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1St Birthday Party Ideas

Anyone have any ideas for a little girls 1st birthday party? I've bought a few things already. Since there are going to be a lot of older kids should i do favor bags for them?

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indoor jump/play type of place . Favors for the 1yr olds only.Mixing age apporiate toys may not be a good idea. If you start it now then you may feel you have to do it for every party after that.

go to a party store and find the aisle for babies'. look for cute party stuff and then get party favors for the older kids but do a teddy bear theme with cupcakes or whatever you like

- M. Schoenke

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This may sound crazy, but one thing that I did in conjunction with everything else was go to WalMart, and purchase regular latex baloons in a variety of colors. I spent some time blowing them up that morning (they don't stay very long) with regular air, rather than helium and placed them all over the floor. At that age, walking is beginning and it is adorable to see them walking around trying to stomp on them or to pick them up. All the colors entise them as well. Just remember to pick up a popped one (if it happens--at that age, it's uncommon) immediately for safety. Hope it goes well for you!

Yay! Happy 1st Birthday!!!

I think goody bags are fun, fun, fun!

Of course for kids under 3 it doesn't have to be elaborate!

What is your child's theme? How old are the other children?

I would make very simple bags.

If you have a local indoor inflatable store, perhaps a coupon for a FREE admission would work? This way the younger babies AND older kids may benefit.

Another idea would be just a soft toy for each child with a tag attached saying, "Thank you for celebrating my 1st Birthday!"

Make sure you have a chocolate cake for her, it's a tradition where I come from, because it's the first one and they make such a mess. It's fun watching them with their first cake. And yes you should have party favors for the older kids, it gives them something special.

My daughter didn't really have any favorite characters or anything. We ended up doing a pool theme even though it wasn't a pool party lol. Her cake was done to look like a pool but then we had signs and balloons with butterflies and lady bugs and stuff. So I guess you could say it was more an outdoor theme. We had hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill and just had family and friends over for a good time. Try not to stress to much or you won't enjoy the party! Try to have someone else that will help you keep things running and be sure to have someone else that can take pictures.

Cotton Candy is always a cute party favor especially for a first birthday! I have also done plastic picture frames decorated with stickers. Then sent out a picture from the party with the Thank You note.

As for the party, both of mine had their parties(1st) at Gymboree play and music. It is fun and easy! It is to stressful to have at your house unless a very small number is comming. You want to enjoy the day!!

From a mommy of 3! ages 41/2, 2, and 5mons

Honestly, I recommend going simple. My son's 1 year birthday party was at my In-Law's house because they have a nice yard and a quiet location. We invited most of our family and friends. There was no real theme except the birthday boy. We ate food from the grill and other finger foods. There was cake and ice cream and tons of talking. It was just a great time of celebrating the first year of life for my little guy. Simple and fun is the way to go! It also didn't cost much money and the simplicity made it stress free. Everyone LOVED it!!

The kids love goodie bags no matter what the age! Do you have a theme? We did Elmo last year and gave out Elmo coloring books and crayons. I also am a baker and own my own business. I make goodie bags for all occasions. My signature cookie is an Almond Butter cookie that I cut in any shape then I ice them. If you have a theme I can make those for you. Or I can make the number 1. Let me know if I can do anything for you. ____@____.com My prices are really reasonable. Good luck with the party. it is so much fun to plan!

Make it fun for you and your husband! She won't remember but you will! We did a big cookout so families could come with kids. Simple, I know but it was a celebration that we actually had her after many years of trying. It was exhausting for her though. Oh, and absolutely let someone else take pictures for you or you will miss stuff!
Congrats and have fun,
E. (with 5yr old girl.)

indoor jump/play type of place . Favors for the 1yr olds only.Mixing age apporiate toys may not be a good idea. If you start it now then you may feel you have to do it for every party after that.

You could have an entertainner for the older kids. check this web www.copycatsforkids.com and you will find good ideas here. You could have a theme and publix has good theme cakes. Think this website should help.

Hi T.,

I recently had my sons 1st b-day party, and I was overwhelmed with the thought of what to do... do I keep it simple so there is less stress, or do I do something like Gimboree (sorry for the spelling). All the advice I got was to keep it simple. It will be less overwhelming for your little one, but most of all for you. They say not to have the party last more than 2 or 3 hours (because of naptime) and that is the truth!

All in all, we had a successful stay at home party with a theme but kept it simple. We did Winnie the Pooh. Bought a few balloons to spread around, and 2 for the "1" so I can keep it in his baby book later. Then just a couple ceiling dangling things.

I had the same dilema about the favor bags.. do I do them or dont I. I decided to do them for the same reason. I had a couple of 4 year olds come over and the bags really helped preoccupying them for a little bit... what I had in the bag... coloring book, crayons of 8(.99), 3" bouncing ball.. stuff like that.

I hope this helps you! Good luck! :-)

1sth birthdays are special. Use a theme such as one of her favorite cartoons or animals. Play some games like pin the tail on the donkey. Older kids can enjoy this too. Goody bags are a great idea. Use bubbles, crayons, soft candy, things they all can have fun with. Hope I was able to help.

I have made a wonderful butterfly cake and it is VERY
easy. All you do is back a regular cake mix in 2 9" pans.
When they have cooked and cooled you simple cut each cake in two equal halves. Turn the rounded halves of each cake back to back (each cake will make one butterfly - two in all) After you turn the halves back to back you will take a "triangle" out of each of the 4 halves. You take the triangle out near the bottom of each of the four pieces. (Like taking a notch out of each of them). You will have butterflies.
You can decorate them with thin licorice pieces for antenae. Use white icing and change the color to pink if desired or other colors using food coloring. I alsoe used pink sprinkles.
I hope this makes sense because it is very simple and precious.
Good luck,

Hi T.,

I am also in the process of planning a 1st birthday, although this one is for my second little boy. My advice - make it fun (remember, the first couple of birthday parties are more for the adults anyway) and YES, do favor bags for the children who will be there. Kids LOVE going to parties, but they aren't so keen on parties for the younger ones ESPECIALLY if they leave without a loot bag!

Hi T.,

My advice is that you go to the dollar store and find little things for her guest. Be careful that you don't over spend for something she won't remember. I'm not saying don't make it nice. You should definitely make it something special. I have four children and I had to learn how to make it affordable and memorable too.

Be blessed and let s know how things go.
S. Williams

go to a party store and find the aisle for babies'. look for cute party stuff and then get party favors for the older kids but do a teddy bear theme with cupcakes or whatever you like

- M. Schoenke

I made a mixed CD and burned them for all of the kids...all ages. I made it parent friendly too. Great for the car!

Hi T.,

How fun, it's a big thing celebrating a first birthday. I say keep it simple, maybe have a small treat bag for the older kids and maybe a few games to keep them busy. Your daughter won't really remember it so don't stress yourself out. For my children's first b-day I had mostly family (that is if your family is local) and just a few friends. Of course, order a small cake so your daughter can get messy and have fun eating it all by herself and take lots of pictures!
Have fun!

It looks like you have gotten a lot of great advice. Someone mentioned a small cake for her - well Publix gives you a free small cake for the first birthday when you order a regular sheet cake. My daughter is turning 1 the weekend of Easter - so we are having everyone over on Easter Sunday. (clean the house once, cook once, and entertain once - rather than Sat. & then Easter on Sunday!!!) Yes on the favors - since spring is coming around bubbles and/or sidewalk chalk are always fun!!
Have a great celebration!!! And gift ideas for the birthday princess - BOOKS (and a riding toy) that is what we are doing!

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