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1St Time Mom-- Infant Car Seat/carrier or to Straight to Convertible Car Seat?

OK-- this one is for my SIL. I have my opinion but what do the rest of you think?

I'm still trying to decide about what car seat to get. I'm wondering if we'd be better off just getting a convertible car seat from the start-one that will accommodate an infant up to a year and then can be turned around to forward facing. I guess my main question is, how important do you think it is to have the infant carrier type seat? Aside from the chance of waking up the baby when you take him out, what are the advantages/disadvantages? I just wonder if the infant seat will be so heavy to carry with the baby in it that I won't like it. Also wondering if I'd rather try using one of those sling type things to carry the baby after getting him out of the seat. (or a stroller of course). It seems like the babies outgrow the infant seat so soon that I wonder if the convertible one would be ok from the start.

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I would buy the infant car seat.The convertible car seats are way to big for a newborn babby in my opinion.I used the carriers for both of my sons and loved them.I did not use the sligs to carry my children.I was not comfortable wearing it.

You are right that many kids outgrow them fast but it's so much cleaner than the ones already on the shopping carts!! My kids outgrew them by 4 months and I had to put them in those awful ones on the shopping carts. Yes, I used a sling too but if you're doing a lot of grocery shopping it's hard to get the items and put them in the cart, etc while wearing a baby. I loved my baby carriers (sling, mei tai, onbuhimo) once they were older than 6 months though. And for a convertible carseat....get a Britax Marathon! They are well worth the money! I went through 4 carseats before finally realizing nothing is as good as a britax.

Definitely go with the infant carrier. You can just plop it right into the stroller or shopping cart if you don't want to carry it. The baby can be in it for a good 7 months and it really does make things so much easier!

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I would vote for the carrier, due to the covenience in poor weather.
It was very nice in the winter because i could dress the baby comfortably and put a carrier cover over the top of it for going to and from the house or the store, but once inside taking the cover off adjusted the temp enough that he wasn't too warm. I think it would have been difficult to struggle with a snowsuit and removing it all inside. Just my opinion, might depend on your weather, and time of year the baby was born etc.

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I think it's worth it not only for convenience but also safety-wise to go with the infant carrier. We got an extra base so we didn't have to worry about having 2 car seats right away. My son was in the infant seat through his first birthday so some kids are the right size to use them for quite a while.

The nice thing about the carrier is that it snapped into the stroller, fit in restaurant booths and if he fell asleep in the car I didn't have to worry about waking him up trying to get him out of the seat.

personally I found the carrier type to be very hand. Can take into restaurants, snaps onto a stroller, etc. We had several bases in several cars between me, my husband and my parents (who watched him a great deal and that make things easier too. No switching around car seats in and out of different cars, etc. Just my opinion & what I did. They are heavy, but still better than juggling holding a baby and trying to carry stuff.....

I would suggest getting the infant carrier..smaller much safer for them and if you have two bases you can switch from your car and to husbands without moving the base..if you have a full car seat you don't want to take it out and install it everytime...Way to difficult and time consuming. With the cold weather or even heat the carrier is easier and more convenient...as many others have said it works easier for going to the store, bringing them in the house if asleep etc.

But mostly I would be concerned about the safety of installing a full car seat each time it's taken out..so many seats are already incorrectly installed that to do it over and over would be challenging.

Hi A.. We bought the convertible seat for our baby, but after 3 months of struggling to get him into his baby bjorn carrier in the cold and rain (and waking him!!!) we ended up buying the infant carrier. Luckily, the convertible seat goes up to 40 lbs (I think Britax makes and ever higher weight one now) so he's still in that seat at 3 years old.

The carrier is so nice to have if you need to go shopping anywhere with the baby because it locks onto most shopping carts. I just thought having the carrier was so much easier in the beginning, rather than this big monster car seat. It's easier to get the baby in and out of the car. Plus it's also a place for the baby to snooze a bit if you're out, since the bottoms of most carriers are a little rounded and you can rock it. The weight is not an issue and if you're worried about it, find one that's lighter weight.

Hi A.: I agree about using the carrier for everyone else's responses. I am done with mine, my son is nine months. If your SIL wants one she can have mine, I have two bases and the carrier. It is brown and black, it's neutral colors but is more "boyish." It is a Graco. If either of you or anyone else is interested let me know.

I guess I am the opposite from most people, but I hate the infant car seat! I am a small person and just could not carry them or even lift them easily. Plus, I didn't want my kids to stay in the seat so much! I found that taking them out of the seat was not a problem, they preferred to be in a carrier next to my body and fell right back asleep! I used a sling from kangarookorner.com most when moving them out of the car and it was EASY! I thought another opinion would help since it was different! It really depends on personal preference though.

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