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2 Year Old Hair Loss

Hi moms! I'm posting this for a friend of mine who has a 2 1/2 year old daughter. Over the past several months, her daughter's hair has noticeably thinned out. It doesn't come out in patches but rather is generally much much thinner than in was a few months ago. She had blood tests done but everything came up normal. Her pediatrician said it just may be a normal cycle of growth for her daughter but my friend thinks it's just seems like she's lost too much hair for that to be the cause. Has anyone's child experienced this and if so, how did you treat it? Thanks in advance!!!

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Thanks for all your responses. My friend took her daughter to a pediatric dermatologist yesterday. He looked at a piece of her hair under a microscope and apparently she has something called "pili annulati." It's very rare-in fact the doctor had never seen a patient with it before. It has other symptoms but hair loss is one of them.
Thanks again and have a great day everyone!

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My mom said when I was little, my hair thinned out quite a bit and I didn't even start growing more hair until I was 5. I'm 24 now and have very thick hair.

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hi my granddaughter is losing her hair also..she will be 2 years old in may...some places looks like she is going bald...we called her -pediatrician and he said it was normal for a 2 year . I have been around alot of 2 year olds and have never experienced anything like this not even my own kids....so i dont know i am still researching this...if you find out anything let me know please

Hi T.,
Has she looked into alopecia that could be caused by allergies or something else? How about her sleeping position?

Random thoughts that might help.
L. L.

I remember a story I heard when I taught preschool that a mom couldn't figure out why her daughter was losing her hair. The dr. ran several tests and never found anything until one day they caught her eating the fish food. I would guess eating anything out of the norm could cause a similar issue. Just thought I would pass on the info.

Does the child also complain of her head itching? My daughter's hair seems to have thinned out much the same way and she complains that her head itches when she lays down at night. Just wondering. Unfortunately, I don't have an answer for what's causing it.

does she look like she is malnourished? she may have celiacs or another food allergy preventing her from absorbing nutrients. tell that mama to listen to her mama instinct!

I've also been told that my hair thinned when I was a toddler and then it grew back thicker later. I wouldn't be concerned since the pediatrician has checked her for medical causes and found none.

I will add, in the way of humor, that at 66 my hair is once more thinning.

I too have the personal experience of thinning hair when I was a toddler. My mother reports that my hair actually, thinned and fell out twice in the first 3 years of my life.
I started out a brunette, lost all of it, became a red-head, lost all of that and then came the thick dark brown curly hair I have now.
If the pediatrician isn't worried, I wouldn't worry either.

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