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2 Week Old with Horrid Gas Pains

Hi there, I am breastfeeding my 2 week old son. He seemed to be a wonderful nurser, and took to the breast immediately. the past 4 days or so he has screamed most of his awake hours away and is so so stiff, the cry is such a painful cry, it breaks my heart. I am very careful about my diet and everything, I have no idea what is causing so much pain for him but I was hoping that maybe some of you moms have had the same issue and could offer some advice, thanks in advance.

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You can try to give him Mylicon Gas Drops or even the generic brand works too. I breastfed my daughter for 4 months and even when i was careful with my diet she still got gas.So the mylicon gas drops worked well, and they are very safe to use multiple times a day.

gripe water is an age old herbal remedy, I used it on my newborn (breastfed) and it relieved pain very quickly. I got it at Whole Foods. Good luck!

I remember that cry and I know how helpless you feel. Milicon as mentioned does work wonders and there isn't anything harmful in it. It just breaks up the gas bubbles.
For me it was orange juice and acidic fruits. You may also want to stay away from the broccoli family.
When my daughter had gas I would lay her on her left side in my lap and massage circles on her belly and back. It helps to move things along a little quicker.
This will pass. Good luck

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As suggested, eliminate dairy (esecially milk) from your diet for a week and see if it gets better. Personally I think the mylicon gas drops don't work.

This sounds very similar to my son and it ended up being caused by the dairy in my diet. After I stopped eating anything with dairy in it and his system healed he was much happier (it took about 2.5 weeks to heal). Have you talked to your doctor about this? Good luck!

It may be worth a call to your pediatrician. I had a similar issue when my son was an infant (now 2.5 yrs)& was nursing him; it turned out to be reflux. Once my son was put on Zantac he was a new baby. You might also want to try mylicon gas drops and bringing his knees up to his chest to help relieve gas (there are some other helpful yoga poses for gas in "itsy bitsy yoga" book/dvd). I hope this helps, its very frustrating & heart breaking watching your little one in discomfort, Good luck!

I remember that cry and I know how helpless you feel. Milicon as mentioned does work wonders and there isn't anything harmful in it. It just breaks up the gas bubbles.
For me it was orange juice and acidic fruits. You may also want to stay away from the broccoli family.
When my daughter had gas I would lay her on her left side in my lap and massage circles on her belly and back. It helps to move things along a little quicker.
This will pass. Good luck

My twin sons had horrible gas pain, with one much worse than the other. I learned that whatever they don't burp goes through the system and turns into farts, and of course, they swallow air when they scream, so there's more gas to cause problems. So we soothed them and burped them as much as humanly possible -- Mylicon/Gas Relief helps make bigger burps so more gas gets out the "easy" way.

We also had some constipation problems (possibly from the Mylicon?), so our pediatrician told us to give them prune juice (1-2 oz per day mixed 50/50 with water) whenever they hadn't had a BM for over 4 days. I don't remember how old they were by the time we tried this, maybe 2 months, so yours might be too young? I'd check with your pedi before trying this.

FYI, we made ourselves crazy trying to figure out what was causing the problem: Many said it was something I was eating, but even with hypoallergenic formula and no breastmilk (I pumped to keep my supply up) the problem persisted... so my eating obviously was *not* the issue! We tried Zantac, which helped a little, and then Prilosec, which helped a little more (but still not enough). We also tried GripeWater and Chamomile tea, neither of which did any good for us. In hindsight, it wasn't colic because it lasted way beyond 4 months, which is when "colic" is supposed to get magically better. In our case, I suspect they just needed to grow/develop their GI tract. It was about 8 months when things really turned around for us.

I hope in your case that it's something straightforward that you can fix, but for us, time seems to have been the only cure. "This too shall pass" was my mantra. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Try cutting Dairy out of your diet. My son is allergic & he had bad gas & then eventually got a rash. It could be a number of things , My Dr. had me cut out wheat, dairy,gluten, eggs, nuts, & slow ly add back stuff. When we added the dairy I started again. Try to live on rice for a couple of days & see if it goes away.

Try Gripe Water, a more natural remedy you can administer by dropper. We started with Mylicon which worked, but it bound our daughter up for 5 days when she was normally a good pooper. :) We switched to Gripe Water and didn't have the intestinal side effects. After pumping, we also use Dr Brown's bottles to feed which help w/extra bubbles and reducing gas.

