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2 Year Old Constipated -- What Can I Give Her to Help?

What can I safely give my 2 year old to help ease her constipation? I'm looking for over the counter medicines, as well as general food/eating/drinking things that may help. Thanks!

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I mix 1 tsp of ground FLAX SEED with my son's yougart everymoring. It tastes good and there's nothing like in keeping a child regular. It also had a lot of added nutirtional benefits. you can also easily mix it with pancakes/muffins etc..

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Well I just found out that Fiber One Muffins seem to make my 2 year old and my husband (HEHEHE) poop. Neither one of them have problems with constipation but my husband could tell a big difference in himself just after one or two muffins and I could tell a BIG difference in my almost 2 year old after he hate one. They are really good and easy to make.

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I like this since I can alwalys remember: My doctor says P is for poop. pears, prunes, peaches, peas

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Constipation is a classic sign of trouble in the digestive system. The first recommendation I would make is increase her water. Take her body weight in pounds, divide it in half, have her drink that many ounces of water as a MINIMUM every day. (Example, if she weights 30 pounds she should drink no less than 15 ounces of water every day.)

Get some cod liver oil and give her the recommended dose each day. Most children will take it right off the spoon if you don't make a fuss about it. The best brands are Nordic Naturals and Carlsons. Don't buy the cheap stuff---it can be toxic.

Make all her snacks fruit---fresh, unprocessed, whole fruit. Don't let her eat crackers or other processed foods. They are classic constipators. Fruit is the most easily digested when it is eaten alone.

Give her very healthy meals---meat and lots of vegetables. Any grains should be WHOLE and unprocessed.

Also try giving her yogurt each day. Not the sugared stuff, but plain whole fat yogurt. You can add berries and a wonderful sweetener called stevia. You can buy stevia at Sprouts, Whole Foods or Central Market.

If you do all these things, I bet she'll be fine. If not, feel free to message me privately.

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Hi H.,
I skimmed through all the responses and didn't see this:
castor oil rubbed on the stomach in a clockwise direction. (They don't have to drink it!) It helps relive the cramping that sometimes goes with constipation. Once the cramping subsides, passing the stool is a bit easier. If you have any essential oils handy (lavender is especially nice and calming), you can put a drop of that in your hand, then the castor oil, then warm it up just by rubbing your hands together and apply.
It is sticky, so get her in a yucky T-shirt first.

Also, please do not give her Karo syrup. High Fructose Corn Syrup is linked to so many diseases and causes severe health problems. One man even wrote an entire book on how bad it is. Best not to give her the taste for it.


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I like this since I can alwalys remember: My doctor says P is for poop. pears, prunes, peaches, peas

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My second child had some trouble with constipation while she was 2 just earlier this year due to too much dairy intake and not enough vegetable/fruit matter and fiber.

I realize everyone else seems to be advocating diet change but it's easier said than done for a 2 year old especially if they are NOT used to eating that way. It can be gradual getting the child to eat as they need to. In my case, I needed something to relieve my child's symptoms NOW instead of later when diet was corrected.

I used Pedia-Lax. It's by Fleet and is simply Liquid Glycerin Suppositories. They are availible over the counter at CVS pharmacy, which is where I purchased the only box we needed.

Initially this was my absolute last resort. I did not want to go there but we do what we must when we must to help our little ones. Anyway I was surprised by how easy this was to do & how quickly there were results.

The box states " Works in minutes." "Provides gentle, safe relief." "Convenient, No-mess applicators." It is for ages 2 - 5 years old and states it on the box as well.

Results are stated to occur in 1/4 to 1 hour after being administered. My child went 2 minutes after I used one. Just two minutes and she'd been MISERABLE (as I imagine you can relate) for the previous 2 days. She did not feel bad when the need to go hit-it was simply the strong urge and was easy for her to go as well. It did not cause any cramping or flatulence or diahrrea. Just helped her to eliminate the immediate waste.

