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2-Month-old Spitting up a Lot

Hello -- I am the mother of a beautiful 2-month-old boy. He was born 3 weeks early, tiny, (4lb., 15 oz.) but very healthy. We have had to change his formula 5 times so far and now his doctor has put him on Zantax for acid reflux. We would feed him, and sometimes he would spit up during each burping break. Sometimes it would be after he was fed, and most times it is usually a lot. We have changed from Enfamil LIPIL, to Gentelease, to Lactose free to soy and now we are on organic. My husband has an allergy (sensitivity) to corn and all these formulas have corn syrup as the main ingredient, with the exception of soy. We read that because of my husband's allergy, our son could have the same sensitivity. He has been on the soy formula for about a week and the Zantax for 2 days. I can honestly say that I have not seen a difference. We try to keep him upright for awhile after the feedings to prevent this, but it does not seem to help. He is also so active - (moving and bouncing a lot) that I think that does not help. I was hoping I could find someone who maybe went through this type of situation too and could give me some advice. Thank you!

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I want to thank everyone for all of the wonderful advice. It makes me feel better that I am not the only one going through this! We have a wedge for his crib that we bought before he was born and have been using it since day one. I will keep him on his formula now for a bit longer and see what happens, but it is nice to know that there are other alternatives. Thanks again, everyone!

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My son had acid reflux. What finally helped was Enfamil AR (now similac has one too-Sensitive RS) and Prevacid. Zantac didnt do much for my son. Good luck, this too shall pass.


My first son did not do well on soy. This was more than 40 yrs ago. What help him and stopped all the problems was goats milk. We could buy it then in cans. I hope his alternative helps you.


Just wanted to let you know that Zantac takes a full two weeks to work so don't give up so fast on it. Have you tried Similac Alimentum? Formulas could take over a week too to start working too.

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i also am a mom of a beautiful 2 month old preemie. he was born at 30 weeks. although doing well, he spits up at every feeding, sometimes several times during, especially if he gets the hiccups. sometimes 1-2 hours after and when i have held him for an hour. now it is projectile. we switched 2 weeks ago to enfamil ar. no real difference. he doesn't always cry, but the last week, he cries when i put him down and always spits up whenever i lay him down. enfamil ar also constipated him!! help!!! i want to switch to nutramigen, i have heard a lot of good things about it!! any other advice??? thanks!!

I'm SORRY! I can absolutely relate and gosh what a nightmare when it is you going through it with your baby. I found that people were so quick to kind of minimize how serious it all feels when it's your poor little baby. We also had to go through several formula changes. Ultimately what worked was Similac Alimentum (Purple). But my oh my what an expensive baby we've had! Also, we had to add a scoop of rice cereal to every bottle since she was 2 months old. My baby's reason was GERD (infant acid reflux). The heavier the formula, the more likely to stay down. Docs don't like it though (cereal before 4 months) but they don't have any life/death warnings either so you have to decide what's best for your little one. My daughter also had trouble with gas so we'd put gas drops in every bottle too.

If you haven't already heard, GRIPE water is another MUST have. Again, docs don't like it b/c they say it's just sugar water. But sugar water or not, it absolutley makes a difference in calming any stomach upset my baby has (including hiccups BTW, 1 drop & it dissapears). SO I always have on hand in every diaper bag, Gas drops, Gripe water, Tylenol (just in case) and extra cereal. Also, I don't know if your baby got constipated from all the changes but mine did. I used a glycerin suppository which worked great.

So main advice- start with adding cereal to his existing formula and see if that helps. Or, try Alimentum. And for certain get the Gripe Water. While you're at it, do yourself and baby a favor and pick up homeopatic teething tablets. They were a LIFE SAVER as nothing else really seemed to make a difference. And having things on hand ahead of time has been a trademark of my parenting and BOY am I glad. Best wishes and feel free to contact me if you have any further questions about any of this. -N.

