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2-Year-old, Nose Running for 2 Weeks

Hi everyone, I was wondering about something. My 2-year-old had a cold 2 weeks ago, and ever since then she's had a very runny nose with yellow snot. I took her by the walk-in clinic today but didn't know they closed before I arrived. I'll try tomorrow or Monday. I was just wondering if any of you out there have experienced this. Also, both my husband and I were diagnosed with Strep and put on antibiotics 10 days ago. Hubby and I are feeling better, and our daughter doesn't seem to be having any other troubles, good appetite, energy and mood, no temp, just buckets of stuff coming out of her nose. Part of me wants to "wait it out" for her nose to stop running but 2 weeks is long enough, right? Thanks for any advice you have for me. *Peace* ~m.

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Many thanks to all who wrote me! I took her into the clinic today and the doc thinks she has a sinus infection so she's now on Amoxicillin. I feel bad for having waited this long but like I said in my post, she was happy with no other symptoms so I thought the runny nose would clear up on its own. Anyway I'm glad we saw the doc today and I expect the Amoxicillin will help. Thanks again everyone... *Peace*!

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My kids are the kings of sinus infections, but you shouldn't feel bad because Dr.'s usually will make you wait for 2 weeks before they will say it isn't just a bad cold anymore. I am so glad to live in a day with antibiotics!

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Sounds like allergies. Ask your doctor if you can start giving her Zyrtec or something similar each day, and see if that makes a difference. It made a huge difference for my son when he was little.

It's kind of a bad time for allergies right now -- my husband is taking Claritin every day now, and he hasn't had allergies in twenty years!

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My son had really thick, greenish snot for about 2 weeks after having a cold, and when I finally took him in our pediatrician said he had a secondary bacterial infection (he also had a minor ear infection on one side, despite not having any symptoms). He got antibiotics and it cleared up quickly. Doesn't sound exactly the same as your daughter, but I think it's probably wise to take her to that clinic.

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We just had strep throat- the whole family- and it is pretty contagious- if you and your husband had it, it is highly likely that your daughter has it too, My daughter's symptoms started out as a runny nose and cough for 2 weeks, just like your daughter. But then her mood, appetite and energy started to go. Have a strep test done to be sure...

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She could have gotten another cold on top of the first one. I think you should have her seen by a doctor on Monday. She will have her ears checked for an ear infection, which is common when there's a runny nose for that long. My daughter used to have a constant runny nose with recurrent ear and adenoid infections when she was 12 mos - 20 mos. It was awful. She needed her adenoids out after antibiotics didn't solve the problem. Ever since she's been great.

Try to elevate your daughter's head when she sleeps at night. Give her plenty of water/fluids.

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We just went through this same exact thing! My 2 yr old daughter had that runny/stuffy nose for almost a month and in between there both my husband and I had strep throat. I finally took her in and told the doctor about our strep and they put her on an antibiotic. I can't remember what the doctor called it. It's not called strep, but it has the word in it. The doctor said that this strep thing manifests itself differently in young kids- just as an upper respiratory illness. I felt terrible for waiting so long to take her in, but the doctor did assure me that young kids also don't have the serious risks that older people with untreated strep would have.

My daughter just finished her antibiotic and is doing much better. Sounds like your daughter may have the same thing.

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I would take her in just because of the time frame and having other people in the house with strep. You never know it may just be allergies. It is that time of year.

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It sounds to me like her sinuses are just clearing the crud that built up during the cold. My pediatrician has always told me that it takes 7-10 days for a cold to clear. Yellow snot is certainly a sign of infection, but I'd be more concerned if she were congested or had some other symptoms. Maybe use some saline a couple of times a day to facilitate its exit.

Babies and toddlers aren't usually susceptible to the step bacteria though it can cause other minor illnesses.

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Well it could be a virus or strep throat, kids don't show it as much as adults, if she has strep throat and doesn't get treatment and developes a rash be sure to her to DR asap as it could be a serious condition. However, from what you describe it could be teethig, both of my kids went thru a period like this. But to be sure I would have her checked out to rule out an infection.

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