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18 Month Old Shots -- Do I Wait???

My son is 18 months old, and I set his doctor's appointment for his well-baby check up which will include his last round of shots. I am worried. I have had a few close friends and my sister say I should wait to give him those rounds of shots. That they have heard that autism is being connected to the shots given at his age. I know autism is being connected to vaccines -- but I hadn't heard that if you wait till they are older to get vaccines the better. I am, of course, going to speak in depth with my doctor, but I really wanted to get some mommy opinions too. I am open to any and all opinions.. please give me you take on this confusing and scary step.

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I've had the same conversation with my doctor and I've done my own research. There is no concrete evidence that vaccines cause Autism. It is mostly theories. Something my Dr said that stuck with me is that children have more of a chance of catching the disease without the vaccine than having a reaction to the vaccine itself. Is it a chance you want to take? It is important to research and ask questions of each vaccine then make a decision based on education not on speculation.

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I am a firm believer that you should follow your mommy instinct. If something in you tells you to wait, there is good reason for it.

There is a link between autism and vaccines and it's not just about the thimerasol. For the most part thimerasol has been eliminated (except in flu vaccines). Doctors want to deny the link, and I feel like the public has been brainwashed by the pharmaceutical companies. Statistics can't lie though. I know it is not hard & fast, but look at the alarming rates of autism now. It has grown right along with that number of vaccines that they give our kids.

For me personally, I'm not really worried about my child getting the flu or the chicken pox. Yes - these things are not fun while your child is dealing with them, but they are much less risky that the risk of autism or other autoimmune disorders that are being linked to vaccinations. Also- If your child acquires some of these childhood diseases naturally, their immune system will actually end up stronger than if they got the artificial vaccines.

Unfortunately, a lot of doctors do not stay completely up to date on recent research. So, it is our job as informed parents to do the research ourselves. Ask your doctor why they find the live measles virus in the intestines of autistic children. Where did these kids get the virus from? Vaccines - (a lot of autistic children have digestive problems)

I truly believe that when our children are parents, that they are going to look back at our current vaccination schedule and ask what in the world we were thinking.

Please do your research before you go to the appointment. It really is no big deal to delay if that is what you chose to do.

M. My daughters only 8 months old but i have 14 neices and nephews that have had their shots and are alright. And I have also read about the families that are going through autism and my heart goes out to them, but think if you dont get his shots at the right age and he gets sick are you going to be able to handle that. Just thinking and hoping you get the advise you are looking for.

I would talk to the doctor about the risk of the shots and autism. They will know the most recent studies on the shots.

Hi M.,

I can certainly understand why you are worried, I certainly have been as well. From my research, the trigger is conjectured to be an additive in the immunization called Thimerosal. Science has argued that this is not the trigger, but experiences across the country have shown something different. My advice is to ask your pediatrician about whether they are using any immunization medications that use Thimerosal, and if so, to provide an alternative immunization formula. This usually costs only a couple dollars more, and can really help with piece of mind. My pediatrican always uses Thimerosal free formulations if one is available. In 20 months, the only time my son has been exposed to Thimerosal is in his flu shot - because there isn't anotehr formulation available at this time for his age. Talk to your pediatrician, and get the Thimerosal-free formulations. Trust me, it is worth it - even if for no other reason that it will help you sleep! Good luck! D.

Although there is speculation by some that these vaccines cause autism, there is no proof that they do. There is proof, however, that rubella, polio, and the like are just as dangerous now as they were when the vaccines for these diseases where first invented. Because so many people believe the rumors that vaccines cause autism, many normally responsible parents are choosing not to vaccinate their children. The result is a resurgence of small pox, german measles, polio and other preventable childhood dieases. Recently I viewed a 20/20 program that addressed the issue of vaccines causing autism. Again, there is no evidence to support this premise. Having a 7 week old daughter, I've given the issue some thought. Because we don't yet know what causes autism, I can't prevent her from getting it. However, we do know what causes polio, small pox, rubella, and so on. I can prevent her from contracting these diseases by simply having her vaccinated.

The latest research says that there is no link between autism and vaccines. 18 months is just the developmental age when more kids are diagnosed with autism than any other. Autism generally tends to run in families. Do you have any family members that are autistic or seem to be somewhere on the autism spectrum? If so, I might talk more in depth with your doctor about your options. Otherwise, the safest thing to do would be to get your child vaccinated.

There is a form of autism that tends to show up about 18 months of age, which happens to be when kids get shots. The shots don't cause the autism.

I am the mother of a beautiful autistic daughter whom has never had thimerosol. Could there be a link....I'm not sure BUT I can say it wasn't what attributed to my daughters diagnosis. Thimerosol is a preservative that is used for mulitple dose vials and the flu vaccine. Ask your doctor to use only single dose vaccines and make sure you have all copies of lot numbers for your records. Your doctor can further advise you as to how to proceed. Best of luck to you.

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