You can try to give him Mylicon Gas Drops or even the generic brand works too. I breastfed my daughter for 4 months and even when i was careful with my diet she still got gas.So the mylicon gas drops worked well, and they are very safe to use multiple times a day.

Hello K.,

Congratulations on your new arrival! How exciting. I went through the gas pains with my oldest daughter, and I am going through it again with my 2 month old too. I know everyone is different, and every baby is different. It could be a diet issue. I found that certain foods would affect my girls, and I just temporarily avoided them as much as I could. Mylicon was a god send to my husband and I. I would check with Zaidon's pedi to make sure the correct dosage (if that is something you want to do).

Good luck!

If it truly is gas, all -natural gas drops helped us tremendously!!!!! I can't tell you the difference-like night and day. We found them at any drugstore or Walmart.
We did call our dr to cofirm the safety and symptoms-I always recommend this despite the hassle of doing so.


My son was the same way when he was a newborn. I tried to nurse him for about a two months changing my diet and he was still in discomfort, had horrible gas and was constipated. After talking with the pedi several times she told me to try Similac Alimentium formula. So I breastfeed and used formula and he improved. Finally at the age of three months I switched him to Alimentium formula and he didn't have bad gas and was having regular bowel movements. I had a really hard time making the decision to switch from breastmilk to formula, I thought how can something so natural be causing him so much discomfort. The pedi never told me to stop breastfeeding, she told me that I would have to make the decision. Basically you need to talk to your pedi and make the decision based on what your pedi advises and what you feel comfortable with. Hope this helps.

Hi K.,
Congratulations! And how wonderful to hear that breastfeeding has taken off so well. I'm sorry to tell you this, but it is something you are eating. With my first - I could eat anything and it didn't bother her. My second has been a very different experience. He was so sensitive in the beginning. Sounds just like your little guy. We determined that he was allergic to dairy pretty quickly. But I continued to find that any suggested food you have heard of that might cause gas - did. Raw produce, garlic, cukes, etc....
We used Gripe Water which definitely did help along with me eating a very restricted diet.

At 4 months we discovered my son was "underweight"/"failure to thrive". I had no signs that he was in distress, or not "thriving", but still he was a full pound under the height/growth charts. We resolved that issue, but I learned later from a Le Leche Leader that those gassy nights (which some people call colic)was also consistent with a baby not getting enough of the hindmilk in breastmilk. (I think by avoiding so much food for my poor boy that I wasn't taking care of myself and I started to produce "skim milk", or I may simply not have been emptying the breast).
So, I just wanted to mention that as well.

I'm sure that if you focus on breastfeeding and emptying your breasts fully and avoid and look at allergens (like dairy - which is usually the culprit and usually only temporary)than this will pass quickly.

I have some great resources if you need them.
good luck.

so sorry you are going through this. You need to look at your diet and what is affecting him. Many babies are especially sensitive to dairy, eliminating it from your diet can be very helpful. Many are also sensitive to veggies like cauliflower/broccoli that make us gassy too. If his bowels are normal (make sure he is pooping and peeing normally) (if they aren't you need to see your doctor asap), then go to an elimination diet and chart what you are eating and when he is distressed. Also see a pediatric chiropractor at www.icpa4kids.com. there are many who specialize in infants in New England, you don't say where you are, but if you email me back I can give you a specific referral too. Good luck.

If you can handle this with dietary changes as suggested by others, great. If you are feeling pressured to use meds in such a little one, and if that concerns you, or if you are going to move to a formula, let me know. You might want to investigate a fantastic children's supplement that is used worldwide with complete safety. Easy to take, excellent company, formulated by the same scientist who worked on the team developing major infant formulas. A lot of the responses indicate drugs to take for gas and reflux, and it often isn't necessary. Good luck!

