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17 Year Olds Going on Spring Break Without Parents

Arghhh...my daughter wants to go on spring break to FL with her friends. They plan on driving from MI to FL. Of course, no parents are going. I told my daughter, "no way, you can't go. When you are an adult, that's different, but you are too young and so are your friends. I cannot believe these parents letting these 17 year olds go without supervision." Of course, she thinks I'm a monster. I'm stumped. I get that eventually kids grow up, but come on, 17 is too young. What are your thoughts mamas?

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Well, mamas this is getting worse. She's threatening to move out. I found out that at 17, she can move out and there's not a thing her dad nor I can do about it. She cussed both of us out, not to mention lied about certain things. It's devastating to both her dad and I to think that she cares more about going down there to party then her relationship with us. It's a very sad day for us. We thought we did a better job in raising her.

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Ahh wouldn't life be so much easier if all the moms did what you wanted...but they don't.

The reason is every kid is different. My older two were well grounded and if they had asked I would have let them. Then again perhaps because they had good heads on their shoulders they had no desire to go on a spring break trip.

I see no reason why I would have held my children back but you see a reason so by all means hold her back.

I would like to point out in a year you are going to have to allow her to go to college. I would be concerned if at 17 I could not trust my kids to go on a trip with friends when in a year they were going to pretty much live on their own. I am not saying this as a reason to let her go on the trip, just thinking you may want to work on that. College makes spring break look like a chastity retreat, ya know?

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Oh my goodness my stomach aches just thinking about this. Absolutely not. I don't even have a starting point for what a bad idea this is. Let's just leave it at the fact they aren't of legal age. End of story.

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Continue being a "monster" mama. They have NO business going on Spring break at 17...she can wait until college if she wants to go.

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If she is 17 than is less than one year she will be an adult. I would let her go.

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I guess I'm in the minority of thought here. When I was 17 I moved out and started my own business. I guess the maturity level counts.

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Honestly, the more she throws a temper tantrum about wanting what she wants when she wants it (else she'll move out (run away from home)), she's vividly demonstrating she's not mature enough for the trip.
She's in a rush to be an adult? Fine.
Pull back on providing some/most/all of her luxuries and she can get off her behind to earn the money to provide them for herself.
She can cook for herself, wash for herself, pay her own cell phone bill, pay for gas in what ever car she uses and her car insurance, pay for the portion of the utilities (water, electricity, etc) and food she consumes in your household.

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Call the other parents. I'd be surprised if they were all saying yes to this. My 16 year old has occasionally pulled the old "but everyone else's mom is letting them do it" and of course it's usually not true. Plus I'm sure it's illegal, I don't think they can rent a hotel room until they are at least 18. What's the plan, to sleep in the car for a week?
Even if the other parents DO say yes, I would still say no, she's still a minor, period.
Ugh, I hate parenting teenagers!!! I want my cuddling, nursing baby moments back :(

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Too bad, too sad...she WILL live until she's 18 (perhaps cuz' you DIDN'T let her go) then it will be HER decision...You are RIGHT! Hold your ground!

I am mom to 4 daughters, 42, 38, 36, 34 & grandaughters, grown & not, great grandaughter...ups, downs, in-betweens, laughs, tears, fights, etc.. I would not have EVER allowed any one of them to travel from MI to FL & stay for spring break @ 17, it's just the way it is!

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I know a lot of girls who ended up pregnant and with stds on Spring Break trips to Florida, doing wet t-shirt contests, getting totally drunk, b/c the majority of the crowd are college kids.... Doesn't anyone ever watch MTV Spring Break concerts? So, sure, she can be doing that stuff at home, but not for a whole week with no parental supervision... so my answer would be no way.

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I would NEVER allow it. Is it even legal? How are they going to rent a room?

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