I HIGHLY recommend these. I was freaked out to try and use it but I followed the directions on the box and it was easy enough and worked JUST fine and I had no issues.

My husband and myself and our precious daughter were ALL relieved within 5 minutes of administering it. The misery was over for all of us and our daughter was able to get off the potty and resume normal activity as though the previous hours and two days before had never occured.

You just can't beat that for immediate relief!

I hope all goes well & am sure you'll do all you can to help her towards a more helpful diet. You're a smart mom and you know what your daughter needs regardless of what all advice you are given. Follow your instincts and remember that if you're ever in doubt-a quick call to the pediatrician never hurt anyone and even though such calls usually have a dollar amount attached to them now- your child is always worth it. :)

God's blessings on you & yours.

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I mix 1 tsp of ground FLAX SEED with my son's yougart everymoring. It tastes good and there's nothing like in keeping a child regular. It also had a lot of added nutirtional benefits. you can also easily mix it with pancakes/muffins etc..

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Well I just found out that Fiber One Muffins seem to make my 2 year old and my husband (HEHEHE) poop. Neither one of them have problems with constipation but my husband could tell a big difference in himself just after one or two muffins and I could tell a BIG difference in my almost 2 year old after he hate one. They are really good and easy to make.

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We've been having issues with our son - and our doctor had us start giving him a teaspoon of flax seed oil every day - it has really helped. I usually add it to his yogurt in the morning. It's made a big difference in keeping him regular and has all sorts of other benefits - I highly recommend it. I got our at Whole Foods - but saw some last night at Tom Thumb in the yogurt section. Good luck!

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Hi H.,

Increasing her fruit and veggie intake will help with this. If that is a challenge, I market a product that you and your daughter may love as much as I do. They put 17 fresh, raw fruits, veggies and grains in a gummy treat. Call or email me for info:


I know frustrating that can be for you and your 2 year old. My 12 year old daughter went thre that when she was about 2 or 3. We ended up having to seek a doctor, however, first we tried milk of magnesia(liquid or tablets) whatever she can handle. What about prune juice? Gerber makes an aplle and pune juice and it actually tastes good. My 22 month old loves it. Also, maybe try calling your pharmacist. I have found them to be a great source for me.
I have a 10 yr. old, 12 year old, 22 month old, and a 3 week old. Just wanted you to know I've been through almost everything and will make that round again. ha ha
Hope your daughter gets better. Sincerely, Glory

She needs a lot of fiber...from fruits, vegetables, whole grains. My son (17 mos old) is now going through a phase of refusing his veggies, so we are still feeding him oatmeal and barley cereals, and offering him cheerios or a piece of whole-grain bread with every meal (continuing to offer him the veggies (several times) at each meal, of course).

If he's had a day without a BM, then we give him prunes the next day and that always does the trick...

Good luck!

Milk can cause constipation. If you want to give your child a white liquid you can try hemp, almond, rice or potato milk.

prune juice or raisins will do the trick. I wouldn't give more than a bottle a day until you see how well it works.

Our Dr told us to use Simply Apple juice. She (the Dr) used it while she was preganant and it works wonders for our daughter.

Hi H.!

I've tried Plumsmart Juice by Sunsweet for my three year old. There are two kinds: a regular and a light. They both work, but with the regular because of your daughters age you may need to cut it with a little water. It will make your daughter go and it will also soften her stool. You can buy Plumsmart at Walmart on the juice isle.

Good luck!!


We have battled this with my three year old since she was 5 months old. I second all who recommend Miralax!! That has been the only thing that has continued to help. We now only have to use it occasionally but it has been the best. Another thing that she really enjoyed that helps is the Activia yogurt; she thought it was a great treat and it helped as well.
Good luck!

apple juice with a table spoon of karo syrup in it

You can give her grape or apple juice... Be sure to dilute it or she will have other problems... We have always give juice when constipated and cheese or bananas when they are having loose bowels...

Hope this helps

Miralax! My daughter was prescribed this when she was 2, but it is now available OTC. I see other's have recommended as well...

prune juice helped my son.

