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18 Month Old Baby Has diarrhea...suggestions Please!

Okay, here's what's going on. Starting yesterday evening, my 18 month old daughter has had diarrhea, a low grade fever and absolutely no appetite. Today, she has not eaten anything at all, but she is drinking lots and lots of fluids. The fever is still low grade and her diarrhea has increased quite a bit. Diarrhea details: almost like water with yellow chunks and it's starting to give her a rash. Other than all of this, she is acting completely normal...not sick at all!!! She is playful, talkative and crazy!

Since her fever is low, she's drinking lots and she is acting normal, I'm reluctant to take her to the doctor. Has anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions or advice would be helpful. Thanks!!!

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Thanks for your advice, everyone! Last night ended with my daughter vomiting...a lot! But once it was over, she felt so much better. Today, she was great! No diarrhea and she is gaining her appetite again.

As for me, I caught whatever it was she had, so I've been sick all day! I've had more vomiting than the other, though. Must be just a 24-hour stomach bug going around because I'm already starting to feel better.

Again, thanks everyone for your words and support!

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Hello my daughter has had the same issue before. She was around that same age (22months now). I called her dr. and they suggested just a little stomach bug, and to try the following tips. Give plenty of fluids to keep hydrated such as, pedialyte (sp?), sprite, small amounts of gatorade for the first 24 hrs. Then after that slowly introduce foods like soup and mashed potatoes to build back up the starch. Tylenol was given to reduce the fever, but I would also give her warm baths to break it as well. She too was fine overall, but had the "runs" like you wouldn't believe. Hope this helps!

She may have an ear infection. My daughters only symptoms where diarrhea she didn't even have a fever. And don't let them give you Amoxicillian. It doesn't work! You just end up going back and getting something stronger anyway

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Hey there!! Does the diarrhea smell like the worst that you have ever smelled? If it does you need to take her to the doctor, If not I would wait and see. AS LONG AS SHE IS DRINKING ALOT AND IS PLAYING!!
For the rash!! This helps my little ones, but her in the bath tub or sink with water add some baking soda to the water!! Then let her play in this as long as she is willing to. Then but some diaper cream on her. WE LIKE BUTT PASTE IT WORKS THE BEST!! Anyway, just make her drink and drink. Try popicles, you can make some with yogurt and juice. The yogurt will help her bottom. If need anything else please ask!!
I hope this was helpful!!

Sounds like you are doing the right things, giving her lots of fluids and keeping a close watch. It may just be a virus that needs to move through her system, but if it continues much longer I'd say go ahead and take her in. You may try giving her pro-biotics or yogurt to help put back the healthy bacteria that the diarrhea is taking away. When I give my daughter yogurt, I buy the big container of Stoneyfield farms whole milk plain yogurt and add a teaspoon of honey. She will always eat it, even if she refuses everything else. Hope this helps.

Hi Liane, You might want to check and see if she is getting her 2 year old molars. My little girl started getting hers at 18 months and had diarrhea pretty bad with a low grade fever and acted like she wasn't sick. I was wondering what was going on until a friend mentioned the teeth. I've heard from other moms the teeth can cause diarrhea. Pedialyte was also a big help to keep her hydrated. No diary products especially milk. Milk may worsen the diarrhea. Motrin helped with the pain from the teeth coming thru. I hope this helps!

Slight possibility it could be her 2 year molars cutting...or it could just be a slight little bug. Probably not much to worry about. Just make sure the clear fluid intake stays up and watch her!!! I am a mom to 4 daughters and have been through that with 3 of them already.

UGH! We JUST got over this with my 18 month old, 7 year old, and husband! Olivia, (18 mos) has had the diarreah for about a week and has acted just as yours has. THe best thing is plenty of fluids and if you can get her to eat try things to bulk her stool up like bannanas, rice, oatmeal, crackers. Things that will thicken it. Try to avoid apple juice and dairy though as I find those make it worse. If it is a virus it will have to run it's course. I didn't go to the Dr either because I also find they come down with something else when I go. It could possibly also be teething. My oldest would have bad diapers when she was cutting her back teeth. But I treated it the same way with bulking up the stool. Good luck!

take her to the doctor she will need fluids ,because of her diarrhea

She may have an ear infection. My daughters only symptoms where diarrhea she didn't even have a fever. And don't let them give you Amoxicillian. It doesn't work! You just end up going back and getting something stronger anyway

Try the BRAT diet...bananas, rice, applesauce, toast (plain) as these foods bind in the intestines and have (unless alergies apply) no harmful side effects.

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