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2 Year Old Has Dandruff

My 2 year has a really dry scalp. I have asked my hair stylist what to do and she said I probably wash her hair too much and to make sure I use conditioner. But that doesnt seem to get rid of it. It will help for awhile but I just noticed this morning its pretty flaky on top. She never scatches it but it bothers me to see it when I fix her hair. Does anyone know how I can get rid of it for good ? Ive tried to find baby shampoo for this but have had no luck . I want something thats made for children so it doesnt hurt her eyes when I rinse it out. All I see at the stores it some fruity scented conditioners and I cant stand the smell. Can I use Head and Shoulders ??? I dont want to buy something like that unless I know it will work . Help !! Thanks

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On Good Morning America last week they had a person on that said that if you had dandruff to brew some green tea, let it cool and then use as a rinse....I have yet to try this but it sounds much gentler than anything else. K.

my friend was in italy & says they have some kind of stuff there with olive oil for cradle cap, but can't remember the name of it.

I'm asian and got dandruff since moving to the south. We use the neutrogena t-gel 2in1 that doesn't stink and only every three days. Don't know if you can use that on 2 yr olds. I use that green bottle of olive oil conditioner that you get from walmart. and I have the leave in olive oil to cut down on frizzy hair because I tried friedas, lalooks, loreal, aussie, etc & nothing. olive oil is what works in this humidity.
the kids also have used that johnson & johnsons stuff with honey, but that was when we lived in calif. don't know if it works in ms.


I am a childcare giver to my friends son. He will be one in May, and he has the same issues with his scalp. His mom took him to the Doc and he recommended washing only every other day, and told her to use Selsun Blue but it has to be equal parts shampoo and water. She is pleased with the results. Hope this helps.

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Hi A.! My daughter has the same problem. My pediatrician recommended some shampoo call Sebulex. I had to get the pharmacy at Wal-Mart to order it for me. I use that on her, and use conditioner afterwards, and be sure and rinse her hair good! Since the weather has started warming up, it's mostly all went away. I've also used Head and Shoulders; the main thing is to use conditioner no matter what kind of shampoo you use, because the shampoo dries their hair out. I hope this has helped some! Good luck!

After washing her hair try putting baby oil in it, and leave it in till you wash her hair again.

When my youngest was a baby he had bad cradle cap. My doctor told me to use selsun blue. It worked very well. My second son did not ever have cradle cap but does occassionally get very dry spots on his scalp. He just turned 4. When I notice a dry spot I will use selsun blue for a couple of days and it works great. I tried other brand and they did not work as well. I know you have to be very careful not to get it in their eyes, but you only need to use it occassionally. Hope this helps.

My daughter had the same problem when she was 2. Her Pediatrician suggested using "Neutrogina T-Gel" to wash her hair about 2 times per week. It worked great! The only thing was that it did not smell to good, it smells like medicine. The dandruff was gone after only 2 uses and was a lot better after the first use. You have to make sure though that she keeps her eyes closed when rinsing. I just followed the directions when using it, and I think I even bought the generic brand to save some money. I hope this helps!

My son and I have the same problem. You can use Head and Shoulders, Nizoral, etc. but don't use it all the time. Just use it once a week or so (per my pediatrician). It really works for us.

I have done hair for a long time, and suggest something natural.The best thing to use for dry scalp is Mayonaise, or a beaten egg. I know it sounds weird but both those have cholesterol,which is excellent for the scalp and hair, and cannot hurt your child....Just be sure if you use the mayo (use a small amount)pea-quarter size because it can be quite greasy......When applying, massage on scalp,and through to the ends of the hair, leave in for about 30 minutes. Then rinse and shampoo if needed.....I would suggest doing that once a week...and continue with a gentle shampoo. I would not condition the hair more than once a week (if needed) because you can actually over condition, and that will build up on the scalp, and hair shaft..If your child is that young you should not really have to condition, but instead use a detangler when needed........Hope this has been of some help....Please let me know how it works for you...If you have any other questions feel free to email me.......Good luck..J.

I had the same problem with my child. I would suggest not using reg. shampoo, use a natural baby shampoo from health food store add about ten drops of tea tree oil to shampoo miracle within days. Berts Bees Baby or Natures Baby

you could try oil like rosemary oil that you leave in over night then rinse out(just use small amount),maybe she is allergic to your laundry detergent and the pillowcases are irritating her scalp.I would definately avoid the the shampoos and conditioners with scents.There are some medicated scalp shampoos but make sure and read the labels and maybe ask the pharmacist before using them on your daughter.

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