Try 4-6oz of 100% apple juice every day. Make sure to check the sugar levels, the less the better.
I know it sounds like a lot to do daily but I give my 14mth old about 5oz a day watered down just a little and she stays regular.
The juice is good for her and it beats having to give her otc meds.

My 15 month old has battled constipation since her early months. Her gastro. dr. recommended us giving her 1 dose of Milk of Magnesia once a day everyday...then as things get more regular, give it to her every few days. It does wonders :) Also, peaches, pears, and prunes are great for loose stools (per our gastro. dr. as well)...too much dairy can constipate.

Hope this helps!

hi H.! there is a recipe for BM cookies! that stands for banana metamucil cookies! but the BM is what they are trying to achieve! tell her to drink lots of water and juices, and eat lettuce if possible, and fruits, but call North Dallas Pediatrics and have them fax you the recipe for banana metamucil cookies, and that should work!

Miralax worked like a charm for us. Plus lots of apple sauce and apples. I forget the dose now but I think it was mentioned on someone else's post.

My 5 yr old had trouble for a while (he's our meat eater) and we started giving him Activia Yogart (he likes the vanilla flavor). He hasn't had constipation yet!


Grapes and watered down grapejuice (not from concentrate and with no high frutose corn syrup in it)helped keep my son regular. Also, it might be a good idea to keep her away from as much dairy as you can--if her stomach is having problems this might not be helping-- if she likes yogurt-that would be okay if you have her off of cheese and milk--the yogurt has the good bacteria (Dophilus and Bifidus) in it to help balance out stomachs. Hope this helps.

I'd recommend Miralax. You can pick it up at any pharmacy, more than one doctor has recommended it to us and it has worked well. It is a powder you can mix in some juice or water, doesn't have a taste and doesn't have any painful or uncomfortable side effects. We used 1/2 the dosage on the bottle. I was very happy with Miralax and it got things moving for my daughter.

You can also use pears, peaches, prunes. I'd stay away from applesauce - that can actually make things worse.

Straight grape juice - purple or white. The sugar in it pulls water into the intestine just like milk of magnesia.


A few months after my daughter was born, she got constipated. She was definitely too young for any type of medication. The pediatrician recommended KARO syrup. It seemed to help.

Our little one suffers as well and a nutritionist suggested pear juice or prune juice which worked tremendously well. The pear juice, she mentioned, is a little more pleasant tasting and is easier on the stomach although my little guy never had any stomach cramps from the Gerber apple/prune juice we used. It is a combo juice found with the baby foods and juices. Safe and easy remedy for us. Hope it will work for you.

Hi H.,

What I've given my son in the past is apple juice. It may take a day or two, but it seems to work fairly well. Also, Little Tummies makes an "easy-on-the-tummy" OTC laxative that also works well, although it is kind of messy. Good luck in getting your little one to go!

Clear Karo syrup will help for now...then just make sure she gets enough liquid and fiber. Grapes are good because they fill the fiber and liquid quota at the same time!

Take Care

Hi, H. - You can get Miralax at any store. It's what our doctor prescribed for my son when he was 2. It is also available over the counter. You should check with your doctor's office too since 2 years old is young. The doc gave us a handout that said cheese and dairy are to be limited and replaced with high fiber foods like watermelon. It really has helped our son. Good luck.

Applesauce or pears work great :)


Apple juice helps my little one go, when she gets constipated. I hope that helps.

I currently use Miralax(per pediatrician) for my 2yo daughter. I give her about 1 1/2 tsp. I started off with 1 tsp at first, but no results. This the dose that works for her. It will take a couple of days ,but it does the job safely. It has no taste. I usually add it to water first thing in the morning, but any time of the day is fine. I just choose this time b/c she wakes up thirsty and she finishes all of the water.

Steer away from too much cheese, bananas as they can cause constipation. I tried Karo syrup. It worked when she was younger, but I tried it again and it did nothing.

Hope this helps.

