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2-3 Cm Dilated- Can I Hold off on Going into Labor?

I am 32 weeks pregnant with twins and have had one baby. Just found out that I am 2-3 cm dilated, but have had no real contractions. Has anyone been in this situation and made it to 35- 37 weeks? Am I dreaming to think I can? I really do not want to have them so early. ANy advice on how to keep those babes in me??

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I was 2cm dilated at about 31 weeks, I went on bed rest and made it to 36 1/2 weeks before the baby was born. I had a two year old at the time also and it was hard for me to let friends and family do everything for me and chase my toddler while I just laid on the couch, but I just kept reminding myself it was for the baby. Don't be afraid to let everyone you know help you in any way that they can.

I have no knowledge or experience with twin pregnancies, but I dilated to 3 cm 10 weeks early with my first baby, and she waited until 6 days past her due date. My second baby, I dilated to 3 cm about 4 weeks early, but he too waited until his due date.

I had twins and went weeks and weeks dilated. I delivered at 37 weeks. A week before I had them, I went into the hospital because one of my twins went breech and I didn't look pregnant at all! So I rushed to the hospital. I was 4 dilated and 80 effaced. They wanted to take them then but my doc was on vacation so I said no. I kept them in another week until her got back.

You might not feel the contractions. I never felt a one and they said it was because I was so big that I might not feel them. Everytime they hooked me up I would see them on the monitor.

You can do this. Just take it easy. Rest often. I was on bedrest from 24 weeks on, the last week being full on, not even to pee bedrest.

Good luck and enjoy those babies.

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I don't know about twins, but I was 3 cm dilated for 3 weeks before my first son came. My sister had a similar experience.

Good luck!

while it is more common for moms of multiples to have earlier labors, it is also common to be 2-3 cm dilated for a long time without going into labor. If you are not have contractions, you are probably OK. In fact I was about 2 cm dilated for over 4 weeks with my second pregnancy. (singleton who went full term) If you are not seeing a chiropractor, I would suggest that. Chiropractors can help make the pregnancy more comfortable and keep baby "happy" in -utero. I have known moms of multiples go full term if they are cared for naturally.

I was dilated to 2-3 cm with all of my babies by around 32 weeks and none of them were born until 38 weeks. I went on bedrest with the first two, but the third time the doctor just watched me. She finally stripped my membranes when I was 5 cm and still not in active labor at 38 weeks. Everyone is different, but with twins I would say that you probably need to put your feet up and take it easy if you want to keep those babies in.

I was 3 cm dilated with both of my first two kids for over a month. Good luck :-)

Well, two things to put your mind at ease: women can go weeks being a few centimeters dilated without going into labor, so you could certainly make it a few more days or even weeks. A good friend of mine is due any day now and has been dilated 3 cm for the past two weeks.

Second: everything I have read prior to myself giving birth says to avoid cervical checks altogether as much as possible. They are not good assessment tools in pregnancy and the only time they are helpful is when you are actually in labor - and even then they should be limited. By doing cervical checks it is UNAVOIDABLE even by the most skilled providers to shove bacteria up your birth canal, that can cause infection and early labor. I would strongly suggest that especially since you want to avoid labor for as long as possible, to ask your provider if another cervical exam is really necessary and what kind of information he gets from it, or if you could avoid it altogether.
Talk to your doctor about it.
Good luck!

I had twins and was dilated for weeks before I had them at 38 weeks.My OB started having me do NST (non stress tests) to make sure I was not having contractions.I did start to go into pre labor they did have to give me trib and mag to stop my labor at 32 weeks I was then put on bed rest and was able to hold off. If we had not been doing the NST we would not have cought the labor in it's first stages. This is not to scare you but I would talk to your doc about the NST drik lots and lots of water and listen to your body if you think you are over doing it then stop and put your feet up and rest. You know your body best and it is OK to questions your doc. Good Luck

Boy it sounds like you are getting a lot of advice and none of which really covers your entire scenerio. Well, here is another one. I was preggers with by twins and I was high risk. I went in to see my doctor in hopes to see if I was dilated at all. I was pretty excited. I was 32 weeks. I knew it would be better to hold off until at least 36 weeks. My appointment went the same as always, but she didn't check to see if I was dilated or not, or at least I didn't think she checked. Never been pregnant before I thought I might have missed something. hehe. So she was on her way out the door and I stopped her and asked if I was dilated. And she said.. (this is a little graphic) "oh, I am not going to my fingers up there, I might get something started". I totally started cracking up. When the nurse came in she asked how everything was and if I was dilated and I told her what the doctor said and she started laughing too. She said that sounds like Dr. Chan. She was the cutest little asian doctor I have ever seen. I could barely understand her with her accent but I loved her to pieces. So I guess I was trying to make you laugh a little and to let you know that even if you are high risk you don't need to the exams to check to see if you are dilated. I would mention "the getting something started" to your doctor and see how they feel about it at your next visit. My advice would be to just relax, no lifting and just light walking. By the way, I ended up making it to 36 weeks and one day. So take a load of your feet, you will be running around with those twins in no time. At least you have had some practice with your 2yrs old. I was heading into this blindly. Good luck.

With my 10lb singleton (and the 20+lb placenta...I was HUGE...the size of a woman with triplets) I was dilated 2-3 centimeters for almost a month. My midwife (also had her phd in nursing, and taught gynecological surgery up at the UW) said it was super common, especially with multiples and big babies. Lot's o'pressure going on down there. She said no exercise, lifting, etc beyond gentle walking/waddling, ad to practice my keigles (but I was high risk...so that may have just been me)...and not to worry. She said my body was just prepping.

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