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19 Year Old Niece with Chronic Period

My niece is 19 years old and for years now has been having chronic periods and incredible pain, she even had to miss her prom because of them. She has been on many birth control pills and still is to try to regulate her periods but none help.Her current one is now going on 18 days and getting continually heavier and more painful. I am afraid she is loosing faith of being diagnosed and getting help. She was at the doctors again yesterday to no avail. She is a beautiful young woman with a promising life however with this it's hard to even get a job because she would have to spend to much time in the bathroom and in pain. To top it off she has trouble swallowing pills and can only take 1 small Ibuprofen at a time. Please, any help or insight would be appreciated. Any Ideas as to the cause, how to stop it or even just some relief from the discomfort. Thank you all Mamasourse Moms!

A little more info to all of you moms(thank you very much for all of your responses) my sister-in-law told me that my niece has been checked for endometriosis and her thyroid, I believe she has had an ultrasound, she has had this now for I believe about 3 years and different birth control pills. She has seen a few different doctors, the one 2 days ago was a new one, her and the family recently moved near us so new doctors. Unfortunately she has Medi-cal so that does limit her options. Thank you again for all the input.

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She needs to be evaluated for endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian tumors, PCOS (Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome)and STD's including pelvic inflammatory disease. Seek a second opinion from another OBGYN if you aren't getting anywhere with the one you have.

Definitely sounds like endometriosis and the only way to get completely diagnosed with this is to have laporoscopy done. If they do find it, then they can take care of it right then and there. Letting it continue on will cause more harm then good. My neighbor just had a hysterectomy at age 30 because she let it go to long. Her lining attached outside her uterus to her bladder and other major organs. Luckily for her she was done having kids already, however, she did struggle having her kids and had to do IVF to have them.

Sounds like endometriosis to me too...I don't know where you live but this Doctor saved my life and I was able to have one child because of him...Dr. M. Aslam Barra 930 Sunnyslope Rd. #E1 Hollister, CA ###-###-####

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This may be a stretch, but has she had her thyroid checked? I've had thyroid issues for years but January I was put on different medication by a specialist and my period has gotten extremely lighter and I'm now a 28 day cycle rather then a 31 day. My period has always been 31, but wasn’t really heavy until I had my daughter. Now I'm pretty normal. I don't have a lot of cramping or anything. Anyhow, that's my shot at it. Best of luck to you and her.

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Not sure if this has been done in all the testing, but make sure her OB/GYM has checked for fibroid tumors, or polyps. If these haven't been ruled out, they *should* be. Both are pretty common, and both can likely be removed in out patient surgery, too. To diagnos them, she would likely need to get at least 1 unltrasound done to confirm locations, etc.
She could feel better immediately after!

Sounds like endometriosis to me too. At 42 I had to have a hysterectomy because mine was so severe. My sis-in-law was able to treat hers with a lapro. surgery & then 3 injections (over a 3 month time frame) of Lupron Depot. Like someone else posted, my sis-in-law went untreated for so long that she ended up infertile. Please find another OB who is willing to give your niece another evaluation.

Hi T.,

I can share info about some effective nutritional/herbal/nutraceutical products that will help her. Female Balance is an herbal formula that has helped women with all sorts of hormonal needs. It is very safe and has no negative side effects. Another product that could help her is BioInfinity. The two products together work best. Both are solid caplets. If she has trouble swallowing them, you could try what I do with my special needs son who can't swallow caplets. I put them in a coffee bean grinder to get a fine powder and then add them to a tasty juice drink. The drink doesn't taste as good that way but at least he gets it down.

Another product that is also helpful for balancing hormones is Genesis. That one is a 100% juice drink that is doing awesome things for many health needs.

If you want more info, please call me. I can help get your neice started on a path to balance, wellness and freedom from this affliction of imbalance.

D. Hendon

18 day periods are NOT normal by any stretch of the imagination. Her mother needs to take her to another doctor for a second opinion. And I second getting her thyroid checked. My periods shortened dramatically after I got on my thyroid med.

Hi T.,
Has your niece ever visited a chiropractor? Chiropractic restores function to the nervous system, which is the master control system of the body. If your niece's nervous system isn't working properly (usually due to some kind of trauma) then it can absolutely affect her menstrual cycle. Chiropractic is super safe and effective--I've helped several patients regulate their menstrual cycles, and it also helps reduce PMS and cramping.
Best of luck,

Sounds like endometriosis to me too...I don't know where you live but this Doctor saved my life and I was able to have one child because of him...Dr. M. Aslam Barra 930 Sunnyslope Rd. #E1 Hollister, CA ###-###-####

could she ask them to do labroscopic surgery, hystoroscopy to check aruond? i had that & was finally diagnosed with endometreosis. my longest period was 6wks, but didn't get heavier through the long periods. maybe it is polycystic like erin said. have they already done ultrasounds too? will keep her in my thoughts & prayers!

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