Let me tell you a little story.I had a 22mo.old little girl in my care at an early headstart program.She was constipated to the extreme.Her bm was stuck & hard as a rock as it was trying to pass and her rectom area was dark blue & purple and also bleeding.We called mom to come get her & take her to the hospital.When she arrived she asked me what she should do.I told her that my personal opinion would be to give her apple juice befor i would take her to the hospital and wait for hours to be seen by a doctor.(I've been through this same problem in the past)So she went on to the hospital and after waiting for 2 hours with this child in pain they told her to take her home & give her apple juice.Mom said within the hour of drinking the apple juice this poor little girl passed it.But I will say this child was not on a very nutritious diet so I asked mom to give her some apple juice every day.I hope this helps & sorry it is so long! GOOD LUCK!

My grandaughter is on Miralax. Both her pediatrician and her Gastrointerologist recommend.

I had the same problem with my daughter. The doctor told me to put 1 teaspoon of clear Karo syrup in her milk (she was on the bottle) and it did wonders. Start out once a day but can give twice a day if needed.

All "P" fruits - peaches, pears, prunes

Magnesium - prescribed by my doctor, give at night, buy capsules and mix with juice to administer.

I have dealt with this with my 11 month old since birth. He has anal fissures. So it hurts him to go if it too hard. First try apple and or prune juice. If the prune juice is a little warm it helps. I would assume your 2 yr old is already drinking apple juice. Next I would recommend Miralax. This was recommended by my peditrician. You can get it anywhere Walgreens, etc. It comes in powder form. It is gentle on their tummy and they can take it everyday the rest of their life if needed. It works pretty quickly. You fill the cap up to the bottom line. I fill half way for an infant. Read the directions and see what it tells you. You can increase the amount or decrease it depending on how your little one is going to the bathroom. This is per my pediatrian and it works well.

Prune juice worked on mine and also the plum/prune baby food in the jars.

Karo or apple juice always did the trick for my kids. Good luck and I hope she feels better soon!


I had that problem alot with my now 15 month old. Pear juice always works. It has taken up to 4 hours before but usually within an hour. I just Gerber brand. I dont give it to her unless she is constapated or if her stool is getting a little hard. I just realized I am offically a mom... discussing bowl movements.. with complete stangers. The things we do for our kidos.. good luck.oh by the way. The pear juice never leaves her with a bloated stomach or the gassy feeling that comes along with over the counter remedies.


Do you have any idea why she is constipated? This would dictate the proper approach.

For example, if you believe she eats foods that constipate her and she doesn't take in sufficient water, then you need to get her more water. Watermelon is good. Kiwi is also good. Lemon is good. Mix small amounts of juice with water, etc.

If, however, you believe she is not very deficient in water intake, there is likely some digestive distress. Most pediatricians and GI doctors would not identify any problem. They don't study up much on food and the impact it has on the body. She probably is eating foods that aggravate her system and she is unable to digest and assimilate them properly. Gluten and dairy are HUGE culprits, inflicting about one half of the US population with chronic problems that are usually not diagnosed by conventional docs.

If you interested, here is a lab that could help you test her properly for these issues:www.enterolab.com

Good luck.

Health food stores sell bran that you can put in almost any food item you fix. Vinegar...pickles.

I Have twins and my sons deals with constipation. As per my his urologist, we give him 1 tsp of Benefiber daily. When my daughter was constipated, my ped. told me to try prunes, which helped, but I also gave her pedi-lax.

prune juice (mix it with apple juice) is supposed to work. Cut up apples for snacks is good for fiber. good luck

My son deals with chronic constipation and we were able to wean him of miralax (I think it was 1/2 tsp/day, but ask your pharmacist). You can use prunes/prune juice, lots of fruits and veggies in diet and fiber. Make sure she's drinking pleny of water too. The Dr. also recommended a bit of Karo dark syrup per day as well, which is worth a try, but didn't help mine much.
Good luck!

