try to get rest in the mean time, I know that's hard w/a baby but they nap, you do the same. a rested Mommy is so much more happy and more ready to deal w/the everyday ins and outs of being a mom.

D. Wentz

My I suggest you get him a chewing ring. One that you can put in the freezer. He can chew on it instead of his fingers. Also, Ambisol, I think that's how you spell it, maybe good. It's a temperary relief from the pain. Plus it has a sweet taste and will numb his gums.

His appetite has decreased because the pain. Try these things and hopefully in they will help long enough for him to eat.

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