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2 Year Old Complaining of Eyes Hurting>>>

My 2 year old daughter has been complaining that her eyes hurt and rubbing them alot. They are not red at all.. I am wondering if they are just dry? She doesn't complain very often.. maybe once a week or for very long. But she does rub them and blink them alot.. maybe like she has something in them. But when i check.. there is nothing and she forgets about it. What should I do? Do i need to take her to the doctor? Anyone else have any idea of what may be causing this? Thanks

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Thank you Everyone for your wonderful responses! I feel that all of you may be right about allergies and thank you so much for the remidies. I have also made an appointment with the doctor just to put my mind at ease! YOU MOMS ARE WONDERFUL!!!

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I wonder how much water does she drink? Most of the clients I work with are dehydrated. This can lead to eye strain and headaches for many. Most children are getting milk and juices but not much water. Another thing to look at, is she wearing sunglasses while outside in this summer heat? Looking into the sun without protection could cause eye strain as well.

my son was doing the same thing and the dr. told me he has allergy and he give some drops for allergy that last 24 hr.
the name is PATADAY.

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I agree re zyrtec but add that you want to call your pediatrician and get a recommendation on the dosage based on your child's weight and history. my two year old twin boys have been on zyrtec based on dr's recommendation for about six months and it has helped a great deal with allergies. But much press has been out about accidental overdoses so check with your pediatrician. If not allergies, it could by a small clear stye. I sometimes wash out my girls' eyes with saline solution when they complain; sometimes they rub something into their eyes. good luck. it's so hard when you can't communicate well with the toddler to figure out what's wrong.

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Sounds like it couldbe alelrgies- or..does it happen after new sheets go on her bed or when something is washed that she uses alot- pillow- stuff animal-? Sometimes- children express a headache as their "eyes' hurting"- I would keep an eye on it (no pun intended- ha) and see if it coincides with detergents- plants or food.
D. S

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does she have any sinus congestion? sometimes my daughter has the same problem. ~C.~

Dr. Evertett Moody treated my son, he is the greatest.

Nasonex is really good for reducing swelling in the sinuses and helping with allergies.

It's by prescription, and I don't know if it's okay for little kids, but ask your doctor.

Also, spary saline solution is great for keeping the nose cleared out. And it's non-prescription.

my daughter is 6 and has been having this same problem since she was about 3 yrs old... we took her to the doctor and they told us it was allergies. every child is different and what might work for one, may not work for another. check with your doctor and find out what the best remedy is for yours.
one thing my E.N.T. told me was to make sure to wash the eyes including eyelashes every day with soap or facial cleanser and water, especially after coming in from outside ... allergens love hair and build up in the follicles around the eyes... this is a good general rule for anyone who suffers from allergies.
good luck!

My son had this issues about a year ago. We went to our pedi who ran some tests which all came back normal. Then he sent us to a pedi opthamologist who likewise couldn't find anything either. Finally after several months of compliants, we discovered that he had impacted sinuses. They did an x-ray and found out that he had severely impacted sinuses. We have been treated for impacted sinuses twice since then. My son had been taking allergy meds prior to this and it did NOTHING to help relieve the symptoms. I would ask your pedi to do x-rays to be sure.


My son was doing the same thing and it eventually turned into conjunctivitus. The antibiotic eye drops sting but it healed him pretty quick.

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