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2 Negative Pregnancy Test, but Blood Test Positive.

Hello all ~

I have not had a period since August 10th. I have taken 2 HPT and both came back negative. (2 weeks ago and then 3 weeks ago) On Monday Iwent to the Dr. and had a blood test done. My blood test came back positive that I am pregnant! HOWEVER ~ the HCG number was 6.1 and therefore the DR. wants me to repreat the test today.

Here is what I am thinking ~ I could either be getting ready to miscarry :-( or it could be the begining of my pregnancy. If I go from the LMP then I would be around 9 weeks pregnant and my HCG number would HAVE to be higher then 6.1. BUT, if I some how maybe ~ by some nature of God ~ ovulated in September with out a period (OR ovulated late and therefore right before my period was to begin), then I could only be 4-5 weeks pregnant and the number could be right on.

Just asking if anyone else has had this happen. THANKS!

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So What Happened?™

(October 21, 2009) ~~ Well, my pregnancy turned out to be in the fallopian tube. :-(

The past couple of days, i have had MINOR (very minor) pink discharge. Has anyone else had that before?

(October 17, 2009) Called my Infertility Doctor and was able to get into see them this morning. Another blood test was done and my number is at 50. According to the increase in my number at the rate it is going, the Dr. thinks that I ovulated WAY late and I am only 3 weeks pregnant. Scheduled to have ultrasound on tuesday! ;-) He also put me on progesterone vaginal gel along with Lovenox. Looking forward to ultrasound! :-)

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with my first child I was 10wks pregnant before any test came up positive. Both blood tests (had 2-3of them!) and HPT's!

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Hi, I hope I am wrong but when I had a tubular pregnancy, the same yes/no results happened to me. Pain?? have they done an ultrasound of your tubes?? Hope it is NOT that, but it is a possibility. J. - mom to 3 + 9 miscarages, I know how you feel!!

My LMP was 7/13/09. I didn't have the issue of the pregnancy tests negative or anything but what the dr did confirm is that I had to have ovulated super late right before (2-3 days) before my next period would have come. When I went to have an ultrasound to verify how far along I was (because with my first we didn't find out until 20 weeks!) they told me I was only 6 weeks, but I should've been 8 weeks from LMP. The dr said it's not common but it definitely happens and that the most accurate is a before 8 wk ultrasound to find out the gestational age of the baby. Hope this helps.

Hi J.,
I hope you are pregnant with a healthy child. I had a similar experience with my first pregnancy- negative pregnancy tests on urine and when my period did not come for 2 months, a positive blood test. Unfortunately, I ended up having a blighted ovum- it did not fertilize correctly but still made my body think I was pregnant. I started spotting around 9-10 weeks and then had to have a D&C. It was very sad, but I was pregnant again in 2 mos and that daughter is now 13!!!
Keeping you in my prayers.

My first thought is that maybe you got pregnant later than you thought. I don't remember exactly what my numbers were but they were lower than the doctor expected. I worried for a week or so before I had the test taken again, everything turned out great! Good Luck, and I'll be praying for you and your family.

with my first child I was 10wks pregnant before any test came up positive. Both blood tests (had 2-3of them!) and HPT's!

I just want you to be aware that this could be a tubal pregnancy. If so, it is vital that you have surgery soon. I had a tubal pregnancy and at 8 weeks they did emergency surgery. I had had a negative pregnancy test, but borderline hcg levels that kept climbing. I have also had multiple miscarriages. I know what it's like to have your body put you in emotional limbo. Take care!

Hi.. Unfortunately it sounds like a miscarriage, just to be honest with you. However, i will pray for you that its not the case. The HCG # (from what my doc said) should never be that low unless you got pregnant the night before. I had low hcg #s in Sept 2007 and i miscarried. The 1st test was only 9, then the next was 5. The doctor said that an HCG # or 5 or under isn't even considered pregnant. However by the end of January 2008 I was pregnant again with my almost 1 year old healthy baby girl (born halloween 2008). Women are more fertile following a miscarriage. Same thing happened to a friend of mine. Good luck and keep us updated!

A urine test can be inaccurate if you're early into your pregnancy. I hope that your next blood test proves you're pregnant and that you don't endure another pregnancy. Good luck!

I will pray for you. I am so sorry for all that you have been through. Please don't fret over the numbers right now, even though u have a reason. Just rest and relax. You are blessed. Everything is the way it is supposed to be at this particular moment in time.....

hopefully you can relax until you have your results, those stress hormones are not good for you or baby. Also many miscarriages are the result of low magnesium, you can google the foods with magnesium or take a good supplement from a health food store,good luck.

I hate to say but i think it might be another miscarriage. But there is always the chance that you are right. You will have to wait till Monday to know. Best of luck and will keep you in our prayers. Yes I have gone and been where you are.

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