mylicon drops work wonders ..... call your md he is only 2 weeks old K. d

Oh dear there is nothing more stressful, more heartrending, more frustrating and difficult than tending an infant with colic.
Check with your doc first , make sure that is what is going on here. There can be conditions that mimic colic.
You need help, from your husband or mother, sister, neighbor with this child.
There is little to be done but to try to comfort and ease the pain he is in.
There are some medicinal tonics to be had in the health food stores. I never used them so I cannot tell you how they work.
I have had ( out of seven ) several babies with colic.
I make a tea that is successful but I do not feel comfortable sharing the ingredients online. I will tell you that there are four common ingredients that effect the digestion and nerves, all innocuous, which need to be tinkered with as to amounts to suit the baby's need and will keep colic to a minimum.
SO, I will share the basics.
Herb pillows , or hot water bottles are good. On the back and on the stomache.
Be sure to swaddle the child as it seems to comfort them and alleviate some of the cramps.
Nursing comforts them tremendously, even when they have used up available milk.
Roll the baby over your knee...stomache down.
All babies like one of three things or a combination of two.
They either like to be bounced...hold baby close to your chest and wrap arms around him and bounce on side of your bed.
Or rock them, same position of holding, swing your body side to side.
Some respond to being walked ( and rocked or bounced)
Massage baby gently...rub his head and bottom of his feet, his back.
These techniques will not stop the colic but rather bring the child a bit of ease and comfort.
Sleep when baby sleeps, keep household chores to a minimun...prepare meals when child is sleeping.
The little swinging chairs or baskets seem to content some of them for a time.
Have a time when your husband is home that he takes a turn with baby until he reaches his limit.
My grandson's uncle would put on rock music and bounce him and it helped !!!
I believe that colic is an immature digestive/nervous system.
They do seem to outgrow it in a few months. I did have one with horrible allergic colic that went on for six months.
You already are watching your diet..there do seem to be some "trigger foods" that Mums can eat that sets baby off on a spell. Your diet is NOT the cause of the colic even tho some foods you eat will set it off.
Your breast milk is the BEST thing for that baby. Not soy, not any produced formula, but you are his source.
If you suspect any particular food, try it and see how baby reacts.
Try to be patient...he is in pain , after all, and his crying is the only way to communicate that to you.
This too, shall pass. Tincture of time.

Best wishes and God bless.
Grandmother Lowell

Hi K..
I had the same problem with my daughter. After 2 months we finally figured out she was sensitive to dairy and soy. It was really hard to eat that way because most foods contain either one or the other. I didn't find that any of the over the counter gas products were helpful. I had most luck with putting her in a sling and bouncing her on my exercise ball until we figured out it was the soy and dairy. She is 3 now and can eat dairy and soy with no problems; i however cannot tolerate the dairy after being dairy free for her whole first year. I probably still have a list somewhere of foods that are both dairy and soy free; if you end up going that route send me an email and i'll see if i can find it. I remember how frustrating it can be, and i really feel for you. Good luck.

I haven't read all of the replies, but I have the same issue with my 9 week old...all dairy and soy is the cause of my situation and i had to eliminate it all...the doctor was able to swab the poops he had in his diaper and test to see if there was blood. there was in fact blood in his stools confirming that he had an alergy to something. it took her about 30 seconds to get the test done and the results were instant...good luck!

Hi K.,
I think your mother instincts are good, and if you sense a pain cry then take him to the doctor. I remember with my first, I just didn't know. Everyone told me their horror stories of how their child "was just like that" and their horrors of colic. But then when my baby was 4 weeks old, we were at a family gathering - and all the sister-in-laws who had told me all their war stories actually heard my daughter - they all said, "Oh - that's really bad. There's something wrong. You should take her to the doctor." Wished I hadn't listened to them when they all told me it was colic! Turned out my baby had BAD acid reflux. She WAS in pain. Perhaps your child has acid reflux, or something else and not just colic or gas. Listen to your instincts and find a doctor who will listen too. (Not all of them treat acid reflux in a baby, but for some babies it does need medication). Further to the story, she did also have colic/gas pains - which promptly went away when I stopped breastfeeding and started using soy. A year later when we attempted to start her on regular "cow's" milk - she had a very mild allergic reaction. She eventually outgrew that. But if I'd known the breast milk was adding to her problems, I would have immediately switched to the soy formula. None of this solved her acid reflux though. (Subsequently, my next baby wouldn't stop breastfeeding - so each child is different). Best of luck!