My mother suffered from constipation for as long as I can remember. After she found this recipe she swore by it:

2 cups All Bran
2 Cups Apple Sauce
One cup Prune Juice

Take 2 Tablespoons every day.

Good Luck!

we gave my daughter Miralax when we had that problem. She would not go to the bathroom when we traveled. (we were in teh military at the time, & traveled alot) it worked great & you can get it off the medicine shelf now. good luck!

Bear with me because my son was 2.5 at the time and being potty trained AND refused to eat vegetables and other high fiber food... so I got tricky. I would push water and apple juice. Also I made him pancakes- he was not getting alot of nutrition so I use pediasure instead of milk in the recipe and some ground flaxseed mixed into the flour/pancake batter. It worked like a charm. He was/is a big milk drinker so I cut back on that too (talk to your doctor as to what is a reasonable amount to have daily... lots of kids over do it and milk does back you up)

Go to your pharmacy and ask them for glycerin suppositories for children. They worked great on my special needs granddaughter. She has problems all the time.
Hope this helps.


It is now over the counter. Our Pediatrician prescribed it for my DD when she was 2 and refused to poop. Worked like a charm. You can use it everyday.

Hi H.
wow, lots of suggestions on this one! If you would like a natural alternative to a medication, Arbonne makes a fiber shake and a protein shake and mixed together taste great, and help ALOT to prevent constipation. plus, kids love it and they are getting add'l nutrients and protein they need. you can also mix fruit into it to add to their diet. It helps my 3 1/2 yr old when she gets constipated, usualy the same day.

i sell Arbonne so let me know if you'd like a free sample.

Light Karo Syprup, about a teaspoon. It works great, but takes about 12 hours.

We had the same issue with our 3 yo. We tried a more natural approach that just did not help. Our pediatrician reccomended Miralax and it worked great. very mild and no addictive.

We have to give my daughter a glass of half prune juice and half water every day for her to stay regular. Apricots or apricot nectar also works. You might also look into limiting things like bananas and cheese that can cause those problems for a few days till she gets back on track. Godd LuckQ

I'd try natural remedies before going for medicines. You've heard it already in the other posts, lots of fresh fruit and veggies, dried fruits and water, water, water! Sugary drinks like juice absorb water from the cells and dehydrates. They can't go if they are dehydrated. If you introduce these items into her diet on a daily basis you should be able to get rid and stay rid of the problem!

H., I have had this problem with my two year old. She became afraid to use the potty for going poop after a few bad times with this. We used pedia lax chewable tablets, because I didn't want to go the suppository route unless absolutely necessary. They take longer, and sometimes you need two or three, but they did eventually work.

After that, I had heard on this site that yogurt will actually help maintain a regular bowel movement. So, I buy those yoplait drinks (Dora, Diego, Blues Clues) for her and she has one of those every morning. I also make sure she gets fruit in the day and not too much milk or cheese. The other thing is I have to make sure she gets time to run around each day (at home, the park, or anything). That activity level makes certain that everything is moving through properly. I'm still retraining her that she doesn't have to be afraid to use the toilet for bowel movements and it is a day by day thing. Anything you can do to increase fruits, veges and add a yogurt product each day will keep things moving along.

Good luck!


When my daughter was constipated due to potty training issues, her doctor recommended milk of magnesia and said it was ok to give her every day if needed.

Try a little olive oil. Don't know how much for her age, but you can start small, and try a little more if it doesn't help. Good luck! (PS - for diarrhea, try some Kroger brand fruit pectin, found with canning goods or jello products - store brands sometimes don't have the additives major brands do).

I see that several ladies have recommended Miralax so here goes another it works wonders. I give it to my 14 month son and we still use as needed.

Apple juice or pear juice always worked on my daughter. We really had to monitor her dairy intake. Usually the pear juice was the best and it worked within 10 minutes.

We did apple/prune juice and the dark Kayo syrup for a while with my daughter. Then we found some juice called Plum Smart. It's sold right by the Prune juice. My daughter loves it! She has one cup a day of this and she stays regular. It's a little sweeter than Prune juice. We have always done half water, half juice with everything. Good luck!

