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2 1/2 Year Old Crying for an Hour Doctor????

As I write this, I realize how hard it would be to answer....but our good-natured little one who does not have a fever has apparently been crying for an hour! What should I look for? My dh has her right now and we are perplexed. Teeth? Sorry for such a vague post!

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It could be teething, or she's coming down with something and just feels bad. Try a little motrin, and just hold her.

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Maybe her ears hurt? See if she is patting/holding/tugging at one ear? Take off all her clothes and change her - maybe something in her clothes/diaper is bothering her? Maybe even her throat hurts? My daughter once did the same thing - she screamed all night and it was her throat/ears that hurt but we couldn't tell. The doctor told us to give her Motrin and that helped right away. She was then on antibiotics for ear infection that week.

Good luck. I hope she feels better!

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I would get in to your doctor or to er. My son had ear infections in both ears and no fever. He woke in the night screaming and throwing himself back. He would not quit and we had to go to the er. My son had a fever a couple of days before but went away. He never screams like that so we knew something was not right we went to the er since it was 2:00am but if you can get into your doctor I would. Good Luck!

I'm sure you know, you have to trust your instincts about what kind of cry it is and whether she may be sick.

But I have two daughters. The first would have tantrums (rarely) that would last no longer than a minute -- never the sort of meltdowns I would hear about that would last hours. I have a very calm-natured second daughter as well. Suddenly, shortly after she turned two, she started having crying fits (mostly around bedtime I noticed later) that would last a half hour or more. I was so convinced my sweet little girl was sick. I waited for her to develop a fever, to cut teeth, for some other sign of illness. Nothing.

She started having tantrums. And I honestly don't remember how long that phase was, but it didn't last long. I would ask her what was wrong (she wouldn't answer), tell her I wanted to help her feel better but I didn't know what to do if she couldn't tell me, ask her if she wanted me to hold her (she wouldn't), tell her I know she must feel terrible to be so upset, and let her know I'd be in the other room if she needed me.

It was so not fun, but it passed fairly quickly.

Hope that helps.

have her ears checked....my experience when they are miserable and there are no outward signs that it is something inward and most often with my kids that has been their ears. sometimes ear infections only hurt when lying down...so they may seem fine all day but when they lay down the pain starts.

It could be teething, or she's coming down with something and just feels bad. Try a little motrin, and just hold her.

When my son was that age he did this once. He cried for several hours before we took him to the ER. Turned out he had nursemaids elbow. Check to see if she screams louder when you move her arms. My son has autism, so he has never been able to tell us what is hurting or why he is mad, we have to figure it out on our own.

Could be teething, if she doesn't have her 2 year molars yet. Could also be coming down with a fever or a cold, but hasn't presented any other symptoms yet. I would just give a dose of Tylenol to see if that helps any. I know how hard it is to try to communicate with a crying toddler. Good luck!

My son (10 mos) does not get fevers when he has an ear infection. Did you try asking her what is wrong? My 26 month old daughter tells me what hurts now...which I am thankful for. Make an appt and take her to the pediatrician to have her checked out -- at least if you can get her to tell you head, ears, or peeing or something, you might be able to narrow it down for the doc. 2 year old molars (my daughter got those early and without complaining at all) can hurt according to my own mom (guess my sister and I complained about them and spiked low-grade fevers) but she would likely NOT cry for an hour because of them....

Good luck!

Hi J. If your daughter continues to crying like this maybe she hurting in the inside. Call her peditrican or take her to the emergency room.

Any chance she could have a urinary tract (bladder) infection? Not sure if she is indicating pain or where it is, but they are quite painful.


A little about me: mom to a charming 4 yr old son and bubbly 10 mo. old daughter

I would say check his ears also. HOwever my daughter had a slight fever and doctor's office said just to watch it and her too - after she woke up from her nap she was crying constantly - i brought her into the doctor and she had the hand food and mouth disease. He probably doesn't have that because I think they usually get that in the summer - but it's worth a try. He will have sores in his mouth.

Good luck.

I hope your little one is ok by now. Here is a weird suggestion next time this happens: check her fingers and toes. My daughter wouldn't stop screaming one night - totally out of character - and it turned out her toe had gotten caught in some threads in her feety pjs and was really hurting her. Later I saw an article about how when babies cry like something really hurts it can be that a hair has wrapped tightly around a finger or toe and is cutting off circulation. Apparently this in not uncommon. The article even mentioned kids that had lost appendages because of the lack of blood went on so long before anyone figured out the problem. Something else to worry about:-) But, it's worth a check next time a baby cries and cries. Hope all is well with you now.

whoops -- just saw your daughter is 2.5 years, not months. well, maybe it's worth a finger/toe check anyway?

My 2.5 year old daughter did the exact same thing yesterday. We were maybe thinking it was her 2 year molars or something because she didn't complain about anything all day. Then last night she started telling me that her ear hurt. We gave her tynelnol and she felt a little better for a while. This morning she was still telling me her ears hurt, so I brought her to the doctor this afternoon and sure enough double ear infections. How is your daughter doing now?

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