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2 Month Old with Different Sized Pupils

I have already scheduled an appointment with an opthalmologist but it is 2 weeks out. In the interim, I thought I would see if any of you has had a similar experience to prepare myself as to what I should expect. Over the past few weeks, we have noted that my 9 week old's right pupil is larger than the left. From what I can tell, they appear to constrict to the same size when we are in really bright light like outside today. However, the right one dilates more when we start to move indoors or at night. He doesn't seem to have any issues with vision. Thank you! :)

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my son is 5, has different sized pupils since birth. So does his aunt. No isses, completely healhty per eye doc. & ped. don't worry!!!!!

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My son had the exact same issue when he was an infant. He seemed fine otherwise -- we noticed that they constricted to the same size as well. I phoned his Dr. just to check, and she was not at all worried about it. He is now 7 and has perfect vision. It was never an issue for us and from what I've read about it, it seems fairly common and not a problem.

My now 5 year old daughter had the same issue when she was a baby (and still does a little bit). when she was a baby, the ophalmologist couldn't find anything structurally wrong with her eyes, and guessed that the muscles in her eyes were just maturing at different rates. He said it would become less noticeable as she got older, and it has. Now that she is old enough for "reading" vision tests, we have been able to confirm that her eyesight is just fine.

Hopefully your doctor will come to a similar conclusion about your son!

I am glad you are already scheduled with an opthamologist. That is what you need to do! Do not be surprised if you have to get a CT scan or an MRI done after that appointment. Sorry to say, but you are probably in for a scary few months. Hugs.

I have 2 differant size pupils. I didn't notice it until I was 26. I went to the opthamologist and he did several tests. Nothing was wrong. No one has the same size ears, length of arms and apparently even pupils! Good luck

my son is 5, has different sized pupils since birth. So does his aunt. No isses, completely healhty per eye doc. & ped. don't worry!!!!!

My son's pupils were different sizes when he was an infant too. Our pediatrician wasn't too concerned as long as he was noticably focusing or following things. No problems with him and he is 3 now and his pupils are normal.

my Dad has this as well! he's about 60ish now and that is just the way he is... nothing to worry about, still has 20/20 vision too!!!

I don't know what causes that, but my son who is now 32 years old had differant size pupils. they have been that way since he was born. The doctor said it was nothing to be concernd about that it is like having a bigger size right foot or hand.He said the only time I sjhould be concerned is if one gets noticably bigger after a head injury. He did say it was good that I noticed it incase he ever did have an accident I could let them know they have always been like that. Hope I've helped.

One of my 3 year olds had different size pupils when she was born. I asked the pediatrician about it and she said it's nothing to worry about. I'm pretty sure they're both the same size now. I'll have to check when she gets up :)

My 3 yr daughter has had different size pupils all her life. We have had regular opthalmologist appointments but she is totally fine. We also realized that mine are different sizes as well and it can be hereditary. It has always been the regular eye exam for her. But at 2 months old that will be tougher. I doubt they will dilate her eyes, but down the road they probably will. I know it can mean something bad, I have already forgotten what that is, but in many cases it means nothing wrong at all.

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