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18 Month Old Can Get Out of the Crib

I have just discovered that my 18 month old in the middle of the night can almost get out of the crib, in doing so she almost hurt herself and I almost died of heart failure. Is there anything I can do besides turn her crib into a toddler bed? I don't feel she is ready for it or will understand the concept of it. There must be something out there that can prevent this. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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Ok so I tried the crib tent II (it sucked) I had to jimmy rig it to stay up in her crib since it wasn't a "standard" crib and she found a way to poke a little hole in it and rip the mesh. So we decided to convert her crib to the toddler bed, it is a long process and we are still trying to help her understand it. She did sleep in it all night a few times and some times wakes up crying. Thanks to everyone with all your suggestions I appreciated it.

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I had the same problem with my first child .We put her in a toddler bed made a big deal over it as being a special treat. Also we blocked of her room with a gate that she could not climb. This worked. Good luck

My niece climbed, and fell, out of her crib at 18 months. She broke her collarbone, which was actually a relief to my sister in law since it could have been much worse. Most definitely get the tent!

In most baby stores they sell a crib "tent". It attaches to the rails and is specifically made so a baby cannot climb out of the crib.

Good luck!!!

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Hi R.,
If I were you I would simply put the side down and make sure he couldn't get hurt.
Want to hear my story? Younger son was 5 months old and we kept seeing him in older son's bed when we went to check on them before we went to bed. Good thing we checked on older first. We would have been in a panic that younger son was missing. We thought the older boy was getting him out and we scolded him many days, and he would tell me he had not. He was not a liar but we didn't have another explanation. We finally decided to sit at the top of the stairs at the entrance to their room. About an hour before we went to bed, there was our just barely 5 month old shimmying up one side of the crib and then down the other and crawling up into his brother's bed. We did some major apologizing, and set up the other twin bed. By the way the older boy never climbed out of his crib, and he was 4 when we got the twin beds when we found out I was pg.

So you see 18 months isn't really too young although it seems that way right now. They do grow up fast enjoy every step. Probably old enough to be your mom so I try to encourage dialog between generations so
Talk to your mom, she might have some great stories to tell too.
God bless you
K. SAHM of 4, Married 38 years. Homeschooled our youngests --twin girls who are headed off to college in 3 weeks. Our younger boy (the shimmier) and his wife made us grandparent on Tuesday with the birth of their 9'5" baby boy.

I'm not sure where to find them but they do make a "tent" for cribs that can be put on. I don't know how well it would work to keep the baby in. A.

Hi R., They have what is called crib tents that you can put over the crib. You and the baby can see through it and it made of a strong mesh material so the air circulates. Babies r us has them as well as the catalogue..One Step Ahead. I have two for my twins and never used them yet but know people who are happy with it! I.

Buy a crib tent...you can get them at Babies R Us - they are worth their weight in gold...a little pricey, but worth your childs safety. I just got mine out to wash, I'm goign to start using ours again soon.

Best wishes,

I know someone suggested the crib tent. I want to say I highly recommend it!! I know some children are ready for toddler beds earlier than others - my son definitely was NOT ready when he was able to get out of his crib around 17 months. We bought the crib tent and it is wonderful. I have no complaints. He will be 2 next month and we still use it, he tries to zip himself in at night. Plus I know he is safe all night long, and I am able to relax. I found it at Babies R Us. Good Luck

You have 2 options. Put the side down so she doesn't get hurt climbing out or cover her crib so she can't get out.

Keep in mind she will get better at climbing out and before you know it she will be an old pro at it! Till then, make sure there is nothing near her crib that will hurt her when she falls. And yes, she will fall a few times before she learns to do it right! She may end up with a few bruises but they heal and teach a lesson!

In the old days....back before crib tents were invented, we used an afghan to cover the crib. We tied it on so the child couldn't pull it off. It worked great.

This may sound cruel, but we have a cat, so at Babies R Us I purchased tent nets, that go over the cribs. They keep the cat out, and the baby in!!

My girls did the same thing at about that age. Rather than fight it, I made it safe by keeping the crib rail down. They respected that they needed to stay in bed until they were done sleeping for some reason. I was adverse to a crib tent simply because I am incredibly clausterphobic and didn't feel comfortable doing that to my girls.

It's really young for them to potentially be roaming the house by themselves and that was my biggest fear. What if they get up in the middle of the night and wander downstairs and hurt themselves? I got one of those door handle things that adults can squeeze to get the door knob to turn but little kids can't. It worked like a charm and kept them safely in their room.

Good luck. Your little girl is growing up!

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