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18 Month Old Keeps Putting Hand in Diaper

Hi Ladies,

I have a 18 month old son, who constantly has his hand down his pants and in his diaper. I know he is probably just doing it for comfort, but there are times when he takes his hand out of his diaper and has poo on his hand!! Ugh!!! It is so disgusting and I end up changing outfits and when he naps, he pees all over because he has his hand in his diaper and rips it, so pee goes everywhere and of course I'm changing sheets every day it feel like.

Does anyone have any advice or a similar situation. I hope this is a quick phase.

What can I do next?

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Put a onsie on underneath his clothes. If he's to big for a onsie, put him in one piece pj's that zip up instead of button.

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Hi A., It is normal for a child to put his hand in his diaper and yes it is very gross when it is dirty. You could tell him to let you know when he is dirty and change him right away and maybe when he goes in for a nap make the diaper a little tighter or put on a onsie. Grandma Mary

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Put a onsie on underneath his clothes. If he's to big for a onsie, put him in one piece pj's that zip up instead of button.

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hi A., can you please send me any advice you get on this, I'm going threw the same thing with my 2 1/2 so right now. Yesterday while he was in the babysitting room at the Y, I got the call that he pooped , I went down there and he tells me he pooped then stuck his hands down the back of his pants and dragged it up all over his back. Of course thats the day i dont pack spare clothes so he walked out of the Y in his sneakers and a diaper. So pleasssse send any advise to ____@____.com. Thanks! B. H

I have a two year old daughter and she does this also; she thinks it is funny and laughs. I try to discourage her from doing it by telling her ieww that is disgusting. She then says "disgusting" [in her own funny way], and i say yes, disgusting. She laughs more. I check her diaper and wash her hands. At these young ages babies/toddlers tend to do funny/unusual things.

Maybe putting him in a onesie for his size or a little jumper until he breaks the habit? Just a guess. I hope this helps!

Well the onesie will definately work

but you could try G diapers , they fasten at the back and will give a little and not rip or tear


they are cloth diapers

I use a cloth prefold instead of the flushable

the way I look at it your already cleaning pee and poop
at least this way its all contained.

with cloth diapers you smell the poop right away so it would lessen the chance of getting poop on his hands.

and helps to transition to the potty.

better for the enviornment aswell LOL


this is a phase, like all others it will stop but I find that putting onesies on under all clothes helps(or using these as pj's...of course the next phase is the ripping off of the onesie.... :) but hopefully this will help...they also sell crib savers...that you put on top of your sheets for spit up and overflow situations...they are waterproof, soft, flat, almost like a mat...a toddler may just pick it up and play with it but it's worth a shot...changing sheets daily is a real pain! Good luck!

At 18 months he needs to learn it's not okay. Try keeping him in overalls or one-piece stuff so he can't reach it, and when he does, take his hand out, tell him 'no', and re-direct him.

My son did the same thing at night when he was about the same age, so I put him in a onesie. It worked like a charm...no more wet sheets. He has outgrown this stage now and the onsies helped us get through it! Good luck! :-)

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