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2 Month Old Crossing His Eyes

For the past few days, my two month old son has been crossing his eyes for a few seconds multiple times throughout the day. Is this normal? I'm guessing he is probably just getting used to controlling his eyes, but I want to hear whether anyone else has experienced this with any their children. I would greatly appreciate any response. Thanks!

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I think it is normal. My daughter did it a couple times (cant really remember) - freaked me out.... but it went away.

It's okay, it happened with both my kids, and every other baby Ive known. Only worry if he stays like that... good luck!

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It's okay, it happened with both my kids, and every other baby Ive known. Only worry if he stays like that... good luck!


The crossing of the eyes is called strabimus. My son was diagnosed at 18 months. You should bring your child to a specialist. I brought my son to Mass Eye and Ear after being very disappointed by local ophthalmologists who were unprepared to exam a child so young. The earlier they receive treatment, the better the chances that they will not have permanent damage or require surgery.

Good luck. My son is doing very well at 11 years old and I have been very pleased by the treatment plan at Mass Eye and Ear.

COMPLETLEY normal... I thought, oh god when my daughter did this... I was scared, but I asked my pediatrician about it, and she said that it was normal because your son is starting to develop his eye muscles, and learn how to really use them. he's learning how to focus on closer and farther things now. Up until now he has only been able to see things like, 6 inches away and then its all fuzzy and blurry... so this is a NORMAL sign and part of development.. It should only last at most two weeks, and only happen when he's really trying hard to see! Thats when my daughter did it anyways, she would just randomly go cross-eyed! not all the time, but when she was trying to "look" at something. take pictures to remember how funny they look! BLACKMAIL!!! hahaha... Good luck momma.

I have twins who are now 3 years old. From the time they were born right to to about 2-3 months they used to CONSTANTLY cross their eyes. I thought nothing of it. They did it SO OFTEN I figured my children would just be cross-eyed, no big deal!! Then it stopped. I can't quite remember what the doctor told me about it except that it wasn't serious, it WAS normal, and it didn't mean they'd be cross-eyed forever. Here we are, they are 3, and they are NOT cross-eyed!! I think you are right on track, and it is most likely your son just learning how to focus. Because he is just 2 months, when he is focusing on something closer / far away, you may notice it a lot more often. I hope this helps..

Congrats on your new baby! Yes they do this, quite funny sometimes. Until they're eye muscles get stronger this will happen off & on. Obviously if it is still happening when he's a few months older i'd talk with your pedi. Do you have any baby books? I had "What to expect the 1st year". It was very helpful, you can look up alot of questions you may have that your not sure about. I used to go through each month in the book & compare what they are/not doing just to see if theres something missing. Obviosly every baby is different, but its a good referance guide!

My neice is 6 months old and they had her see a eye dr. fr the same thing and she will be wareing glasses. I do not know when she will be waring them but they told my brother that she is far sited. Dont want to worry you, it could be nothing for you little one. good luck keep us posted.

Hi A.,
I am a Teacher of the Visually Impaired and work with ages Birth and Up. Yes, crossing of the eyes is completely normal at the age of 2 months. I would not be concerned about this at this time. It will correct itself as your son's visual system develops. Next appt with your pediatrician, ask so you can be reassured by someone in the medical field. But, it is very normal at the age of 2 months up until 6mos or even to 1 y.o.

this is very normal, not to worry

Yes, this is completely normal. My little one did it as well, and it is in the 'What to Expect the First Year Book' too. I would however call your pedicatrician just for more peace of mind.

I would not worry about it. Babies cross their eyes a lot when small. I think it is a focus/strength issue. He should grow out of it soon.

A. he is onleya baby i thing it is perfectly normal. he migh have looket at his little fingers and was trying to see something new. after all he can not quite focus jet he is to young. if he still has this propplem 6 moths later. then i would take him to be checcccket out. i dont thing you have anything to wory about right now. i am a mother of 5 children and they all did that at one time ok . B. mello

Hi A.
Yes that is normal. My son is 14 months and I remember him doing that.

Hi A.,

Your assumption is exactly correct. Your son is learning to focus. The book I use to 'know' these things is "Your babies first year week by week" it talks about this and a whole lot of other things. I would highly recommend it if you don't have a book about the babies first year.


I say it is normal but keep a watchon it with a good children's opthamologist. He will be able to tell you wether the baby needs glasses or if you can watch and see if they correct themselves. My duaghter, (5 this Friday)got glasse this past March as I noticed one eye turning. Our opthamologist said she had accumlative Esotropia and that she does not need surgery as her glasses corrected it. We are still wayching to make sure she does/does not need surgery.

babies do generally cross their eyes alot..they need to strengthen their eyes. if you are really worried, and there is a family history of crossed eyes, call Dr Jeff Sorkin in Peabody at Microsurgical Eye Associates.. He's the ONLY Pediatric opthamologist in the area.. he's fabulous.. He has actually fixed my daughter's crossed eyes and she was 4 when we found it (it was very slight). he's been checking my son since birth (yes, they can check kids as young as 6 months).. but call now, it takes a while to get an appt with him.. Do not go to anyone else, we saw 4 dr's before him. they all weren't specialists. he's well worth the time and effort!!!

This certainly can be normal but, personally, I would check it out just to make sure it is not strabismus.

Dear A.,

Yes, this is normal for a 2 month old baby,who is just learning to use his eyes and control his muscles. Nothing to worry about - I've cared for many, many babies over the years and have witnessed eye crossing in all of them. If your son continues to cross his eyes frequently when he is one to two years old , then you might want to check with your pediatrician, and/or an eye doctor. In the meantime, enjoy your precious baby ! L. S.

My baby does this, too. We try not to dangle anything too close to his face, because that seems to make it worse. We asked our pediatrician and she said that this is normal and can continue until the baby is 1-ish, so don't worry.

My four month old daughter will cross her eyes on occasion when she's looking at her nose or anything else that's too close to her.

Hi A.,
I would say that it's normal, both of my girls would go cross eyed when they were checking things out or got things close enough to their faces. If it becomes a persistent thing, then I would definitely take him to his pedi, but for now I would just keep a close watch on it.

I think it is normal. My daughter did it a couple times (cant really remember) - freaked me out.... but it went away.

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