Hi K., My little guy was diagnosed with a Milk protien allergy when he was just days old in the hospital. So I had to clease my diet from all dairy, soy, eggs, beef, wheat and a few others that are high on the allergy list. You may be eating something that you don't even realize is doing it. It is very hard, But try to keep a journal and watch him closely. Legumes (including pea's) are also a culprit. Hang in there and if you can, really cut back your diet to chicken, rice and vegi's to start. My guys was actually bleeding from his bum. He immediately got better and i did not have to put him on the Alamentium formula for very long (2 weeks), I also had a strong "Let down" and when he was so little, he had a hard time because he was getting so much for-milk and that can cause alot of gas in the intestine. It you think it could be that, try nursing on the same side a few times in a row so that he gets more hind-milk. HJS

Hi K.,
I have raised 4 daughters and breastfed them all. One thing that I learned was that you'd be surprised how eating "new" foods or stress can affect your baby.
Like gravy, onions, eggs, or spicy/salsa, pizza, etc can really hurt their little bellies. Another thing you can try is fill your baby bath tub with skin tempurature water [test with your elbow to make sure it's not too hot or too cold], and when you lay him in there on your arm his gas will escape with a big ole fart...it really works, funny watching the bubbles in the water! Mainly you have to try your best to leave all stress out of your mind and body before breastfeeding him, if you're tense he can sense it and it will affect your milk and give him gas! Honest, it's true. I remember trying to hurry off to my class reunion when my second daughter was tiny, I'd hold her close and prepare to feed her and she'd wince and fuss, finally when she'd drink she'd curl her tiny legs up and whale...cry and cry. Ididn't know what to do, [my folks were baby sitting] and my Mom came in and said, "well, no wonder, the poor dear, you're all nerved up! You have to relax or you're going to make her sick]. I took a few deep breaths and tried again practically in slow motion and voila` it worked perfectly. And all the years I nursed my sweet little babes I never forgot that...Best of everything to you, don't hesitate to ask anything. My e-mail is ____@____.com ok? Sincerely, P.

gripe water is an age old herbal remedy, I used it on my newborn (breastfed) and it relieved pain very quickly. I got it at Whole Foods. Good luck!

Hi, you may want to try Gripe Water...Whole Foods carry's it and so does the Right Start. You give it to him after he has nursed. It helps break up any air bubble that he may have swallowed while nursing. Also try Mylecon drops at the onset of the gas pain. I am so sorry to hear that he is uncomfortable, there is nothing worse than that in the whole world! Also, when he is having these try holdind him on his stomach draped over your arm...or two arms, this might help too. I wish you all the best of luck! It will get better!

Take care,


I only have a minute as my daughter is waking from her nap. This sounds like my little one.

THe # 1 thing you can do is an elimination diet. Go cold turkey and eliminate the top allergens from YOUR diet. I couldn't and still 14 mo later can't eat wheat my daughter gets terrible gas from gluten in my breast milk, chocolate, orange juice, soy. Look it up on line and you can find a complete list. It's a bit different for everyone but gluten/wheat seems to be the top for all the research and personal experience we've had.

my best to you! C.

Hi K., So sorry about your issue with your little baby. This is such a common problem and can be easily corrected with a gentle touch from Dr. Ellen Blomerth. You, the Mom, actually can even hold the baby while she does her very gentle touch to correct the allignment. I cannot tell you how many Moms I have referred to her. She specializes in infants, children and women and learned this special gentle-touch method at a university from the doctor who 'invented' it. As far as I know, she is the only on on the North Shore who utilizes this technique. Dr. Ellen Blomerth has been president of the MA Chiropractic Assn. two times and was the first woman to ever hold that position. She is located at the junction of Rt.1 and Lowell St. in Peabody. Her phone # is: ###-###-####. I suggest you call and speak with her over the phone to make yourself comfortable and confident before making your appointment. She will make your baby gas-pain-free in that one visit. Please tell her that I gave you her name and contact info. Best Wishes. E. Taft ###-###-#### Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions about her. ____@____.com

Hi K.,

Oh, I feel for you - my daughter was the same and the doctor and midwives kept saying "oh but breastfed babies don't get wind" - yeah right! We found that though we couldn't really get rid of it a few things helped.