Baby food apricots worked for us.

Phillips milk of magnesia is good if you want some "action" right away. Check with your pedi on the proper dose though. If you have some time, I'd try some dietary methods. A couple ounces of prune juice (you can get the little baby juices -- otherwise you're stuck with a huge 64-oz jug of prune juice that will go bad before you can ever finish it). Also, Cracklin' Oat Bran cereal works wonders. The cereal pieces are kind of hard, but you can soften them in a bit of milk. You only need a small handful, and I wouldn't give it to her more than twice in a day.
Two things to avoid if constipation is a problem -- cheese and bananas.
Once you get things moving, you can help avoid the problem in the future by giving her a glass of apple juice every day -- be sure it's "not from concentrate." Walmart has a store brand apple juice that's not from concentrate, and it has some added fiber to it. You can also get some not from concentrate apple juice next to the orange juices in the dairy isle, but it's more expensive than the walmart stuff.
The stuff made "from concentrate" does not have the same effect.

Give her prune juice or dehydrated prunes. A good brand in called "The Ones" they are really sweet. You can also give her some natural laxitives it is made by "Little Tummy's".It does not make her cramp or have diahrea.

My daughter went thru the same thing when she was a toddler. Give her some Miralax. it use to be a prescription, but now they sell it over the counter. Its a powder that you would mix in juice,water, whatever is her favorite drink. She will not be able to taste it at all. It works! It works! This is your best solution. Good Luck!

It's been sevearl years ago, but a Dr. had me get colace drops for my daughter. It isn't a laxative, just keeps last intestine from secreteting too much water, which can cause constipation, and this did the trick for her. And of course trying to get them to drink more water.

Try giving her some "Cracklin Oat Bran" cereal. It works GREAT for my 2 year old son.

For pretty instant relief you can give her baby fleet and start feeding her yogurt and bran muffins and that should help to keep her from getting constipated. Hope this helps.

Kiwi fruit, fresh blueberries (only fresh, because dry is very good for diarrhea)

Miralax...it's over-the-counter or you can have your pediatrician give you a prescription, which is usually quite a bit less expensive. It is non habit-forming and you can get your daughter on a schedule with it that will get her through this until her body learns to re-regulate itself. Good luck!

Mineral oil - once a day. Miralax is wonderful too. My sister used the mineral oil, I used the Miralax. Both worked like a charm. The Miralax you can put in juice and they will never know they are taking it.

Good luck!

Try a variety of fruit juices and fresh fruit throughout the day. If you use a store bought fruit juice, I recommend diluting it with an ounce or two of water, because the bottled juices usually have too much sugar in them.
If she really is terribly constipated, my doctor recommended glycerin suppositories. Ask your pharmacist, they should be easy to find.

Also, Juice Plus (fruit and veggies) in a gummie form(healthy not junk food) are UNBEATABLE for constipation. The green gummies are the veggie ones and they do the trick!!! Oh my gosh do they work. The adult version is in capsule or chewable form and same thing.....green veggie ones will make you regular, besides just being good for you.
Here's my email and I can tell you how to get them if you choose that option.
Best of luck!

I am going thru the same thing with my so. I have taken him to the Dr. and she said that it is pretty common in ages 2-5 especially during the summer. I have been giving him Fiber One yogurt, and also she suggested BeneFiber. I give it to him in all of his drinks. She also said that you can't "overdose" on fiber...if he gets to much he will get diaharea. (which he did) but he was cleaned out. We are still going thru this, and it is hard to potty train, especially when they can't poop regulary. There is also a suppository that I give him, called "PediLax" and it works instantly..like within 5 minutes, sometimes sooner. Raisins and Grahm crackers, whole wheat breads, and apple juice can be thrown into the mix...they can help get the "eart moving" along with the extra help of the Benefiber. Good luck to you.

Hi H.