My daughter was also diagnosed with the acid reflux. To be honest, she didn't have that much of the spitting up but would cry all of the time and did not sleep. I personally did not find the formula change that effective, but she was on Nutramagen. I also did not find Xantax to be effective at all either. I eventually requested a referral to a gastroenterologist and he put her on Prilosec. Within three weeks of taking that medicine, she was so much better and a different child. We managed to wean her off of the medicine at 10 months, and now she is a happy 20 month old who very rarely cries. I also used to hold her up after feedings and she liked motion (cars, sound of the dryer, swing, etc.). Good luck. I know reflux is not easy, but it does get better.

Hi R.- my daughter also was the "spit-up queen" when she was younger. She was breastfed until 12 mos- but every time she was fed- either breast milk or solids she spit up after every feeding. Our pediatrician said that she probably had a weak sphincter muscle between her esophagus and stomach. We tried a wedge under her mattress and that helped a bit. we were so scared that she would aspirate that we had her sleeping next to my bed in the carseat for a while before we got the wedge! the doctor told us that some babies have this weakened muscle and that it would go away by her first birthday. Sure enough a few days before her first b'day I realized halfway through the day that I hadn't gotten spit up on that day. It was a long road- always smelling like sour milk etc and the extra laundry for both her and me- but she'll be six in Oct and is very healthy. I would certainly check out any other options too in case it's not that muscle. Good luck

MY son spit up every day of his life about 10 times a day until he was about 11 months old. We tried every formula under the sun, and nothing helped. My doctor said some kids just spit up no matter what and will outgrow it by age one. It is annoying and messy, but they do stop.
My son was also put on Zantac. I was told to stay on it for 2 weeks before saying if it worked or not. At about 12 days the amount my son spit up did go down, so I would not give up on it just yet. Hope that helps.

Eric was also a preemie (33 weeks) and also 4 lbs. 15 oz. The pediatrician told us he, too, had acid reflux, but since he was gaining weight, he didn't put him on any meds. He would spit up (what seemed like a LOT, but, in reality, was not) as much as 45 minutes after nursing, and at night, he'd have to stay moderately upright for at least an hour (sometimes two) before he could/would go to bed. (Fortunately, my husband is a night person, and I would hand Eric off to him around 10:30 or 11 and he would stay in the recliner with him for up to two hours - semi-reclined, Eric laying on his chest.) Once we started cereal (YOUNG - four plus months adjusted, six months actual), the acid reflux went away (in about three or four days) and he's been fine ever since (he's now 3 years old).


Zantax side effects you might want to concider:


NERVOUS SYSTOM: dissiness, insommia, vertigo, agitation, depression, blurred Vision, reversible motor disturbances

CARDIIONASCULAR: tachycardia, bradycardia, nausea/vomiting, abdominal, discomfort/pain, pancreatitus

HEPATIC: hepatocellular, cholestatic or mixed hepatitis, with or without jaundice

GASTROINTESTINAL: constipation, diarrehea, nausea/vomiting, abdominal, discompt/pain, pancreatitis.

HEMATOLOGIC: Blood count changes, leukopenia, granulocytopenia

Hi R. ... I don't know if this "advice" will help. I guess it's just a more like a point of view. My son had the same problam. Up until 6 months old, he just spit up a lot--not to mention all the gas pain/trouble the formula always seemed to give him. We also tried the soy, but didn't see any difference. My doctor put him on Prevacid for acid reflux, but I have to tell you that he still spit up, and I really was never all that comfortable giving such a tiny baby all that medicine. We even tried the Enfamil A.R. (with rice). Also didn't see any big difference. My husband and I discussed reducing his formula intake and increasing his baby food. That did the trick! He only has formula in his cereal (breakfast and dinner), and he has an 8 oz bottle of formula at night before bed. No more spit-up! My doctor said that he's getting plenty that way for his diet to be healthy. He's almost 9 months now. We went from 15 bibs a day to 1 since changing things up. No joke! I did a lot of reading up on acid reflux--unless the baby has projectile vomiting and seems to be in serious pain after eating, IT IS NOT ACID REFLUX! But, your son is still very young and needs his formula, so you may just have to put up with the spit-up for awhile, until he's ready for more solid foods. Of course, it never hurts to be safe--he may have an alergy. I'm rambling now lol Sorry! I know it will work out. Best of luck to you!

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