First, the mylicon is good as someone else mentioned. Also, try and see if you have a quick milk let down. I did, and that doesn't help matters, so feeding from one breast per feed could help slow it down a bit which helps. Also, burp him as often as possible while feeding (though admittedly this can be hard cuz they don't appreciate being pulled off!)

When he is in pain we found that holding him ON your shoulder - so his tummy is getting massaged by your shoulder and he's quite far over - is really good. Just gently rock him there while walking around. If you're comfortable with it also try propping him up a bit when he sleeps (I know my daughter hated being flat on her back with the wind) with a pillow or put him to sleep on his left side (making sure there's a pillow next to him so he doesn't flop onto his belly).

Annoyingly there's not a whole lot you can do to make it go away, but you can help ease the pain with these tricks. You'll find he'll respond to some and not to others, so try them all and see what works best. Good luck - I know how difficult it is, but he will grow out of it so hang in there!

All the best,

I haven't read the other replies. My son had horrible gas pains. After checking a few things (including blood in stool), we found that he had a milk allergy. One option was to go on a completely dairy free diet myself. This is mroe difficult than you think but there are resources such as children's hospital website that give lists of food. In my case, I had a lot of other physical issues, so we ended up on a completely dairy-free precsription formula after trying things like Nutramigen. My doctor suggested avoiding soy because many babies with allergies to dairy have allergies to soy. After his first year, my son outgrew his dairy allergy. Worth checking out with your doctor.

My daughter suffered from colic and reflux early on, and I found I had to eliminate every bit of dairy from my diet until about 6 mos of age, when I reintroduced it without a problem. It took about a week after I cut out the dairy to get significantly better, about 75% better! Good luck!

If you are drinking orange juice cut it out and see if that changes things, the acid in it can cause gas, it did for my son.

Also there are drops that work, but check what you are eating/drinking and look things up

I love your sons names! yes this is quite normal for this age. my daughter was the same age when this started and she is still very sensitive to the foods I eat at five months. You want to be careful of wheat, dairy, sugar and spicy foods. These I found had the worst impact. I have a very healthy diet, but I have still had to cut these foods out, at least for a while. Babies digestive systems are too immature to handle certain foods (yes, even the ones you are eating). Cut these foods out of your diet for a while. I also found that homeopathic Colic Tablets really help (available at a healthfood store), Gripe Water, and messaging his abdomen and doing bicycle motions with his legs help to pass the gas. Another consideration (this might not be the case but I want to mention it), if he has a diaper rash and little specks of white on his gums or roof of the mouth, is Thrush (a yeast overgrowth)this causes intestinal bloating and pain. You would need to get an antifungal from your DR for this, but also wheat and sugar free is soooo important for this. Good luck,this will pass soon enough!

I would say Colic, and there's really not too much you can do. As Liz said, try and cut out any dairy for he may have a milk allergy. My son had the WORST colic and would scream all day unless i held him (while doing the elephant dance of course), or rocked him in his car seat on the floor. He also slept in his car seat until he was big enough to get out of it!! Try a full size swing too. We had one of the small floors ones, which my son hated. It look another 2 months before i tried a full size one, and it saved me!! Also try Mylicon drops, and a hot water bottle on his belly. Laying him and his back and scrunching his knees into his chest helps a lot too.My son was text book with Colic. He was perfect until exactly two weeks, and was like that until the day he turned 3 months.

I'd also like to add that my son was on reflux meds, and i swear it made him worse....Its going to take a lot of trial and error.

Try to stop drinking milk if you are. Are you using baby gas-ex? Does he spit up alot? That is a sign of acid reflux. I would talk to your doctor to see if they have acid reflux medication if that is the case. or ask about using a stronger gas-ex. Also, make sure he is pooping okay. You should find out how much is normal and make sure he is going on a regular basis. You want to make sure he doesn't have any problems with is bumhole (rarely but sometimes they are too small and it takes great effort for poop to go through). Some crying especially at night is normal for the first couple of months. If it isn't colic, etc. then it will get easier. Hang in there, but make sure you take him to get checked out. They will feel his belly and make sure there aren't any blockages in his intestines, etc. My son would also nurse more when his stomach was upset. It got things moving along. You may want to purchase a baby bjorn carrier or something to carry him in. There were nights when I slept with baby on my belly all night. But get him checked out to rule out anything.

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