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2-Year-old SCREAMS with Bowel Movement/needs Help

My almost 2-year-old (in diapers) has a bowel movement every 2 or 3 days. She SCREAMS and can no longer even complete it. I have grab baby wipes and help her. Before, she would just SCREAM but always do it by herself. As an infant she had a bowel movement every 2 to 4 days. This is beyond constipation now. Any ideas about this? She goes to the Dr. next week for a well visit. In the past it has been treated as constipation (sort of blown off as normal), but now it seems quite serious. It is EVERY TIME.

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She was given Miralax. We are still waiting for it to work, and it has been over a day. The issue seems to be she WON'T go, not that she can't. She is afraid of the pain, so by holding it she causes it. It's a cycle!

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Unless you discover a medical issue, PRUNES. Helps my one year old - gerber makes them, alone in a jar or with apples. He actually likes it too. Relieves the problem within a day and makes it softer and easier for him.

This sounds very similar to a younger patient in my office who had chronic painful constipation. As a pediatric chiropractor we found miscommunication in her spinal nerves that control the bowels. Once her spine was lined up, bowel movements became normal. Keep in mind her mom had already done medications and dietary changes, so those possibilities were already ruled out. Feel free to contact me with questions or to find a ped chiro near you go to www.icpa4kids.org.

Have you tried giving him a stool softener? Maybe she should be eating more foods that are good for the digestive tract (like fiber-rich foods).

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I am so sorry to hear about your baby's pain. it's always hard when your child's hurting and you feel helpless. My son had the same issue and like your daughter it became progressively worst. He would hold it for almost a week and then scream and bleed when he finally could hold it no longer. I tried normal laxatives but none of them worked. His pediatrician recomended him to a constipation clinic. (I hope that's right) I am so sorry that I cannot remember the exact name of the hospital. However I think it was Larabida. They said that the problem was not only common but that it is often overlooked. The doctor said that he'd probabaly had a rough bowel movement or two and then began to assosiate them with pain which led to him holding them for as long as he could. She perscribed a medication that made him go easily and without pain. It didn't totally soften the stool but he could no longer hold it. After that one prescription (thay by the way was in a huge bottle and was an adult dose beacuse of the severity of his condition) he no longer associated bowel movements with pain and we never had to do anything else. I had never even know that there was such a thing as this clinic. My son was two at the time now he's six. I hope that this helps you and your baby. God bless!

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Unless you discover a medical issue, PRUNES. Helps my one year old - gerber makes them, alone in a jar or with apples. He actually likes it too. Relieves the problem within a day and makes it softer and easier for him.

Here are the things our ped suggested when we went thru this with our son.

step 1 get juicy juice cherry juice. the others are great but cherry seems to really "move" things along. give her a good size glass of it each day.

if that doesn't work
step 2 mix up some clear karo syrup into a glass of warm milk. about 2 tablespoons and a little vanilla. it will taste like a vanilla shake. do that each day and see if that helps

if that doesn't work
step 3
mineral oil or castor oil a tablespoon should work for your daughters age. mineral oil comes in a big bottle for like 2 bucks at walgreens. you can either give it in a spoon or if she won't drink it that way then mix it in a little bit of juice. she will go within a short time. then jsut give it to her every day for a week or two till she is used to going at the same time each day.
good luck

Give her Miralax, it is over the counter and can be mixed with anything, it softens the stool and gets you regular, I had to use it with both my kids when they were younger and it worked so well! I keep it around and mix it in their juice when I know they are struggling still! It is a miracle truly and they never know they drink it!

Hi M. The best advice will come from her doctor. He'll probably go more in depth as to what causing this. If he doesn't get another opinion from another doctor.

M. G,

After my son was born, he did not eat for 10-11 months. We had to give him an enema for babies. He would only eat milk with cereal (it was sooooo strange). After this period, he started eating everything. Make sure she is eating vegetables (soft broccoli w/cheese, spinach,bags of salad), fruits, oats, water, juice, milk helps you to stay regular. I was really scared during that period. Try some of these suggestions and hopefully they'll work.

All the Best!

I had a very similar problem with one of my twins, but it started when she was a month old. She was smaller and her sphincter was too small/tight. My pediatrician kept blowing me off, saying it was colic. Since I have a PPO and colon problems are genetic, I blew her off and took my child to a pediatric gastroenterologist. He dialated her and you would not believe what came out of her. She was then treated for constipation problems until she was about your daughter's age and we were again having issues, just like yours. I took her back to the University of Chicago and she was biopsied for Herschsprung's disease. Luckily the biopsy was negative, but since it did remove a small length at the base of her bowel, the biopsy has solved her problem. Now I just have to make sure she is drinking enough, otherwise I have to give her Miralax as recommended by the surgeon.

Have you had her tested for food allergies?

An internet friend of mine’s son was diagnosed with a distended bowel from constipation related to food allergies. Since changing his diet to exclude all food allergens, he has been regulating & has very minimal residual issues.

Good luck!

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