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2 1/2YR Old Holding in Poop

My 2 1/2 almost 3 yr old girl will not poop in the potty. Sometimes we can get her to but here lately she has refused. She has been holding in her poop for sometime now. We have to give enema's sometimes b/c she has held it. Again she will go somtimes and some not. We have told her we would give her another enema which she doesn't like. Not working. We put her back into pull ups b/c she poops a little in her panties. Any advise on getting her to be consistant in the potty? I have also started doing a sticker chart or giving m&ms. It just doesn't seem to be working. We have no problems with #1 its just #2. She is not afraid to see her poop go down the toilet. We are just at a loss on how to get this consitant.

What can I do next?

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we had the same problem, she'd pee with no problems but held in the poop for days and days. she just didn't like it since she had constipation issues before and thought every one would hurt. the only thing that worked for us was a hand held dora game that she wanted desperately (obviously pick something your daughter wants really bad). she was only allowed to play it on the potty when she was going pooh, she was totally fine in 3 days and we haven't had any problems since.

something that may help is miralax. our daughter took it because of constipation issues and it helped a lot. good luck.

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When my 12 yr. old was younger she would not go if anyone was in the same area of the house with her, she still has to make sure to go to the most discreet bathroom in the house before she will go. And will hold it if we are in public all day. Maybe your daughter is self concious about it there is a book called Everyone Poops at Toys R us try reading that with her. Maybe if you leave the room and let her relax about it she may go.

My son was a major withholder. He intentionally would try not to go, then get blocked up. I had to take a two pronged approach with him. First we started giving him Miralax so it would be harder for him to hold it in. Miralax is basically a mild stool softner available at most drug stores. I think the initial dose was 1/4 of the adult serving dissolved in four ounces of liquid. We gave it a few days (this is not a quick fix), then adjusted the dose up or down based on his bowel habits. At the same time, I started working with him to poop in the potty. The reward system was a disaster, but something did work. First, I got out the little potty chair (he was using the big one for peeing), and taught him how to pull down his own pants. Then, I told him if he needed to go poop, all he had to do was take himself, and call me to wipe. He was so embarrassed about having anyone in there with him, this seemed to help. Secondly, he was really into stories at that age, he loved to hear about times when my brother and I got into trouble, etc. So, at bedtime each night I would start telling him a really good story. However, I would stop before I finished it and tell him I would tell him the ending when he pooped. Or I would tell him about this other great story I would tell him when he pooped, and just give him hints about what it was about. After doing those two things, I just quit talking to him about it. Before long, he was going much better. Between the Miralax and potty training, he eventually got lined out. I will warn you that withholding never really goes away. My son still takes a small dose of Miralax each day. He does pretty well most days, but when we are traveling or things are stressful he tends to start doing it again. My doctor assures me this almost always happens, and we are able to recognize the symptoms and get him lined out before things escalate. Good luck, feel free to e-mail if you have any additional questions.

I was also going to suggest Miralax. it is a very mild laxative, and it's totally tasteless, so you just mix it into their drink (juice, soda, water, whatever) once a day for up to a few weeks to get them really regular.

My brother, who is ten years younger than I, did this when he was young. Actually until he was quite a bit older than her. What my mom did was make it part of his bedtime routine. He would take a bath, get some toys and head to the bathroom. Every night he had to sit there and poop, and then she had to look at it, and sometimes make him sit longer and poop more. It sounds crazy, and I don't know why kids do that, but this worked for him. Before Mom started doing this with him, he would just hold it until he couldn't even eat anymore. Then, she would have to give him the enema. It was terrible.

He was about 5 or 6 when she started this routine, and I know she wishes she had done it sooner. She had just never heard of a child holding their poop so long. Maybe your daughter is too young, but hopefully it will work for her, too!


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