When my little girl had this problem right after she was born, her doctor said to mix some water with a teaspoon of karo syrup. It worked wonders for her. Hope this helps.

constipation, a daily struggle with my son!! we have tried all the foods and no luck. miralax is great and worked for a while for us.. we have to use pedi-lax suppositories every few days as well as an enema every few weeks. they work great!

i've heard alot of good thinks about fruit-eze, i just ordered our first container yesterday.. heres the link if you want to look into it http://www.fruit-eze.com/

Good morning, H.,
My oldest and my youngest of our 8 children had this problem, too. Prunes are a cheap, effective remedy and most children love their sweet, chewy flavor. Our youngest actually came to look on them as a treat, because they tasted sweet and always made him feel better. Just let your child eat 3 or 4. It make take a day or two, but it is more gentle and less unpleasant than giving them mineral oil or pills or something like that. They even have bags of "bite-sized" prunes now at most grocery stores.
Good luck!

Another fiber source our pedi suggested - popcorn! It is a whole grain, high in fiber - just go for the natural airpopped instead of high fat / high salt microwave stuff. Of course use your judgement and supervision with a toddler and popcorn. We also gave my son milk of magnesia chewables - one half at a time. The only bad thing is they actually taste good, so my son would ask for them all the time, and sometimes pretend to have an upset stomach to get one!

children need roughage & fiber too. Oatmeal is excellent, Karo syrup usually has an effect too. I used to give my children Karo syrup in their milk, just a small teaspoon per large bottle of milk. obviously your child might not be on a bottle anymore so put the syrup on her oatmeal. OJ is also another excellent source of fiber, buy the one with pulp, the pulp will help her bowels move. don't feed your child too much starch (bread, corn or corn products, meat, potatoes, pasta, etc) starch has a constipating effect and turns into sugar. if you start a child off early in life eating veggies instead of fast food, she will have life long good eating habits and will not have much weight problems.

I recieved a sheet on constipation for my 11 month old at her pediatrician and I will tell you what it says for children over one year....
Prunes, figs, dates, raisins, peaches, pears, apricots, beans, celery, peas, cauliflower, broccoli
Increase her bran.
If she is toilet trained, encourage her to sit on the toilet for 10 mins after meals.
Stool softeners...I have doses listed if you want them message me
If she is having acute pain she can sit in a warm bath to help.

Hope this helps!! Good luck, I know how miserable a constipated child can be!

I have a daughter that is 5 and has constipation problems too. She has since she was little. When she was younger, we just gave her metamucil wafers with her cereal or whatever breakfast she was eating, worked wonders. She takes miralax now, but only if we need it (it is after all a laxative), and we give her lots and lots of fruit and veggies and yougurt with the probiotic cultures and extra fiber (wal-marts great value brand is about two bucks for a pack of 6 of them) she is doing great now.

The baby fleet suppositories work pretty well, but I would call my doctor.

Miralax worked for my son. Also, the karo...warning though, if you use the karo be ready for some messes. Worth the mess but oh, my what a mess it can be. :-)

Oatmeal, dried fruits, lots of water and juice.

She probably need fiber and fluids.

I'm sure you have received a ton of responses and almost tried everything on your own anyway as well! Well, I'm a chiropractor and the Nervous System is the master system of the body (which is comprised of the brain and spinal cord) and controls all other systems of the body. Chiropractors treat the spine bc it just so happens to be the body part that protects (and possibly interfere) with this system! Dr. Jaime is also a chiropractor in my office and she specifically deals with children and has had great success with chilren and constipation. We address the root cause of the problem...physical (are the systems of the body functioning optimally), chemical (the physiology of how our bodies work...does she have too much of something or lacking), and emotional (very important...especially bc children have a difficult time expressing emotions 'properly') I would recommend Dr. Jaime Francescangelli... You can contact her at ###-###-#### and ask for a Consult with Dr. Jaime to ask questions and to see what your options are...I'm sure she can help you out and/or steer you in the right direction!
Best of Luck!
Dr. H. S.

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